Bob Dylan’s The Seven Curses Chords

The Seven Curses Chords is an ancient European folk ballad about a condemned man attempting to buy off his hangman with money. Dylan delivers this powerful tale well and it perfectly encapsulates his passion for miscarriages of justice.

Lines 1-3: These lines remain ambiguous. It could refer to House Dwemer’s ungodly behavior or their treacherous diplomacy with House Dagoth; alternatively they could refer to unspecified broken oaths.

The Maid Freed from the Gallows

Bob Dylan recorded a version of Hangman or Prickle Holly Bush while recording Freewheelin’. It has similarities with Leadbelly’s Gallows Pole song in that both tell a tale about a woman fighting to protect her father from death row.

This tale is inspired by an old European ballad with multiple variants. In some versions, a condemned person attempts to buy their freedom by offering gold or silver to an executioner; while in others their loved ones rescue them.

This tale is widely beloved throughout Europe. It appears in both Child Ballads collections with the title Maid Freed From Gallows as well as many others with similar melancholic lyrics.

Gallows Pole

Shane Meadows built his renown through his immensely popular This Is England series and now brings his signature raw-and-ready approach to his first period drama with The Gallows Pole, based on Ben Myers’ book about 18th century counterfeiters called Cragg Vale Coiners led by “King” David Hartley. The three-part BBC series recounts their story.

Although this tale has various folkloric variations, its most widely recognized manifestation is as the ballad Seven Curses by blues/folk singer Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter in the 1930s – later popularized by Led Zeppelin on their 1970 album Led Zeppelin III.

Folk ballads feature stories about delaying execution while waiting for rescue by loved ones – this motif has also become increasingly prevalent in popular music such as Stairway to Heaven by Fleetwood Mac or Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale Bluebeard.


When you feel that something is holding back your progress, the only way out is through positive lifestyle changes that eliminate any of the behaviors which opened the way for it to enter your life in the first place.

Anathea is a selfless heroine who will do anything she can to safeguard humanity and her lover Freddy. She was appalled when Kalypso tortured Billy; moreover, she refused to allow the monster Ladon kill Hespera or Freddy under any circumstance.

Contrasting with Gallows Pole’s more upbeat rhythms, this song features a much darker vibe. Its bass accompaniment features sparse yet sinister accents on higher strings for an unsettling sound curtain effect that adds horror to its story. Fingerpicking style music plays well here.

Laszlo Faher

Hungarian painter and visual artist, graduate of Budapest’s Academy of Fine Arts. Awarded several research fellowships abroad (Rome). One of the representatives of hyperrealistic painting. From radical social documentation and family mythology in his early photorealistic period through bold framing, dynamic or diagonal composition with few colors, and delicate balance between contour-indicated forms and fine detail he developed his distinct individual style: bold framing, dynamic or diagonal composition with few colours, bold framing and dynamic or diagonal composition with few colors that gradually developed into his signature style: bold framing bold framing dynamic or diagonal composition with few colors that eventually developed into his unmistakable individual style: bold framing dynamic composition with dynamic or diagonal composition with few colors that eventually evolved into his identifiable individual style: bold framing dynamic composition with few colors while balanced between contour-indicated forms and fine details he lives and works between Budapest and Tac

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