Country Music and Dancing Near Me

NYC may not be known for country music, but there are still places you can slip on your cowboy boots and enjoy country-music-inspired fun. Nashville-themed bars provide line dancing lessons, mechanical bull rides, and delicious southern fare.

Here, you can enjoy live country bands and DJs nightly. Wednesday is country night with line dance lessons all evening long.


The Gaslamp Lounge in Midtown Houston is the newest club on Houston’s party scene. Boasting a vast party space and state-of-the-art sound system, as well as an outdoor patio perfect for hosting parties or pub crawls, guests can also enjoy cocktails while dancing to country music at this bar.

Cory Morrow, hailing from Texas, first found success within Texas country scene before expanding it nationally with his fourth album Outside the Lines which received both critical acclaim and commercial success on U.S. charts. Morrow soon earned recognition within mainstream country circles due to this album’s critical and commercial success.

Tim Sutherland of Gaslamp Bar denied allegations of discrimination against black patrons at his establishment, noting that there is a $20 cover charge and dress code enforced at his club. While a handful of VIP status members get in for free entry, race does not play any part in determining who gets in.

Other customers have accused the club of racially profiling them. One woman alleges that she was told she owed an entrance fee of $20 but allowed in two white men wearing clothing similar to hers without further payment.

Goody’s Tavern

Goody’s Tavern is a large bar with an easygoing club atmosphere, where couples and small groups mingle freely outside while punk riffs play from within. Inside are punk riffs playing from within while deputies split into two groups: one guarding the back while sifting through crowd at entrance; hoping to locate suspect, yet they find none tonight.

Cindi is an energetic and outgoing instructor, offering line dancing classes each Thursday at the Gaslamp Country Bar and on Mondays at the Community Center in Long Beach. She also regularly teaches special events and private parties, under her motto of “Fake It ’til You Make It!”

This Texas Hill Country gem can provide young people with some lessons in line dancing. With big-screen TVs for watching football games on weekends and plenty of pool tables for entertainment, this bar is also known for hosting live band performances as well as Sunday brunches, karaoke nights, rodeos and rodeo nights; drinks here are cash only but relatively affordable, making this an excellent spot for families to relax together while listening to country music.

InCahoots Fullerton

Dan began dancing country dance at In Cahoots Fullerton and has been hooked ever since. His passion for country dancing led him to teach and choreograph eight dances himself. His goal is to provide his dancers with a fun yet safe environment so that they may express their creativity freely; his favorite thing is seeing their smiles when they perform a stunning stride or impeccable footwork!

He currently hosts and teaches 2 step and line dance at Montana’s, as well as offering hosting duties himself. With 23 years of dancing experience spanning ballet, jazz and musical theater classes under his belt – making his teaching accessible for people of all ages – his passion for sharing the joy of dance can only grow! He enjoys sharing this joy with those eager to learn – making learning easy for anyone!

If you’re planning to attend an event at InCahoots, be sure to review its bag policy beforehand. In general, small hand-held clutches (4.5″ x 6.5″) and clear bags are preferable over opaque backpacks for carrying personal items such as strollers and service animals – check their website to learn more!

Whiskey River North

Whiskey River North offers country music fans and dancers an enjoyable nightclub experience in Texas, complete with a square dance floor ideal for learning new dance steps. Additionally, there is plenty of alcohol ranging from whiskey and beer available until midnight at this bar with friendly staff ready to assist with selecting their drink of choice.

This club features a Western theme with antique signs and mechanical bull, plus a bar with several TVs and an impressive chandelier made out of longneck beers. Although not the largest dance hall in town, this venue still provides an enjoyable night out.

Whiskey River North’s dance floor can accommodate a crowd of up to 1000 people for an enjoyable, safe party experience with delicious cuisine served fresh daily and affordable prices. Their friendly staff provides stellar service while the prices remain reasonable; opening Thursday-Saturday they allow guest list sign-up for free admission before 10 PM!

Whiskey River West

Whiskey River West offers country music fans and dancers a great place to visit for both. Featuring a large square dance floor accompanied by live band performances, this venue is open Thursday-Saturday – similar to its North Houston counterpart – just off Interstate 10 in Katy, about 25 miles outside Houston city limits.

This bar features rustic decor with antique signs – such as a mechanical bull and chandelier made of longneck beer bottles – for guests to relax in while sampling special cocktails, beer, or whiskey offerings. Plus, their staff is extremely welcoming.

Whiskey River may not be Houston’s biggest country dance hall (that distinction belongs to Stampede), but it does feature an ample dance floor and plenty of fun events. Furthermore, police and military personnel get free admission before 10 pm! For a current schedule visit their website.

Stampede Houston

Stampede Houston is a 35,000 square-foot country-western dance hall and night club in North Houston. Boasting the city’s largest dance floor and featuring some of country music’s biggest names in its Friday Night Live concert series, Stampede also provides free line dancing lessons as well as hosting weekly mechanical bull MegaWatt performances and offering drink specials; making this an ideal spot for bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events or simply relaxing after work with friends!

Stampede’s dress code is casual or western. Men should wear full-length pants with long sleeve shirts; tank tops and bikinis are not permitted. Women should wear dresses or skirts without offensive imagery or quotes on them and should avoid shorts altogether.

The nightclub boasts a Texas-sized dance floor, mechanical bull, in-house bar with karaoke and drinks as well as special events including poker and pool tournaments. Other amenities include HD video wall behind stage for viewing performances live; first class guest service; state of the art acoustics; wide variety of beer and cocktails offered at bar; friendly and helpful staff are among its unique features.