Christmas Songs That Are Easy to Learn

There are plenty of Christmas songs that are easy to learn. Most utilize only minimal chords and have slow tempos; with practice, these songs can become great favorites!

Jingle Bells is an iconic tune that’s deceptively straightforward to learn – only using three basic guitar chords!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This cheery Christmas classic boasts an upbeat tempo and straightforward chord progression that are easy to learn for beginner guitarists, making this song ideal for practicing strumming patterns and strumming patterns.

This holiday classic by Irving Berlin and first recorded by Bing Crosby can be considered more challenging for beginning guitarists, yet is still highly manageable.

This upbeat holiday classic is an excellent song to practice strumming patterns and incorporate some hammer-ons and pull-offs, as well as to introduce beginners to playing by adding a capo at the second fret to make things simpler for them to learn the instrument.

The Christmas Song

Wizzard has written this cheerful holiday anthem with an accessible chord progression that beginners can learn quickly.

This iconic Christmas tune should be familiar to all guitarists. While slightly more difficult than Jingle Bells, it remains beginner friendly.

This classic Christmas tune will put you in the holiday spirit! Requiring more chords than some other songs on our list, this festive performance is ideal for anyone hoping to impress their friends and family this holiday season.

The Little Drummer Boy

Wizzard’s hit is deceptively straightforward to play, with its upbeat tempo and catchy melody making for an engaging guitar jam session among friends. Utilizing basic chords that most novice guitarists are already familiar with.

Though slightly more challenging than some of the Christmas songs on this list, this timeless tune remains simple enough for most beginners to learn. Though there are additional chords and faster pace, this piece still can be managed without too much difficulty from those with limited musical experience.

The Last Noel

With only three simple chords, this classic Christmas tune is easy for beginner guitarists to learn. Written back in 1719, this tune can spread hope and joy during this holiday season!

Lordi’s rendition of this classic holiday tune adds its own special flare! While more challenging than some other pieces in this article, this track still makes for an excellent song for intermediate guitar players!

Feliz Navidad is one of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs, so now anyone can learn it quickly with this video tutorial for beginners! Just a few steps will have you playing this festive classic in no time at all!

Frosty the Snowman

Music experts have long acknowledged that “Frosty the Snowman” does not fit within the realm of true Christmas songs, due to its catchy yet simplistic melody and banal and absurdist lyrics, even with vocalists from Ella Fitzgerald to Raffi performing it.

Still, this fun upbeat song is a fantastic choice for new guitarists as it requires only three easy chords! Check out this lesson video that shows you exactly how, then practice your strumming skills!

Driving Home for Christmas

Irving Berlin’s timeless Christmas tune can be challenging for beginners as it contains many more chords than Jingle Bells; nevertheless, it remains an excellent way to challenge yourself further as you develop your playing.

Wizzard’s holiday anthem, A Merry Little Christmas, is another fantastic option for beginner guitarists. While it does feature some more challenging chords – including a B Minor barre chord – it remains simple and enjoyable for beginner guitarists to play and sing along to! Plus it makes a wonderful way to spread holiday spirit!

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

No one can resist singing along to this timeless Christmas classic! This beginner acoustic arrangement uses only open chords (which are easier for beginning players).

Katharine McPhee’s version is a delightful, relaxing holiday tune, although more challenging due to using some barre chords – still doable for most beginners and sure to make an impressionful statement at your Christmas party!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Christmas songs often bring back fond memories of years past, recalling things such as caroling, exchanging presents or even decorating the tree with ornaments.

Modern Christmas songs often focus on wanting to be home for the holidays, while others have no particular relation to Christmas but remain popular regardless; “Stop the Cavalry” by Jona Lewie originally started off as a protest song against war but has since become widely-sung at Christmastime.