Christmas Ornaments – The Electric Guitar Ornament

electric guitar ornament

The electric guitar is a widely-used musical instrument in pop, rock, metal and blues genres. It can be used as either a rhythm guitar for playing chord sequences and riffs or as a lead guitar providing melodic lines and solos.

The body of an electric guitar is constructed out of wood with a hard polymer finish and pickup system that produces electric current when strings vibrate in their magnetic field. This signal then travels through tone and volume controls to an amplifier and speaker, amplifying it up to high pitches.

Product Description

The electric guitar has long been one of the world’s most beloved instruments. It defined modern popular music and captured the hearts and minds of youth in the 1950s with songs like “Rock and Roll.” This red and white electric guitar ornament is the perfect addition to your collection or as a thoughtful gift for that special musician in your life. Crafted from formaldehyde free wood, it comes ready to hang with its included cord. It’s sure to get everyone’s attention at your next Christmas tree decorating party and makes for the ideal addition to any music lover’s collection or gift for that hard-to-shop for music aficionado in your life! Be sure to explore our other cool ornaments for more great gifts that fit any budget – we add new styles and options all the time!

Product Details

No matter if you’re an electric guitar player or classic rock and roll fan, this ornament is the ideal addition to your Christmas tree. Crafted to look like a 1952 solid body guitar complete with tuners, frets and control knobs, it comes ready to hang from the tree with its gold cord. Make this exquisite musical instrument an unique gift for music lovers in your life or add it to your own collection of ornaments to enjoy every holiday season!

Personalized Ornament Options:

For custom orders of guitar ornaments with names, please reach out to Old World Christmas via email. We would be more than happy to personalize your order for you so it will be exactly what you were hoping for!

This stunning Red Electric Guitar Ornament is the ideal way to show your passion for music! Decorated with red glitter and a white body, it makes an eye-catching addition to your holiday decor. Additionally, this ornament comes in blue or black if preferred. All ornaments will be shipped in a protective plastic bag so they’re safe to display on your Christmas tree this season and years to come!

This item should only be used for decorative purposes and should not be considered a toy.

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Product Pricing

Are you searching for the ideal gift for that music enthusiast in your life? Look no further. Crafted from high-quality, formaldehyde free 1/4 inch thick Birch plywood and hand engraved by a master craftsman, this ornament will be an annual fixture on your Christmas tree for years to come. This beautiful pendant comes complete with its own cord, packaged in a sleek black gift box. Personalize it with up to five lines of text and your choice of three fonts (Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana). As with all our products, you can be assured of excellent customer service at every turn. At Old World Christmas, our dedicated staff is happy to make your holiday shopping experience fun and effortless. From beautifully crafted products that will please any taste to competitively priced gifts for loved ones, our knowledgeable staff strives to make every holiday shopping trip a success.