Country Music’s Newest Star Gets a Mulligan

Country music can often turn its head away from public transgressions, yet even Wallen’s harshest critics have acknowledged he deserves another chance.

After every show in which he signed every ticket and took selfies with fans, he should give back in some way – after all, this is their debt!

The Voice

Before Morgan Wallen became country music’s latest superstar, he competed on season six of The Voice and earned himself an audience member slot. Even though he didn’t win the contest, his experience on it helped propel his career and launch two chart-topping albums that produced several top country hits while becoming one of country music’s first streaming giants–something uncommon among genres such as hip-hop or other styles.

Wallen’s success cannot be denied, yet his off-stage antics were not. In 2021 during a busy tour in support of his Dangerous album, the singer was caught drunkenly shouting the N-word at friends outside his home – making headlines given nationwide protests taking place at that time against Black Lives Matter protests. While Wallen issued an apology and met with Black social justice leaders following this incident, many still took exception with what occurred.

Wallen has seen his popularity decline slightly since the N-word scandal, yet remains one of Nashville’s hottest young stars. He checks all the boxes that record executives look for when selecting artists; songs about small towns, drinking and relationships; commercial sound that works perfectly on radio; old school swagger. Furthermore, Wallen remains hugely popular as a live performer; fans regularly react to his new songs shared via TikTok as fans record their own versions as part of TikTok live performances or post responses directly onto TikTok; fans even react directly through TikTok by recording responses;

“7 Summers,” his most recent single, is an emotional masterpiece which showcases his growth as an artist while hinting at his crossover potential. Unfortunately, however, his reputation as a party boy remains problematic–he was let go from his stint as musical guest on Saturday Night Live after online photos surfacing of him leaving a party weekend in Tuscaloosa following an Alabama Crimson Tide football game with no mask.

Wallen remains an outspoken proponent of his country roots and champion of the concept that “it’s not about music, it’s about people listening.” He’s currently touring on his One Thing at a Time Tour; three categories at this year’s CMA Awards have also nominated him.

Big Loud Records

Morgan Wallen has emerged as one of country music’s brightest young stars. His album Dangerous: The Double Album has spent three weeks at the top of Rolling Stone’s 200 chart and gained momentum on streaming services, which typically struggle with country. Unfortunately, all that success has been marred by controversy: After TMZ released video showing Wallen using the N-word publicly in a public place, iHeartMedia–one of the country’s largest radio station group owners–has pulled his music from its playlists; followed suit by other large country stations as well as satellite and streaming providers.

Wallen’s use of the N-word wasn’t his only brush with controversy, but it proved the most devastating. After learning of its leaked use, Big Loud Records suspended him immediately before pulling his album from sales charts and barring him from American Country Music Awards entirely, prompting his fanbase to show their displeasure by turning against him in anger.

Wallen’s music may have been removed from streaming services and physical albums are selling steadily; his tour remains popular with audiences. While these cancellations will no doubt damage Wallen’s career, they won’t kill it completely. His songs remain available online through digital services while physical albums continue selling steadily; his touring is also continuing strong.

Though many may see Big Loud’s move as an immediate response to the slur scandal, attorneys inform Rolling Stone that suspension was commonplace in decades-old record contracts due to morality clauses which allowed labels to suspend obligations should an artist violate an established set of values or morality clauses that gave labels power of suspension if an artist disobeyed these standards. While morality clauses have since become less frequent as industry contracts have become more artist-centric over time, suspension still occurs occasionally.

Big Loud Records may only be five years old, yet it has quickly established itself as one of the premier country music labels worldwide. Based in Nashville and encompassing independent ventures such as Songs & Daughters and Big Loud Texas as well as publishing companies Back Blocks Music, HARDY’s HiXTAPE and ERN Cadillac Music Publishing; their executive team (partner England, COO Austen Adams and SVP of radio promotion Stacy Blythe) have been honored with multiple Billboard Country Power Player nominations.

One Thing at a Time

Morgan Wallen quickly rose to stardom after an incredible run on The Voice reality show and an impressive string of hits. A crossover superstar, he features an off-the-wall sense of style with hardworking mentality that quickly propelled him up the charts. Although initially controversial public outbursts may have occurred at certain times, Wallen has since settled into his stable role and made massive amounts of cash; earning over 100 Million Streams and two Platinum albums (Once Thing at a Time being his latest). One Thing at a Time is breaking records on all fronts as far as popularity is concerned!

Wallen’s 36-track album made history when it entered and stayed at the top of Billboard 200 charts for 12 weeks after debuting, becoming the fastest selling country album of all time and becoming an instant 2023 chart hit. His record-setting feat marks him out as an important crossover country artist of his generation.

One Thing at a Time can be described as bro-country music, yet most of its tracks could easily fit into mainstream pop playlists. Lyrically, many songs center around relationships while their catchiness make them perfect for high school dances or grocery store playlists. Some tracks do venture into more aggressive territory – one such track being an ultimatum from One Thing at a Time to an ex-lover to decide how they want her parted ways with him step-by-step.

Wallen’s album production is diverse, featuring some of Nashville’s top hitmakers as co-writers. Ashley Gorley, known for introducing hip-hop influences into country music, co-wrote this track. Also contributing to One Thing at a Time was Ryan Vojtesak who has written many chart-topping singles for Thomas Rhett and Luke Combs among many other artists. Additionally, One Thing at a Time features several rock and EDM tracks; his open approach ensures his album appeals to wide audience of contemporary country fans.

One Night at a Time Tour

Morgan Wallen is set to make his One Night at a Time Tour debut with chart-topping singles off his album, offering the audience a mix of his recent songs as well as old classics – plus special guests Bailey Zimmerman, Jelly Roll and Nate Smith! The tour’s inaugural leg begins March 15 in New Zealand and Australia alongside HARDY.

After returning from Europe, it will move onto the United States with stops planned in Milwaukee, New Jersey, Boston and more before concluding at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium for multiple shows. Fans interested in advance registration for these performances should register on the singer’s website; on presale day they will receive an access code and be granted entry.

Wallen has since shown his maturity following his controversial slur incident. He made a return to country radio airplay charts with three consecutive No.1 country airplay singles and has scheduled stadium gigs which were out of the question just months ago. HITS Daily Double has labeled Wallen the go-to voice for young people due to his recent successes.

Wallen was on his way to making history on Saturday at Seattle’s Tacoma Dome when his first arena-level headline tour date sold out in record time. An enthusiastic audience were in for an eventful, long night filled with loud singing and enthusiastic applause for every word spoken back at Wallen.

Wallen’s One Thing at a Time Tour marks the next chapter in his hit-packed, double album Dangerous which held onto its spot atop Billboard all-genre chart for 12 weeks while remaining within its top ten with 36 songs charting simultaneously on Hot 100 charts. It marked an unprecedented achievement by any core country artist to hold down all-genre No. 1.

Project features his singles “More Than My Hometown” and “7 Summers,” showing his more sensitive side as an artist. He even covers one song by Linkin Park during this live show! Additionally, a full band joins him during each performance as part of their show experience – currently working on his third studio album!