Dance Music Hits From the 90s

Attracting dance music fans of all kinds, these 90s hits from various styles will still get you moving today. Vote up any tune that makes anyone move.

No matter its style or origins – Bristol sound or 90s girl group hit – these tracks will get your body moving instantly!

1. Vogue by Madonna

Madonna pioneered modern dance music and her 1990 hit Vogue remains one of the most iconic dance hits ever released. A global success, Vogue cemented Madonna as an international star while simultaneously making her an influential pop icon who continues to resonate with new generations of listeners today.

This track serves as a prime example of how pop music can be transformed by dance and electronic influences, evidenced by its beat and bass line which give the song its dance feel, synthesizers and drum machines creating great contrast with Madonna’s vocals, synthesizers enhancing this contrast, synthesizers providing contrast with Madonna, synthesizers enhancing Madonna’s voice further increasing overall appeal, disco influences adding another level of danceability, R&B influences further adding its rhythmic charms.

One reason this song has become so beloved is due to its catchy and simple chorus that is easy to remember. Furthermore, its video is colorful and inventive with different types of dance featured within. Therefore making it ideal for dancers of all ages.

Vogue stands out as an unusual dance song because it serves both women and the LGBTQ community alike. Inspired by voguing, an underground gay club dance form that originated in New York’s underground gay club scene. Madonna’s version became an international smash hit and established her as an LGBT icon.

This classic ’90s dance song would fit nicely into any movie soundtrack, from its sensual yet ethereal chill-out track that would fit right in with scenes from Trainspotting to its romantic vocals that make this an extremely romantic dance track – not to mention how its combination of R&B and house genres result in something new and innovative!

2. U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

No matter your musical taste – from underground rave cuts that broke ground to big-name pop chart-toppers that crossed over and unabashed Eurodance that guaranteed to fill up dance floors – listening to these tunes from the 90s will likely have you tapping your foot and shaking a leg! From emotive female vocals and lively bass lines, to their infectious beats – they all provide plenty of options.

U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer has long been considered an epic piece of pop-rap music. From its mesmerizing vocal performance to Rick James’ sample from Super Freak that gives this track its unique edge – U Can’t Touch This remains one of the most overplayed tracks ever, but is an invaluable way to kick start any dance party.

TLC made waves during the ’90s girl group boom with their hit No Scrubs anthem about not wanting any scrubs – an addictively catchy tune that remains popular today with over 340 million views on YouTube! We certainly can’t blame TLC fans for still appreciating this song today!

Its sad yet iconic dance beat makes this song all the more heart-wrenchingly emotional, serving as the backdrop for many teen drama movies across the board. Additionally, its music video may just as iconic.

Norman Cook may not be best known for his music, but this tune by him stands out. Spike Jonze directed its music video which creates the atmosphere of a club scene from a film; and its funky beats will make you want to dance away the night. Not to mention its catchy chorus is sure to get everyone on their feet! Defining moment in their career: the Chemical Brothers went on to produce much more memorable work afterwards!

3. “Sandstorm” by Darude

“Sandstorm” became an absolute staple during the 90s trance craze, rarely missing from DJ sets without it being dropped. Although it did not win Eurovision or reach Billboard charts like other trance songs, it still managed to become one of dance music’s most recognizable hits – its basic hook hypnotic enough for listeners to move their hips and jump up and down in excitement and its epic drop never fail to excite crowds.

Its longevity as an iconic dance track speaks volumes about its overall quality; any dance music playlist should include this track as an essential. If it is missing from yours, quickly rectify that!

Finnish DJ and producer Darude created his timeless anthem during the 90s trance craze without realizing its timeless appeal. Its 16-note melody remains one of dance music’s iconic riffs; recently, Darude sat down with Vice magazine to talk about its birth.

In his interview, he describes how he created the melodic structure for this song in just two days of studio-based brainstorming. Additionally, he’s proud that its legacy continues decades after its initial release; no doubt many clubgoers and fans alike thank him for his hard work!

No ’90s party is complete without a little Backstreet Boys music, and this song in particular stands out! With its catchy chorus and easy singing-along rhythm, it makes this track one of their best! Plus, who could forget that iconic music video featuring a singing Chihuahua?

4. “The Power” by Snap!

In the 90s, dance music reached its zenith. Although widely associated with grunge rock and boy bands, new styles of pop dance combined, producing an abundance of music that made dance floors into unstoppable forcefields and made everyone feel powerfully alive. Eurodance hits and early hip hop beats were just part of what made dancing great back then – these 10 songs will remind you just how wonderful dancing in the 90s could be!

This song is an iconic example of 90s “New Jack Swing.” Its infectious melody will put you in an upbeat and positive frame of mind. While not as good as other tracks on this list, it still provides an instant pick-me-up when needed.

Eurodance fans won’t want to miss this song; its infectious beat will have you up and dancing without even realizing. One of the most beloved tracks from the 90s, it remains popular today.

This song is the ideal way to start off any party; its lively, upbeat melody will have everyone singing along in no time! A classic 90s dance hit that will get everyone dancing along, it will quickly have them singing their hearts out!

One of the most famous songs from the 1990s, this track serves as a rallying cry for self-confidence. Dancing along will give you that boost you need to feel invincible!

This song by an iconic Swedish band that became huge in the 90s will get your body moving and put you in an upbeat frame of mind. Not to mention, its entertaining video will draw your eyes back in.