Bass Guitar Amps

bass guitar amps uk

Bass amplifiers are designed to amplify the sound of a bass guitar so that everyone in an arena or venue can clearly hear it.

Bass amplifiers come in two varieties: combo and head and cab. Combos often combine the amp and speaker into one unit for portability; this makes them easier to move around the house.

Ampeg BA110V2

If you’re searching for a bass amp to practice with, the Ampeg BA110V2 is an excellent option. Its small size and low power output make it perfect for small gigs or rehearsals, while its 3-band EQ lets you customize your guitar’s sound perfectly.

It also features an auxiliary input for connecting external audio sources. You can use this jack to plug in your MP3 player, keyboard or drum set. Plus, the headphone output allows you to practice without disturbing anyone else.

The Ampeg BA-110V2 is a 40W combo amplifier ideal for rehearsals and small gigs. It gets your sound heard, while its new 60 degree wedge allows you to position it sideways for focused sound that works great as a floor monitor.

This bass amp is ideal for bassists just starting out, as well as professional musicians seeking an adaptable amp. Its 3-band EQ makes it simple to adjust your bass’ tone, while its Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit adds some tube grit.

Ampeg is one of the premier names in music gear, and their BA-110V2 lives up to this reputation. It boasts many classic Ampeg features like their revolutionary Bass Scrambler overdrive, true 60deg monitoring angle with front-facing controls, and auxiliary inputs for playing along with your favorite music tracks.

This bass amp’s volume control is user-friendly and its headphone jack allows for quiet practice sessions. Furthermore, its built-in tuner helps keep you in tune with your playing.

Finally, this amp features two auxiliary inputs for playing along with other music instruments and a line input that accepts either 3.5-millimeter or 1/4-inch jacks. With its compact size and low power output, it makes an ideal practice amp for bassists just starting out.

Its newly designed design places all controls on the front, so you can dial in some tube grit with the Scrambler overdrive circuit, turn up easily or adjust the 3-band EQ settings. Plus, there’s a foot controller which triggers this effect; plus, it can be modified for use with active pick-ups or high-gain instruments.

Orange BPA200

If you’re searching for a bass guitar amp that will blow your socks off, Orange is the brand to consider. These British-based manufacturers have been crafting world class bass amps for close to five decades now and have earned the admiration of some of music’s biggest names.

The Orange BPA200 is an impressive tube hybrid bass amp that produces an incredibly warm, natural tone. It stands as a testament to Orange’s commitment to quality with plenty of punch and dynamics that can be adjusted using its three-band EQ.

It also features a clean switch to help remove some of the amp’s tonal dirt. With its metal ‘lunchbox’ design, robust handle and durable carry case, this amp is ideal for players on-the-go.

When playing with the Orange BPA200, you can expect a crystal-clear, focused sound that will have your audience begging for more. The EQ has been tailored so that you have full control of the tone without any harsh edges – keeping the amp focused on providing practical, usable tones.

Another standout feature of the Orange BPA200 is its compatibility with various pedals, making it an ideal option for players searching for a versatile amp with pedal platform capabilities. This makes the Orange BPA200 an excellent choice for those wanting to add some flair and variety to their arsenal.

The Orange BPA200 is an impressive bass combo amp at an unbeatable price point. It boasts a host of features to maximize your playing, such as a clean switch and three-band active EQ. Furthermore, you can add an effects loop for those who like to use digital reverb or delay effects.

Blackstar Unity 3

If you’re in search of a bass amp with plenty of sound-sculpting options, look no further than Blackstar Unity 3 amp. It boasts features like three preamp voicings, 3-band EQ with semiparametric Mid knob, built-in compression and chorus effects as well as three preamp voicings.

These sound-shaping options can provide great practice support, but it’s essential to decide if they are essential for you and your playing style.

Some players find that a basic preamp and tone control are enough to achieve their desired sound, while others require more advanced digital processing units that replicate famous bass guitar sounds. Although these effects can be helpful during practice sessions, they aren’t essential for use with an average practice amplifier and may prove more of a hassle than helpful.

Blackstar’s Unity Pro range of bass amps ranges in power from 30 watts to 500 watts and are designed as an accessible yet powerful solution for bass players. After hours of technical research and benchmarking against iconic historic references, these amps deliver on their promise.

The Unity Pro range of bass amps boasts a broad selection of tones and sounds, thanks to the responsive Response control. You can tailor compression, natural drive and dynamics for various sounds – from valve-driven crunch to high-headroom cleans with just the push of a button!

It also features a ‘depth’ control that adds some tighter bottom-end to your sound, along with some dynamic compression controls. All of these features are designed to help maximize the potential of your instrument and improve playability.

You can further sculpt your sound with an integrated overdrive, which can be switched between overdrive, distortion and fuzz. While these effects aren’t as detailed as some of the more sophisticated digital processing units available, they still come in handy if you want to add extra depth and gritty character to your playing.

The Unity 500 is an impressive amp with plenty of connectivity, perfect for anyone needing a bass amplifier that can be used both live performances and at home. Not only is it sturdy enough to handle heavy duty duty work, but its attractive design and strong handle make it comfortable to carry around.

Fender Champion

The Fender Champion bass guitar amp is an incredibly powerful stage amp that delivers 100 watts through multiple customizable amp voices and effects. It has two channels with a foot switch for fast switching between them, as well as an auxiliary input to connect your favorite MP3 files or other analog audio signal. Plus, there’s a headphone output for silent practice sessions.

This sleek amp design is inspired by 1960s Blackface and Twin Reverb amps, boasting an angled black control panel, skirted controls, silver grille cloth, and black vinyl covering for a timeless aesthetic. Compact and lightweight, you can take it along to rehearsals or club gigs with you with ease.

This amp’s clean channel sounds dimensional and organic, while the drive channel can range from subtle distortion to heavy distortion depending on your needs. Furthermore, it includes a tap tempo feature for time-based effects like delay.

You can use this amp for a range of genres, such as rock, blues, metal and country. Plus it provides plenty of tonal coloring, atmospherics and textures with onboard effects like reverb, delay, chorus and tremolo – plus much more!

This amp is also compatible with pedals, so you can add your own effects to the amp for even greater sonic possibilities. The Fender Champion makes for a great choice for guitarists looking to expand their sound palette without spending a fortune on high-end gear.

The Fender Champion offers twelve digital effects that can be mixed with amp simulations to produce a wide variety of tones. They are dynamically responsive, and you have full control over their level control so you can mix them all together for an incredibly versatile effect loop.

The amp also comes with a selection of amp simulations, such as Tweed, Blackface, British and Metal. These models replicate various iconic Fender amps for any musical genre. You can play along by yourself using the FX level control to mix in digital effects with amp simulations.