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Tint World(r) provides custom car audio & video systems and installation in Massapequa Park, NY. Upgrade your ride with headrest video screens to keep the kids entertained, or a powerful stereo and bass upgrade.

Until cars come with decent OEM music system, demand for aftermarket ICE is going to stay strong. The good news is that today’s options are endless.

Amplifiers & Equalizers

A sound system needs an amplifier to power its speakers and produce high-quality audio. The amplifier converts electrical signals into an analog audio signal that can drive the speakers, and it can also equalize the frequency response to eliminate resonances that could otherwise cause feedback. Equalizers are electronic filters that can boost or cut specific frequency ranges to improve the sound quality of your car stereo speaker system.

The simplest equalizers are simple tone controls with two or three bands of control. These can adjust the levels of bass, midrange, and treble to enhance or correct a recording’s audio balance. More advanced equalizers are more complicated, incorporating parametric or semi-parametric filters to allow users to select the bandwidth for each of several frequency bands. Increasing the number of frequency bands increases the amount of processing required, and can affect audio quality.

Another type of equalizer is a graphic equalizer (EQ), which is based on second-order filter functions, and can divide the audio spectrum into 30 or more bands for easier control over specific frequency ranges. Each band is controlled by a slider, and the output boost or cut is visually depicted in a graph to give the user an easy way to visualize how the EQ will affect the audio.

Tint World(r) offers a full line of automotive audio and video systems upgrades, from headrest TVs for the kids to powerful subwoofer amplifiers and speakers for deep bass. Whether you want a simple upgrade to your stock stereo or a full competition-style system, our specialists at our Massapequa Park, NY location can install what you need quickly and affordably. Call today to set up a free estimate.


Speakers come in a wide range of sizes and prices. More money usually means larger speakers, which hold more woofers and produce more bass. This can give your music and movies a fuller sound, and can make you feel like dancing (or at least bobbing your head) when listening to them.

Most speakers have a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for low frequencies. To reproduce all of the frequencies in a song, they need to have a network within them called a crossover that delegates the right frequency ranges to each type of driver. Low-budget speakers often have simple, inexpensive crossovers, which can cause the speaker to sound dull and lifeless. Audio enthusiasts often rebuild or buy new crossovers for cheap speakers to improve the sound quality.

Higher-end speakers can be more expensive, but the extra money often goes toward improvements in design and materials that can significantly improve sound quality. For example, nice veneers and finishes can add to the cost of a speaker, but the way that they look doesn’t directly affect how good or bad it sounds.

There are also wireless speakers that can connect to your radio or phone, and play music without using wires. However, these tend to have less range and may need to be charged. They may be expensive, but they can be a great addition to your car audio system for listening to music and podcasts while driving. Tint World offers a wide range of speaker options for your car, from basic upgrades to full-blown competition systems. We can even add features like HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio, and Bluetooth hands-free to your built-in factory stereo.


If you’re an audiophile or just enjoy a good-sounding system, a subwoofer is the ideal addition to your home theater or car sound system. Designed to enhance your listening experience by adding deep bass notes that traditional speakers can’t reproduce, they give music and movies the full range of sounds that artists and directors intended you to hear and feel.

A subwoofer consists of a speaker drive and amplifier that creates powerful sound waves in an enclosure that vibrates to produce low-frequency sounds. The size of the driver and the size of the enclosure will determine how large or small a subwoofer is. Different drivers can have different sensitivity ratings and power handling capabilities, and a larger speaker will typically produce more bass than a smaller one.

Because a subwoofer is designed to produce only bass frequencies, the high-frequency content must be removed from the signal that is fed to it. This can be done either electronically with a built-in electronic crossover or by using a passive or active filter in your audio receiver.

A well-designed subwoofer has the ability to react quickly to bass transients (notes with strong amplification that are given in short bursts at the beginning of a waveform). In contrast, cheaper or poorly-designed woofers can’t keep up with the fast changes in frequency that are produced by high-quality music and movie productions. The end result is that cheap or poorly-designed subwoofers produce distorted, unnatural bass notes that detract from the overall acoustic quality of your sound system. Fortunately, our experienced professionals can help you select a subwoofer that will deliver accurate and precise bass output to create an immersive and exciting listening experience.

Head Units

Head units are the control center of a car audio system. They’re where you set the radio presets, turn music on and off, and adjust volume. A quality head unit can make all the difference in a great sound system.

Head units come in a range of styles and features. Some are compact, while others take up more space in the dash. Most are designed to fit into the single DIN or double DIN dash receptacles in most cars and trucks, although you might need a dash kit to make that happen.

Most modern head units don’t have cassette or CD players, but they do all support digital media sources like MP3s and iPods. Most also have an aux-in jack that lets you connect a portable music player and operate it via the head unit controls. You can also add a USB port or SD card reader for additional media storage.

Many of the best head units feature large touchscreen displays that allow you to interact with your media with ease. These touch-screen units are often called infotainment head units, and they can include navigation systems that provide directions and other helpful information while you’re driving.

A head unit’s built-in amplifier is another important factor to consider. It consists of a preamp that picks up sounds and boosts them prior to sending them to the power amp, which gives them enough boost to drive the speakers.

You’ll also want to pay attention to how well a head unit matches the design of your vehicle’s interior. A head unit that doesn’t blend in with the dash may look sloppy and out of place. You can avoid this problem by measuring the existing dash area and checking out pictures of other vehicles with similar interiors before making a purchase.

Car Alarms

Car alarms are a great way to keep your vehicle secure. They will alert you if someone has tried to break into your vehicle by sounding an audible siren or horn, and many of them have a built-in GPS that can help the authorities locate your vehicle if it is stolen. The added peace of mind that car alarms provide is well worth the investment and they can also help to boost your resale value.

If you’re in the market for a new car stereo system, Warehouse Car Stereo has the equipment and installation expertise you need to enjoy your favorite music while on the road. They’ve been selling and installing quality car audio and security products since 1981 and have thousands of satisfied customers. They offer free estimates and a lifetime guarantee on their products.

Tint World(r) offers a variety of custom upgrades for your vehicle including headrest video screens to keep the kids entertained, a powerful stereo and bass upgrade, or even a remote start. Their expert mobile electronics technicians are MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals) trained and certified to install the best car audio, security, iPod integration and car accessories for your needs.

The team at Bumper to Bumper Car Audio are dedicated to enhancing your driving experience with the latest automotive technology. They specialize in car audio, window tinting, and other aftermarket products and are committed to superior quality and installation craftsmanship. Call today to learn more about how they can improve your ride! They can increase your resale value, help you avoid costly repairs and even lower your insurance costs.