Best Bass Guitar Amp Under $200

best bass guitar amp under 200

Beginner bassists can rejoice – there are some incredible amplifiers under $200 that provide great cranked tones suitable for rehearsals and small gigs, while some even provide silent practice functionality as well as USB connectivity for recording purposes.

Hartke is widely recognized as one of the premier bass amp manufacturers, and this small combo model stands up to their legacy by producing incredible bass tones and featuring an integrated limiter to prevent speaker damage at higher volumes.

Blackstar Unity 200

A bass guitar acts as the backbone of any band, connecting melodic vocals and lead guitar licks with drum beats while providing rhythmic foundation for all styles of music. Achieving this requires an ear for tone and an amplifier capable of providing adequate punch. Blackstar offers compact yet user-friendly solutions from their Unity range which were specifically created to meet this need – designed by bass players themselves for use by their fellow musicians! They offer an expansive sound selection which covers most genres of music.

Blackstar Unity 200 and 500 combo amplifiers deliver serious punch in their portable cabinets, with the latter boasting 400 Watts at 4 ohms for incredible portability and bass handling ability. If desired, an optional external powered cab can further boost output levels on either model; both feature two 10-inch Eminence speakers as well as features making them suitable for stage or rehearsal studio use.

Blackstar Unity Bass series amps provide an all-in-one solution for bassists of any level. Their deceptively simple controls enable bassists to quickly and easily create their own distinctive tone quickly and easily, featuring rock solid bass, detailed dynamics, innovative features, compact packaging from 30 Watts up to 500 Watts. Players can select one of three classic power amp stages offering various compression/drive levels while 3-band semi-parametric EQ offers plenty of tonal shaping; add this with three overdrives (Overdrive/ Distortion/ Fuzz), user controllable blend plus built-in chorus/octave effects; there will surely be something suitable for every bassist out there!

Blackstar Unity Bass series instruments come equipped with useful features, including an XLR + 1/4″ line out for transmitting your signal directly to front of house, headphone output for private jamming sessions at home and an adjustable -10dB pad that accommodates both active and passive instruments. You can integrate pedals using its built-in effects loop, while direct recording via cabinet-emulated line output or USB audio connectivity is possible through these features.

Hartke HD150

The HD150 bass guitar combo amplifier is an affordable yet high-quality choice, designed to make playing easier for all levels. Featuring volume, bass, mid, and treble controls for quick adjustments at all levels; plus an auxiliary input and headphone output to ensure quiet practice sessions and an on-board limiter to keep levels safe for use by novice musicians alike.

This bass combo features an innovative HyDrive speaker design featuring paper around its perimeter for traditional tone, while aluminum in its center delivers trademark Hartke zing for powerful and portable performance. This amp is great for beginners who require quality bass amps for practicing drums or moderate electric guitars as well as recording them at home – ideal for practicing and home recording bass guitar!

Combo amps differ from most bass amplifiers by combining amplifier circuitry and speaker in one cabinet, saving space while making operation simpler. Many combo amps feature modern features like USB recording output to ease recording sessions; Bluetooth connectivity enables streaming music directly from mobile phones/tablets; or headphone output for quiet practice sessions.

Combo amps are ideal for beginner musicians as they’re usually less expensive and easier to use than separate amplifiers. Furthermore, these amps usually provide more customization options such as EQ/tone controls – including basic controls for bass, mid, and treble adjustments as well as more specific 7-band graphic EQ controls that give more detailed adjustments. For instance, Hartke HD150 includes basic bass/mid/treble controls in addition to its 7-band graphic EQ for more in-depth adjustments.

While most bass amplifiers feature basic EQ controls, some offer additional features to help create your ideal tone for playing styles such as jazz. For instance, Hartke HD150’s tube preamp can create vintage sound while distortion and feedback control knobs allow for even greater creativity in effects creation.

PJB M7 Micro

PJB amplifiers have earned a solid reputation for producing big tone from small drivers housed within them, and with the Micro 7 they’ve made that feat even smaller. Weighing just 15 pounds and measuring less than a foot on all sides, this 50-watt combo features sturdy metal brackets on either side of its controls as well as an anti-kick grille on its solid enclosure for increased protection and sound output.

A basic control set consists of level, bass, treble and midrange knobs to satisfy most players’ tonal requirements. By rolling back the treble for a classic Motown sound reminiscent of Jamerson, or increasing midrange for punk or rock basses with more punch. Furthermore, an active/passive switch lets you tailor your amp according to its individual pickup characteristics – perfect for creating dynamic soloing solos!

There are also plenty of convenient features included, like an auxiliary input with its own volume control allowing you to jam along to backing tracks on Spotify or connect your laptop and follow along with YouTube tutorials. Headphone output allows for silent practice sessions. Furthermore, its line out interface connects directly with PA systems and recording equipment for seamless use. And its convenient mute switch makes switching it off a breeze without needing to turn off power completely. Phil Jones Bass amps utilize digital circuitry to reduce heat generation, prolonging their lives by keeping from overheating. They even include a sturdy carry handle for ease of transport from rehearsal to gig. This amp is the ideal solution for bassists needing their gear transportable between venues.

Orange OB1

The OB1 series revives class A/B power with expressive musical tones at extremely high gain levels. Although more expensive than its rivals on this list, this amp is still an ideal choice for bassists seeking an alternative to modern class-D amps.

This rack mountable bass amplifier head gives you the ability to bi-amp your tone in one simple unit. The all-analog signal path sends your bass guitar through two separate paths: one route is routed to an impressive 3-band Baxandall EQ for detailed tone shaping; and another leads through to an easily switchable blendable gain circuit that keeps low end fat and smooth while adding high end harmonic overdrive for that rock gig feel. You have total control of how mellow or aggressive (with capital FAT!) your sound changes with just a flick of a footswitch! – perfect!

Use the blend control to fine-tune the overdrive section while still retaining your core bass tone – even at its dirtiest. At its highest setting, this overdrive can produce an array of sounds ranging from subtle level boosts that cut through mixes quickly to added thickness and presence at moderate settings that help fatten chorus passages all the way to full saturation savagery at extreme settings.

At the front of this amp is an easily accessible power switch and orange indicator lamp, while its master volume control sits conveniently between them. On its right is a jack socket for an optional footswitch which engages its drive section while on its left is an EQ section featuring Bass, Middle, and Treble controls with up to +/-15dB boost/cut functionality available for bassists or guitarists alike.

The OB1’s active three-band EQ has been carefully tailored for maximum effect with minimum hassle. Positioned after Gain and Blend controls take effect, these sections allow you to tailor your sound without altering its low end definition.