Country Music Karaoke Songs

Country music karaoke songs offer something for every taste and experience level; from lively tunes that get the crowd going to slower ballads that tug at their hearts. One such ballad from Brooks works particularly well if you don’t possess exceptional vocal skills but want a fun time at a karaoke bar.

I Hope You Dance

Female country artists offer an excellent selection of karaoke songs for female country fans to sing karaoke to. Popular choices among these female country artists are Reba McEntire for traditional country singing and Carrie Underwood from American Idol Season 4. LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride and Dixie Chicks have released many platinum selling singles as well as Jennette McCurdy of iCarly fame who has her own country music career.

For those seeking something a bit more contemporary, there are numerous songs by modern country singers such as Kacey Musgraves that make great choices for karaoke sessions – particularly her hit Cowboy Take Me Away! Or for something older there are timeless classics from Mother Maybelle Carter and her Carter Sisters which may make great additions to your karaoke session.

Ode to Billy Joe

The best country karaoke songs capture the spirit and essence of country music. Ranging from fun tunes to slow pieces that will get everyone singing along, country karaoke songs are great ways for female singers to showcase their vocal talent.

Patsy Cline’s classic country song is an ideal selection for karaoke as its melodies don’t require vocal gymnastics to sing along to. Additionally, its steady pace makes singing along effortless. Additionally, its captivating tale of unrequited love will appeal to anyone wanting to perform it at karaoke night.

This country anthem has become one of the most beloved wedding songs ever. With its romantic proclamation and special meaning, this tune from modern country artist Carley Pearce may make the ideal selection for an important milestone like your special day. While she offers plenty of upbeat tracks like this one to choose from, its slower rhythm may not fit perfectly as an opening number at your ceremony or performance.

She Had Me at Heads Carolina

Every country music karaoke song list needs a timeless heartbreak anthem, such as this classic from Taylor Swift. As with her other hits, the story follows you bumping into your ex while out and about and having to make awkward small talk – perfect for belting out at karaoke! Plus it has an upbeat tempo so it makes the ideal choice!

This song tells a heartbreaking tale of a young man who refuses to grow up and abandons his mother with broken feelings. Originally performed by Maybelle Carter – an incredible singer known for performing both folk and country genres – this track remains relevant today.

Cole Swindell recently revamped Jo Dee Messina’s “The Girl Sings Jo Dee Messina’s Song” for his new album Stereotype and released it as its third single from that project, following Lainey Wilson and co-writers of its original version to obtain permission to recreate this version in its current form. Swindell collaborated with Jo Dee Messina herself and its original writers before recording it himself; for its video shoot he went back to where his Nashville career first started in karaoke bars to find an inspiring girl singing Jo Dee Messina’s song from its creator Jo Dee Messina herself was present – full circle for this artist who launched their Nashville career!

Don’t Stop Believing

This country song is a timeless classic and great for any crowd to sing along to, making for a joyful karaoke experience!

This song’s lyrics are extremely relatable and are sure to hit home for many of us experiencing life’s difficulties. This tune highlights how hope and faith can help us through tough times; its message serves as a great reminder that things will soon improve.

While this song from modern country artist Carley Pearce may be newer, it makes an excellent selection for any karaoke night. Her pretty vocals make it easy to listen to and will have everyone singing along quickly and dancing along to an upbeat tune that will get people moving!

It Ain’t My Fault

If sexy ladies (and guys!) want to make their karaoke night memorable with an irresistibly sensual, Motown-influenced pop tune then this classic song from the 70s should do it for them. Although some critics may argue against its inclusion on karaoke nights due to being considered “cheesy”, it will definitely draw in crowds!

Mother Maybelle Carter was an accomplished folk and country singer renowned for her heartbreaking tune “My Sorrowful Tune.” Perfect for less experienced singers as it doesn’t require excessive vocal pyrotechnics to convey its emotional depth.

Brothers Osborne are master songwriters, and this song by them is among their finest works. With its professional production quality, making it ideal for live performance as well as being an effective karaoke tune.

Though there is a wealth of great country karaoke songs available, the very best ones will get everyone singing and dancing along to them. Our list contains popular hits as well as oldies to suit any taste; whether you are experienced singer or just starting out, these tunes will ensure an unforgettable country karaoke experience!

I Can’t Help Myself

Country music may be best known for songs about trucks, beer and nostalgia; but this genre also serves to deliver some of its most poignant works. When faced with death or heartbreak, country’s slow twangy melodies and emotive lyrics often bring tears. Nothing soothes a broken heart like sobbing into some tissues!

Make an impressionful statement at your next country karaoke night with this timeless classic by Dan + Shay – they sing about love that cannot be defined, making for one of the most heart-wrenchingly romantic songs out there!

Passenger’s captivating voice is what lends this song its appeal, so attempting a rendition without channeling his unique vocal talents would be disingenuous. If that proves difficult for you, simply belt out the chorus as best you can using an Elvis impersonation and everyone will join in singing along to this swoon-worthy track!

I Will Always Love You

If you want to wow an audience with your country karaoke talents, familiarizing yourself with some classic hits is key. Not only are these songs fun to sing along to; they can also boost your confidence when taking the stage. Steer clear of any slow, somber pieces; choose something upbeat instead that makes the audience smile!

This song is one of the classic country music karaoke tracks because it’s easy to sing with an amazing beat and doesn’t require any high notes to perform successfully. Beginners especially may benefit from giving this a try with backing band accompaniment for added drama!

Kelsea Ballerini tells the tale of an undying love in this track from her self-titled debut album. A straightforward love ballad that could land you a place in country karaoke legend status!

Faith Hill has become an icon within her genre with her catchy melodies and profound lyrics, such as those found in “Back to December”. Her song describes coming across an ex-lover later and questioning whether you made the right choice when parting ways.

I Dreamed About You

No karaoke song collection would be complete without one of Taylor Swift’s classic heartbreak anthems, “Fifteen,” which captures the emotions associated with ending relationships. Be sure to practice before performing in front of an audience – no harm in practicing before opening your mic at a bar!

Miley Cyrus may be easy to make fun of for her dorky Hannah Montana days or her famous bedazzled weed leotard, but there’s no denying she has created some true karaoke classics. Try singing along to this catchy tune and you’ll have everyone dancing around in their seats even before the chorus kicks in!

Neil Young may be best known for his pop hits, but he also created some unforgettable country songs – this haunting ballad about a foreman at his ranch is sure to give any audience chills! Perfect for singing with someone special (or simply yourself!), or singing along solo.