Country Music Quiz

From timeless classics to boot-stompin’ anthems, this country music quiz will have you nodding faster than a bronco at a rodeo! Find out who replaced Taylor Swift on a Nashville mural; which singer recorded two of their top-selling albums while in prison; and how many records Shania Twain has sold.

Can you name all the country music artists who know “Friends in Low Places”?

1. Patsy Cline

Country music is a genre with roots in folk, gospel and Western swing. Since its debut, its twangy yet polished sound has continued to develop over time from gritty rural folk tunes to contemporary radio hits. Take this quiz to test how well you know some of Country’s iconic singers and songs!

Patsy Cline was born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Winchester, Virginia and lived a poor upbringing following her parents’ divorce when she was still very young. To support herself and her family financially, she worked at various jobs – soda shops and poultry plants were the source of much income at that time.

Cline was known for being bold and daring during her brief life; yet loyal to those closest to her. According to Roy Clark, Cline once denied him permission to record a song he wanted due to its potential conflicts with an upcoming show; Clark was deeply appreciative for her consideration and expressed thanks for it in person.

2. Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks took country music out of its traditional rural roots and into arenas where it could compete with rock ‘n roll. His style combined elements from both traditional country and 1970s singer-songwriter music with classic rock to give his songs broad appeal, drawing in listeners who might otherwise have never considered themselves fans of country before he rose to stardom.

Brooks paid tribute to his roots by donning cowboy boots for a live concert broadcast from his own ranch. Following a break, in 2020 he released his 14th studio album which explored both rural upbringing and Nashville legacy; since then he has engaged in a Las Vegas residency through 2024.

3. Loretta Lynn

Lynn was a true rise-from-rags success story and country music’s first feminist icon, pioneering blue-collar women through her groundbreaking lyrics and unshakeable presence. From 1968’s woman-shaming screed “Fist City” to motherhood anthem “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, Lynn made an indelible mark on music history as one of its foremost defenders of blue collar women.

Her seven-decade career was filled with autobiographical songs that resonated due to their honesty and fearlessness. Granddaughter of a Pentecostal minister, she would turn to fruit juice fasts or her mountain cabin for creative inspiration when necessary. When she died in 2022 she was laid to rest in Nashville with only one son and granddaughter buried alongside her. Mooney Lynn (known by his nickname Doolittle), whom she married, passed away in 1996 leaving two daughters behind (Patsy Lynn and Peggy Lynn) as well as another sister Brenda Lynn who could join Grand Ole Opry membership as she did not leave behind either.

4. Merle Haggard

If you love country music, these questions should come naturally to you! Put your knowledge of country stars, their albums and more to the test!

This quiz covers singers, songwriters and performers with country hits in the early years.

Merle Haggard was an iconic country legend who sang about life in Bakersfield, California, often drawing on his personal experiences such as being arrested and spending time in jail. Haggard was also a heavy smoker who experienced various health problems later in his life despite continuing to perform until his death at age 79. One of Haggard’s best-known songs was Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine; its video is highly moving and its director Harry Hooker directed this unforgettable classic film shot entirely in Bakersfield itself.

5. Hank Williams

Hank Williams set many examples in music biz history. He was a rock ‘n roller before Mick Jagger and Keith Richards emerged; an exceptional guitarist before Richards; and an individual who could never get out of their own way (think any iconic but self-destructive musician here).

Hank wrote songs that spoke directly to feelings and urges shared by us all – love, heartbreak, and simply wanting a good time. Additionally, his singing voice touched people deeply.

Unfortunately, his reckless lifestyle of alcoholism and drug addiction quickly made him more famous for those things than for his music. Luckily, he died just before rock ‘n roll overshadowed hillbilly country completely; and in just three years had managed to wreck his career, credibility, and both marriages.

6. Kenny Rogers

Country music stands out as an exceptional genre that appeals to mainstream audiences, even those with very limited musical tastes can appreciate its music from iconic artists.

Kenny Rogers began as part of the New Christy Minstrels before going on to form his own band – Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. Additionally, he experimented with acting, appearing in movies such as 1980’s The Gambler (with subsequent sequels).

Rogers found his true calling during the 1970s, with classic ballads such as Lucille and his heartache-redeemer song When Two Worlds Collide being hits after hits for him to score. A true crossover artist, his songs reached well into popular charts; earning three Grammys and five Country Music Association awards as he earned them during this period as well as appearing in television movies inspired by them.

7. Shania Twain

Country music has come a long way since its humble roots of honky-tonk and tears in your beer. Can you answer these questions about this genre without nodding faster than a bull at a rodeo? If that’s the case, perhaps this quiz showdown could be your chance!

Shania Twain made an unexpected return in 2011 with her memoir From This Moment On and Las Vegas residency, followed by the release of Now, her first album since 15 years despite its schmaltzy production and strings; Twain’s voice remains as beautiful as ever on it. Up! followed similar lines to Twain’s previous releases with its midriff-baring cover photo and producer Mutt Lange (who has worked with rock bands such as AC/DC and Def Leppard). Unfortunately it was less successful despite this success;

8. George Jones

George Jones was unquestionably one of the greatest country singers ever recorded. From beginning as an uncompromising honky tonker to evolving an emotive ballad style and remaining at the top of charts even through multiple personal and professional challenges, Jones left an indelible mark on music history.

His career really took off in 1959 with the release of “White Lightnin.” Since then he has become one of country music’s most admired figures despite experiencing two failed marriages and stints in the Marine Corps.

He became known as “No Show Jones” due to alcoholism. Their 1975 hit song was written by Richey and Tammy Wynette after their divorce and marked a major turning point for both artists, continuing working together until Wynette passed away in 1998.

9. Willie Nelson

From Hank Williams to Taylor Swift, there’s plenty of country music out there for you to explore! Put your knowledge of this genre to the test with this quiz!

Nelson was at his creative and commercial peak during the 1970s. His album To Lefty paid heartfelt tribute to fellow country star Lefty Frizzell while its title track offers a powerful reminder of lasting love and loss.

Nelson added his distinctive, raspy voice to numerous classic rock tracks – most notably Bob Dylan’s rendition of Highway 61 Revisited and Alison Krauss’ rendition of Cotton Eyed Joe – while also writing Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys; an insightful song about small town mores which earned both praise and criticism alike. Still recording and touring in his senior years, Nelson remains an icon of country music.

10. George Carlisle

Country music has long been an acclaimed genre of music. From its start at Grand Ole Opry to Garth Brooks’ sold out world tours, its influence can be felt across many lives. But how well do you know classic country? Take our quiz and put your knowledge of this iconic genre to the test!

George Carlisle was born and raised on an acreage farm near Evansville, Indiana. After graduating Southeast High School he went on to work for Beech Aircraft in Wichita Kansas as an aircraft engineer before retiring devotedly caring for his pet fur babies – his cats especially were like family! On March 13th 2024 in Chanute Kansas with family around him at his bedside he passed away peacefully at age 88 years. Rest in Peace George!