Contemporary R&B Music Releases

rb music releases

Contemporary R&B music is considered one of the more soothing genres, often combining elements of jazz, funk and hip hop music with hip hop or other genres – for example Prince’s Purple Rain combined pop and R&B elements.

Love, relationships and sexuality are the focus of R&B songs, while its roots lie in oppressed Black communities; its lyrics typically address social issues while providing hope for a brighter future.

Kenyon Dixon – The R&B You Love

Kenyon Dixon, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, is on a mission to revitalize R&B. In his newest project he utilizes interludes to take listeners on an immersive journey through its history, from heartfelt love ballads to upbeat serenades. The R&B You Love follows closely after Closer (ranked no. 9 on Rated R&B’s 30 Best R&B Albums list in 2022). Dixon hopes this effort inspires younger generations to discover their musical roots while also teaching them about R&B’s founding pillars who helped shape modern R&B’s modern sound.

“98 Vibes,” featuring Tiffany Gouche and an irresistibly catchy piano melody, sets off this project. Sultry “Good Love” and Alex Isley-assisted “& Then Some” serve as bedroom slow jams while “Wait” reminds listeners how difficult true romance can be to find. Dixon achieves peak R&B bliss with melodic “Again,” an emotional love song sure to warm any listener’s heart.

Dixon brings both classic and contemporary influences together seamlessly on The R&B You Love, mixing folk-influenced Rhythm & Blues such as “Slow Dancing,” as well as partying like it’s 1985 with Zapp & Roger-inspired “Fantasy.” Additionally, The project features soulful vocalist RL from Next’s voice on “2000s R&B,” complete with visual depicting him belting his heart out in the rain as an emotional tribute to his predecessors.

Dixon proves R&B isn’t dead with his seductive sound and catchy melodies that pay homage to its golden age, while contributing to its revival. If this album is any indicator, Dixon and other artists who understand quality music never go out of style will continue making waves in 2019. No matter your genre of choice – whether R&B, hip hop or pop – The R&B You Love deserves your consideration.

Daniel Caesar – Freudian

At only 22 years old, Daniel Caesar is quickly emerging as one of R&B’s premier talents. Hailing from Toronto, Daniel’s debut album Freudian earned two Grammy nominations – for best R&B album and performance respectively. Additionally, Daniel made appearances on Late Night With Seth Meyers and The Late Show With James Corden; additionally his single “Get You,” featuring Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis, peaked at No 11 on Billboard’s Hot R&B Songs chart.

Freudian follows a devout man in love who must overcome temptation and doubt as they attempt to undermine his devotion for another woman. It’s an engaging tale with many themes found in classic soul music and neo-soul, while its production takes inspiration from gospel music production elements like airy organs and chorales such as those found on “Hold Me Down,” yet manages not to get too stuffy or rigid.

Caesar’s lyrics add depth and perspective to his project, providing comforting advice for romantic situations or simply seeking guidance in finding love. Listening to this album could prove helpful no matter your stage in life!

Songs on this album are both honest and moving; however, it should be noted that not everyone will find this suitable. Some may find the subject matter too emotional for their tastes; similarly if contemporary R&B is not your cup of tea then this album might not be either.

Although his faith is evident, this album doesn’t contain overt religious or spiritual references; instead it tells a love story influenced by Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex as inspiration. While he doesn’t explicitly reference Bible in his lyrics, there are references to his Seventh Day Adventist upbringing throughout.

On this project, Daniel Caesar collaborates with an impressive cast of collaborators. These musicians reimagine traditional R&B in their own distinct styles – from Kali Uchis’ retro grooves to Syd’s futurist coolness and H.E.R’s updated traditionalism – plus CaDaRo Tribe who provide angelic voices for many tracks on this album.

Rory – I Thought It’d Be Different

Rory (formerly of Joe Budden Podcast and co-host of New Rory & Mal) used his passion for music to craft his debut LP, an emotive reflection of his lived experiences from friendships, romantic relationships, heartbreak and even parenthood. Its production expertly blends non-genre conforming hip hop with refreshingly honest R&B sounds while its features boast such stars as Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley who appear prominently throughout. Rory has undoubtedly found his place within the industry with “I Want You But You’ll Never Know”, featuring Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley; Rory has clearly found his place within it all!

Victoria Monet also enjoyed a remarkable year with her debut project and its soulful single, “How Do You Make It Feel?” Its beautiful tribute to love won praise from Anita Baker as well. On Monet’s second release titled Over It she further explored this genre, earning rave reviews from critics.

Rory proved his exceptional talent on his debut LP by successfully realizing his vision with help from leading artists and producers he recruited, such as THEY., DRAM, REASON, Goldlink and Jay Electronica as well as producers Bink, Azad Naficy Rascal & Trackademiks to give Rory’s vocal and musical ideas their due shine.

The project boasts an impressive guest roster, such as 21 Savage, Mary J Blige, Teyana Taylor and Summer Walker – among many others. Boasting talented artists paired with raw depictions of love that defy convention, this project shows there’s still life left in R&B; more importantly it celebrates it as more than just genre but life style itself! Stream the full LP here.


After five years since releasing her debut album Ctrl, SZA returns with SOS, her second effort that proves she is more than just a pop star. On 23 tracks that explore both insecurities and struggles to find fulfillment in life.

SOS made history upon its release by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 and reigning as an R&B album by female artists for ten consecutive weeks atop that chart since Mariah Carey’s self-titled debut LP from 1991. Additionally, six singles charted on Hot 100 charts; including “Kill Bill” and “Snooze,” both reaching #1 on their respective Hot 100 lists.

SOS stands in stark contrast to SZA’s previous mixtapes, in which she often sang about drugs and sexuality. Instead, its focus lies in love, loss and the search for tranquility–something which the singer believes lies just beyond her reach if only she could stop self-sabotaging herself.

At its heart lies SZA’s willingness to openly address her inner turmoil – and her ability to articulate it in such an engaging manner through songs like “Used” and “Far”. Both songs depict her feelings with such clarity that an entire generation can relate. And the closing song on this album, “Gun-Wrencher,” delivers an impactful and moving punch; its chorus made its debut on TikTok before switching into indie mode to complement SZA’s vocals perfectly.

She has also gained confidence in herself and her abilities to heal, no longer trying to please or seek approval from everyone; rather she’s determined to continue fighting until she reaches joy despite all drama, trauma and strife.

SOS is a groundbreaking debut from a young artist who’s revolutionizing R&B music. Not only has she avoided sophomore slump but is now recognized as one of the most powerful voices in music with unapologetic storytelling and fearless experimentation that remind us that no single artist can be everything to everyone and that that’s okay. Additionally, SOS features collaborations from Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Travis Scott to name just a few.