Country Music Booming in the UK

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Country music is making waves in the UK. Digital streaming numbers have seen almost 50% growth over the last three years – making it the fastest-growing genre here. DJ Baylen Leonard attributes this success to country’s authenticity.

US country stars Kip Moore and Morgan Wade sell out London venues months ahead, while homegrown talent such as duo The Shires and all-female band Remember Monday are making waves here as well.

The Shires

Country music has grown increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. Many artists within this genre have become immensely successful through their catchy melodies and impressive vocal abilities, garnering massive fan attention both locally and abroad. Some of the most acclaimed UK country music artists include The Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain; all three artists have inspired many young people to listen to country music!

Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes, better known by their moniker The Shires, have become leaders of UK Country music. Though their meteoric rise may have come quickly, it was no overnight success story – their meteoric success can be traced to years of hard work. After meeting each other as unsuccessful solo contestants on The X Factor they decided to form a duo and try their hands at music; their debut album made waves throughout industry tastemakers and audiences.

Their new album, 10 Year Plan, is an example of their perseverance and is named for the modest goals that they set at first such as getting their music heard by Bob Harris and amassing 1,000 followers on Facebook. However, the record also marks their journey geographically and musically with its boldest offering yet that blends pop and country influences to reach wider audiences.

These artists recently inked a deal with Nashville-based label BBR Music Group/BMG in Nashville in hopes of taking their music across to America. After enjoying tremendous success in the UK and experiencing significant fan growth there, they now plan to make an impressionful mark here as well. Already they have released three albums (and their fourth will soon follow), and their single Good Years debuted at No.3 on the UK Country Charts.

These three artists are also creating a live show, which will present their music in a more intimate setting. They’re excited at the prospect of performing at smaller venues and reconnecting with fans. Furthermore, there are festival dates planned with Black Deer Music Fest as well as London’s Country to Country festival.

Ward Thomas

Ward Thomas are one of Britain’s most successful country music acts and have helped change people’s perceptions about country music by mixing modern elements with classic country ones – described as a blend of country, pop, and folk with influences like Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac as sources. Furthermore, Ward Thomas are known for their stunning harmonies and exceptional songwriting capabilities.

These twin sisters from Hampshire have been making music together for 10 years. Since releasing their debut album in 2014 and chart-topping second release Cartwheels two years later, they have gone on to tour extensively across the UK while performing at large festivals. Now out is their latest offering Music in the Madness!

While their primary focus is music, the band takes time out for family and friendships as well. They believe it’s essential to strike a balance between work and play in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle – this allows them to remain motivated towards reaching their goals while remaining positive during difficult moments – which provides invaluable motivation as artists continue growing as individuals.

Country music has an expansive history in America and continues to gain international appeal. A genre of folk music that combines acoustic instruments with vocal harmonies, country can appeal to both young and older audiences due to its timeless quality and deep tradition roots.

Jonny Brick has been writing about music for six years for the British Country Music Festival, writing album reviews and festival overviews in their Sightseeing series as well as topical essays about hot-button issues such as immigration or domestic abuse. Recently he began an eight-part series exploring its roots within UK country music culture.

He is also the creator of the UK Country Top 40 Chart, an index ranking the best UK country acts. With extensive knowledge in country music genre, and passion for spreading it further. His articles and writings have been featured by multiple newspapers and magazines.

Native Harrow

English fans of country music are increasingly discovering it due to artists like Rascal Flatts who produce catchy tunes and boast impressive vocal abilities that appeal to fans from across the globe. Additionally, their influence can be found among younger musicians exploring this genre of music.

British country music can trace its roots back to American country music, yet only became a distinct scene during the 1980s. Since then, its popularity has skyrocketed; today there are international performers as well as radio stations dedicated to country music in the UK – not to mention festivals that specialize in country music!

Although most still associate country music with line dancing and mournful lyrics, a new breed of artists are redefining this genre. Inspired by Nashville’s classic sound while exploring its modern, edgy side – they are making country more approachable by appealing to younger listeners while broadening its fan base.

Native Harrow, an American duo based out of Virginia, have found success on the UK country music scene. Influenced by classic Nashville sounds, their latest album Old Kind of Magic received positive reviews upon release. Furthermore, Native Harrow toured throughout England prior to performing at Black Deer festival 2021.

The Black Deer Festival is one of the UK’s premier country music events. Last year’s festival featured Paul Cauthen – known for being country music’s “Wildman Preacher”. Due to this festival’s immense popularity, many homegrown country artists have gone on to pursue careers within this genre.

Even though most people today access country music through digital platforms, there remains an avid following for traditional instruments and their playing techniques. As a result, young musicians remain interested in learning how to play country music; some even go as far as recording their own versions of popular songs – sharing their love of country with the world!

Cale Tyson

Country music has seen an explosion of popularity in the UK thanks to an emerging group of artists who are adding an innovative spin on this classic genre. Many are inspired by American country while also drawing from rock and blues music for inspiration, creating a sound which is both familiar yet fresh. Their songs often tell heartbreaking or humorous tales which speak directly to audiences from all backgrounds.

Traditional country music was long associated with cowboys, ranchers and rednecks – an image which has gradually changed. Today the genre demonstrates a more liberal and progressive outlook when it comes to politics and lifestyle, evidenced by some of the genre’s leading singers like Kacey Musgraves who tackles subjects such as divorced women and teenage pregnancy through her lyrics; her songs have earned her a reputation for pushing social boundaries.

TikTok has become an invaluable tool for country artists and fans to connect and promote themselves, while simultaneously exposing newer audiences to country music. Furthermore, many country events and festivals take place throughout the UK such as London’s Country to Country.

Baylen Leonard believes that country music’s success in the UK stems from its authenticity. People recognize its link with traditional folk music and respect its ‘authentic’ roots; country is not simply an artifact from history but instead is alive and dynamic today.

The UK has long had a rich tradition of country music dating back to the early 20th century. At first, country bars would play this music as they often featured local musicians performing it; by 1930 it had become popular with immigrants from rural America who brought its genre with them; eventually evolving into modern country music that continues to gain momentum today and remains one of the most beloved genres worldwide.