Bass Guitar Online Lessons

bass guitar online lessons

If you want to learn bass guitar online, there are various options available – some free and others paid – which will assist your learning experience. From beginners to experienced bassists alike, these lessons will prove useful.

Beginner lessons should be easy and interesting. They cover fundamentals like tuning and reading tablature as well as walk-ups/downs, music theory and chords.


Yousician is an engaging online bass guitar lesson program that transforms learning into a game. Utilizing your smartphone microphone, Yousician listens in and provides instantaneous feedback; also helping to teach chords, triads, strumming, picking, etc. Additionally, this app features various songs to practice skills on and offers variety. However, in order to fully enjoy this application you need an affinity for gamified programs!

Your budget and skill level dictate which tier to select; while the basic version is free, premium versions provide additional features and an extensive song library. Yousician is easy to read with different colors indicating finger/fret placement on frets as well as color-coded chord blocks for strumming; plus it displays an intuitive progress bar to show how far along each song you are.

Yousician offers lessons as well as workouts and challenges to further build skills. Workouts provide standalone mini-courses on specific skills while Challenges pit Yousicians against one another in weekly competitions. In addition, Yousician includes a powerful practice mode which enables users to control song speed as well as loop certain sections for optimal learning experience.

Yousician’s lessons for musical instruments, including bass, are organized into 10 levels that follow paths. Each path contains lessons for various instruments (LEAD, RHYTHM and KNOWLEDGE), with four sections designated by LEAD, RHYTHM and KNOWLEDGE and each having separate levels (Basics suitable for beginners up to advanced for experts). Students can progress at their own pace but cannot move onto the next lesson until all previous ones have been completed successfully.


Yousician is a unique online music learning resource that makes taking bass guitar lessons accessible and fun, whether with friends or on your phone. These lessons are easy to follow and enjoyable, enabling you to lay the foundation for bassline groves, explore various styles, improve pitch and rhythm accuracy and develop as quickly as possible. With instant feedback that provides insight into whether your playing is accurate; Yousician makes for an ideal app choice for musicians looking for quick improvements to their skills quickly.

JamPlay offers another fantastic online bass guitar lesson platform: JamPlay offers courses tailored for beginners and intermediate level learners as well as experienced bassists alike. Their platform provides informative instructional videos, riff-based lessons and song library; its instructors include David Ellefson of Megadeth fame Billy Sheehan from Mr Big and Steve Vai fame as well as Robbie Merrill of Godsmack as instructors; while their website adapts easily for use with tablets or smartphones.

Musika is another online website providing bass guitar lessons. Their questionnaire helps match you with a qualified teacher based on your level of experience and interests, while video chat allows one-on-one instruction from home. Furthermore, lessons are reasonably priced with money back guarantees, plus customer service is helpful and friendly as well as offering free trials of lessons.


JamPlay is an online bass guitar learning program offering lessons for students of all levels and styles and genres, including ZZ Top, James Brown, Nirvana and many others. Plus there’s even a free trial!

JamPlay not only offers lessons but also boasts a vibrant community section where members can ask questions and share their progress with one another – an essential feature for beginners who wish to advance faster. There are also paid study packs available if more in-depth courses are desired.

JamPlay bass guitar lessons provide comprehensive instructional videos, riff-based videos, and practice exercises designed to teach techniques like reading rhythm, counting chords, and slap bass. Furthermore, these classes specialize in specific styles of music so that you can learn from instructors who specialize in your preferred genre of music.

Beginners can start their bass guitar lessons at Phase 1, which covers the fundamentals. These lessons are easy to follow and arranged into distinct categories so you can practice different things at once. Each video lesson uses multiple camera angles for optimal learning of songs.

JamPlay website offers a selection of bass guitar lessons and boasts over one million chord voicings. Lessons are organized according to genre and level of difficulty, enabling users to save their favorite lessons. Furthermore, there’s also an interactive chat feature and forums where users can communicate directly with instructors; customer service representatives can respond promptly when answering any of your queries.


This website provides bass guitar lessons for beginners through advanced players, offering video tutorials, play-along tracks and practice exercises at various skill levels from beginner to advanced levels. Lessons feature video tutorials, play-along tracks and additional practice exercises as well as access to its special video exchange learning platform where they can submit videos of their progress to receive feedback from teachers with college degrees who also show how many hours they’ve taught; they can also view ratings and comments left by previous students who took lessons with that instructor.

Truefire offers above average video production quality, using up to six camera angles so that students don’t miss anything important. Their courses are straightforward and their teachers speak clearly – the website even features a glossary for technical terms! Unfortunately, Truefire lacks the song catalog offered by other sites like Guitar Tricks and Fender Play.

Another wonderful aspect of the site is that it offers free lessons geared toward beginning-level players, and new members can sign up for a trial period before becoming full members. For those wanting additional in-depth lessons, a monthly or annual pass for All-Access passes can be purchased for $29 each month or $249 annually.

Musika is an excellent option for novice bass guitar students seeking professional instruction. This company matches students with teachers based on their preferences and needs; users can sign up for a free trial online and, should they not feel comfortable with their instructor(s), can request to switch. Members also have the freedom to cancel at any time without penalty.


Online bass guitar lessons are an excellent way to master the fundamentals of playing this instrument. Lessons are designed for all skill levels, from novice students just beginning their learning experience all the way up to advanced students. Lessons focus on teaching basic chords, notes and tablature as well as songs and riff-based practice videos that can help hone your skills further. Some lessons cater toward beginner students while others cater more toward advanced ones.

The Musika online bass guitar lesson platform makes finding an instructor that suits your learning style easy. After answering some simple questions about yourself and your desired type of music, this program matches you up with instructors with experience teaching it. Lessons can take place anytime on any of your devices such as laptop, tablet or mobile phone and the program offers lessons for many genres so you can select songs you find most enjoyable to learn from its song library.

Musika’s website provides bass guitar lessons for both beginning and experienced players alike. You’ll find tutorials, tips and an online bass tuner available here that you can use either automatically or manually to tune your instrument. Tuners like this one are essential tools for all musicians as it ensures that the instrument remains in tune and allows them to continue to enjoy playing their favorite songs without flat or sharp sounds coming through when performing songs from popular genres and artists – plus there is even an option of taking a free trial lesson just to see how well their service works for them personally!