Bass Guitar Case – Protect Your Bass From Scratch and Grips

Sweetwater offers an impressive collection of cases designed to keep your bass guitar safe from dust, bumps and grinds during travel. Keep your instrument secure and ready to rock out – choose Sweetwater now.

Each case comes equipped with neck cradles, water resistant zippers and other essential features like carry-on side dag handles, padded backpack straps, and back handles – as well as neck cradles!

Hard Case

Hard cases are the ideal solution to keep your bass safe when it’s sitting idle, both from humidity changes and from accidental knock-off by pets or bumped furniture. Even if it fits, an insufficient headstock angle could eventually crack or fall off, potentially leading to irreparable damage over time.

Hard shell cases provide the most robust protection available to guitar owners. Constructed of either plastic or fabric covered wood, they provide more shielding than gig bags do and are lightweight enough for long distance carryability.

Some cases are generic and will fit any bass guitar; others are custom molded for each model to prevent shifting during transport. You might also consider investing in a flight case designed specifically for touring bands that can withstand even the harshest of touring schedules.

All of these cases come in various colors and may even feature built-in locks for extra security. If you travel often, investing in a sturdy case is well worth the extra investment.

This case fits most standard body electric basses and includes a neck rest, accessory compartments, and a special compartment to store a spare strap. Crafted of 3-ply cross-laminated wood construction with tough vinyl covering and finished off with solid hardware for a professional appearance, the case features Tick compatibility so it accepts an optional Classic Tick modular tool case which adds even more storage while protecting from sudden temperature change. Hi-density foam bumpers divert vertical impacts away from strap pin to help avoid dings or damage; additionally Gator provides their 1-year warranty! Available in various finishes

Soft Case

Soft cases or gig bags are lightweight fabric-covered cases designed to protect a bass guitar from water, scratches, and dust damage. Not only are these lightweight cases easy on your back when not playing them; they’re also an efficient way of storing it when not in use – as they take up less room than hard cases! Gig bags typically feature padded straps for carrying or attachable shoulder straps so it can be worn like a backpack; additionally many feature pockets or compartments to store additional accessories like spare strings, tuners pedals or picks!

Hard cases provide much better protection for your bass than gig bags do, typically composed of either molded plastic or fabric-covered wood and providing maximum overall protection. Though costly, hard cases offer peace of mind when transporting it. With sturdy latches that won’t break easily or damage from accidentally bumping against objects within case bags or on the ground.

Hard cases that come standard with higher-end bass guitars often feature custom molding that perfectly accommodate the unique shape of each instrument, so they don’t shift around while in storage and cause its neck alignment to shift out of alignment. While such cases are still susceptible to bumps and drops, they tend to fare much better than generic cases that will fit any instrument.

Hybrid cases combine the best features of both hard and soft cases to keep your bass secure during transit. They feature a patented design that suspends its headstock, helping protect it from impacts that could jolt its neck off its string. In addition, these hybrid cases feature reinforced outer shells designed to deflect forceful impacts away from its instrument – something especially helpful if traveling by airplane as airlines have restrictions regarding what kinds of instruments may be carried aboard their planes.

Gig Bag

Gig bags are designed specifically to protect bassists who travel between gigs with their instrument from scratches and bumps. While not as protective as hard cases, gig bags still provide some degree of protection, shielding from sudden impacts with other objects or surfaces on buses, trains or planes (assuming your bass can fit!). Furthermore, some gig bags offer additional space for amps, foot pedals and electrical leads as well.

Our selection of gig bags spans the leading brands like Gator, Road Runner and Musician’s Gear, offering everything from acoustic bass guitar gig bags to electric bass gig bags with two bass capacity. No matter the budget or instrument type you own, we have high-quality bags for both. From lightweight models with plenty of padding to top-of-the-line cases with maximum protection.

As a professional bassist who regularly travels between gigs around the globe, we recommend purchasing both a gig bag and hard case for your instrument. That way you can use both for rehearsals and sessions locally while keeping it safely in one of these cases when flying overseas for big shows.

Assuming your bass fits comfortably inside its gig bag, most transport methods should suffice in protecting it during transportation. But for serious travelers who regularly take their instrument on flights, we advise purchasing a hard case as well. While more costly than gig bags, hard cases offer superior protection with built-in locks so only you have access to it. See our selection from Gator and SKB brands to find one suitable for your bass!


Attaining the proper bass guitar accessories is key for any guitarist. These items will help keep you organized and perform at their best; from gig bags to pick holders, there are various items you should keep in mind that will add both practicality and style to your gear.

A gig bag is an essential tool for bassists as it protects their instrument while they travel. They come in hardshell or softshell varieties and usually feature comfortable handles and straps for carrying. Furthermore, there’s usually enough room in these gig bags to store both your instrument, accessories and extra strings!

An affordable bass amplifier is another essential piece of gear for bassists. It allows them to practice unplugged, plug in and rock out with their band or use effects for unique sounds – these amps can be found online or at music stores alike.

Other essentials for bass guitar include a cleaning kit that helps maintain its condition by eliminating dust and dirt that could harm its finish, and a tuner to ensure you remain always in tune; there are various kinds of tuners on the market ranging from pedalboard-friendly versions to discreet clip-on devices that fit easily in gig-bag pockets.

Strap locks are another essential addition to your bass guitar, helping keep the strap from coming unlatched while playing. Available in an array of styles and designs, strap locks allow you to customize your instrument by adding something with flair!

For exceptional bass case protection, consider the Michael Kelly shaped case. Molded specifically to meet the contours of our acoustic basses, it keeps your instrument protected on-the-go. Alternatively, Hiscox cases offer high performance protection in a sleek and lightweight package.