Bass Guitar Headphone Amp

bass guitar headphone amp

If you want a hassle-free way to practice bass guitar, a bass guitar headphone amp may be just what’s needed. This portable unit allows for convenient bass guitar practice sessions where you can perform funky grooves or scales without disturbing anyone else in your vicinity.

This best-selling headphone bass guitar amplifier features analog technology for true amp sound on headphones. Choose between three sound styles (VOX AC30, Classic Rock or Metal), multiple effects and rhythm functions.


Headphone amps raise the low-voltage audio signal from a guitar to levels that drive speakers in your headphones, effectively making bass more prominent. They come in various configurations to meet any need; from basic models for beginners to powerful amps that suit pro musicians.

At first, sound should be your main consideration when shopping for a bass guitar headphone amp. As a beginner, a simple headphone amp may suffice; as your skills progress however, more features and controls may become important – some even feature mic input so that you can practice with friends while recording music!

Once again, you must decide if you would like your headphone amp to feature effects or simply act as an amplifier without additional frills. Most amps do offer some effects; others are intended as pure amplifiers without extra frills. If you want something that will integrate with pedals such as fuzz effects and distortion pedals, look for one with an excellent clean tone capable of handling any fuzz, distortions or reverb effects you throw its way.

As part of your search for the ideal bass guitar headphone amp, another factor to take into account when choosing headphones is their type. Some headphone amps feature standard 3.5mm (1/8″) input that accommodates all kinds of headphones while others may need special ones with larger 6.3mm (standard guitar) connections for use with those instruments that use such inputs.

Are You a Bass Guitar Player Looking to Practice Late Night or Travel for Business? A headphone bass amplifier may be just what’s needed! Compact headphone amplifiers with fantastic tones and features such as an AUX input enable you to jam along with your music player. One such compact amplifier, such as the VOX amPlug 2 Bass headphone amp, plugs directly into your bass guitar and delivers big sound through headphones – including three selectable amp Voices as well as gain, tone and volume controls; plus six rhythm loops as well as metronome for practice sessions or rehearsal.


Many bass guitars feature output jacks designed to connect headphones for practice purposes. A headphone amp then amplifies this signal, enabling you to play through headphones while still hearing bass frequencies through them – perfect for quiet practice sessions without disturbing others or being too loud in public places! Headphone amps may also come equipped with effects like reverb, delay or chorus which add an additional layer of sound – perfect for creating spacious or ethereal sounds, giving your bass more depth than with just an amp alone!

There are various types of headphone amps available depending on your needs and budget. The simplest ones connect directly to your headphones, providing volume and tone control – perfect for practicing without disturbing other people; but may not offer full features and sounds. This option should work well if all that’s desired is simple practice; otherwise it won’t provide what is desired – such as variety.

Headphone amps with their own built-in set of headphones may be the better option, although these tend to be slightly more costly than their plug in counterparts. But these often offer better comfort during extended wear; often featuring padded cups designed specifically to cover ears and head while being durable enough for professional use.

Headphone amps that look similar to multi FX units provide both headphone amp and effects processor functionality in one package, offering a comprehensive selection of effects and amp models as well as practice features like metronomes for maximum convenience.

The VOX Amplug 2 Bass is an outstanding example of this type of headphone amp. Featuring an expansive selection of amp and cabinet models as well as effects, along with an easy user interface for fast setup and operation, as well as spatial technology to simulate an amp in a room when playing through headphones, it offers many great advantages over competing products. Another fantastic choice would be Boss Waza-Air Bass which also comes equipped with spatial technology so that players can experience playing through headphones as an amp would when performing live.

Ease of Use

A bass guitar headphone amp can help you practice quietly and without disturbing others. These convenient little devices provide amazing tones and effects with recording capability for even further personalization. Furthermore, these lightweight portable units make practicing on the road convenient – you’re sure to find one suitable for both your needs and budget.

Once a bass guitar headphone amp is connected to your instrument, the first step in using it is connecting it via either a standard headphone jack or an output 6.3mm jack (of equal size to your guitar) to your headphones. Plug them in via their input jack on the amp and begin playing! You can adjust its volume using either its knob or by altering your headphones’ volume control settings.

As there are various types of bass guitar headphone amps on the market, it is wise to do your research prior to making your purchase. Some models provide features such as EQ controls, loops and beats; you may even opt for one which enables multiple headphones at the same time for playing through practice sessions with friends.

An important feature to keep in mind when selecting an amp is whether or not it has any built-in effects, from classic delays and reverbs to more advanced effects such as ring modulation. Your choice will depend on both your needs and budget.

Find the ideal bass guitar headphone amp to maximize your practice sessions and avoid doing too much too loudly – which could potentially damage hearing – as well as using amplifiers with high distortion levels.

Many bass guitar preamps and amp heads feature a headphone jack so that you can plug your headphones in to hear your sound, with some models even featuring an AUX input for playing along with music players or computers.


If you want to practice without disturbing anyone else, a bass guitar headphone amp could be just what’s needed. How exactly does it work? While headphones don’t feature built-in amplifiers or output ports that accept output from an amp, their purpose is instead to amplify your own audio through internal speakers and connect to devices capable of accepting amp input – like laptop or desktop computers – which allow an amp to amplify both your guitar audio as well as the headphones’.

There are various kinds of headphone amps for guitar, each offering different advantages and drawbacks. There are “true” headphone amps which combine headphones with an amp – these tend to be portable yet may become uncomfortable over extended use; an excellent example of such an amplifier would be VOX VHG Rock with its impressive feature set including amp models, cab simulations, effects and multi FX units (the VHG Rock is one such example).

eHX Pocket Pod offers an incredible array of features at its reasonable price point. Including bass amp models, effects and rhythms; its onboard gyro sensor gives an amp-in-room experience wherever you may be playing bass.

Bass guitar headphone amps that provide just headphones with integrated amplifiers may be more straightforward and may offer great sound quality, though some of their features may be compromised compared to true amps.

A fantastic example is the VOX amPlug, which looks and functions much like a mini multi FX processor. While its main attraction lies in its range of effects, what really stands out about it is the quality of tones it can create; 12 amp models from clean clean to heavy metal high gain plus many cab simulations and effects make an impressionful statement about what this little box can do! Even its moving jack allows you to adjust how firmly it connects with your guitar!