Discovering New Alternative Indie Music 2022

Maintaining an awareness of new music releases can be daunting, but some artists make it simple for you to discover alternative indie music 2022.

Los Bitchos bring an exciting and unconventional flavor to Latin music by mixing ska and rock with cumbia and psychedelia – creating a loud yet lush sound in their debut release, Los Bitchos is definitely worth checking out!


Beatrice Kristi Laus, more commonly known by her stage name Beabadoobee, is a Filipino-British musician from London. She began by self-teaching guitar through online tutorials before releasing her debut song “Coffee,” which went viral, as the waypoint for her career. Soon thereafter she was signed by Dirty Hit Records; Fake It Flowers was released October that same year to critical acclaim, while Loveworm and Space Cadet EPs followed. Beabadoobee has been described by critics as magnetic yet rough-around-the-edges but with a sweet core; so her music can only ever get better.

Beabadoobee released her sophomore full-length album Beatopia in 2022. The record marked a departure from bedroom pop and more toward alternative indie rock; PinkPantheress collaborated on one track on this record called “Tinkerbell Is Overrated,” beginning as an acoustic track that quickly transitions into faster UK garage style – an unexpected twist that perfectly complements their voices together.

Beabadoobee showcases her impressive versatility once more on “Glue Song,” this time with an R&B folk track featuring melancholy piano chords that is both tranquil and melancholic in tone. This tune, written about revisiting past traumas and finding closure for them, comes complete with a video shot in Iloilo; its visuals complement both music and song equally well.

Beabadoobee has been making waves in her music career, performing at festivals such as Coachella and Governors Ball and opening for Halsey and Bleachers on tours as well as solo tours around the globe. If you want to catch one of her live shows soon, check the dates below – she is an up-and-comer whose show should not be missed!

The Beths

At a time when many are nostalgically looking back to the early 2000s, Auckland, New Zealand-based four-piece The Beths are providing a breath of fresh air by creating danceable rhythms with hooky riffs and memorable vocals from Brit vocalist Shaun Rimmer. Their fiery guitars and energetic performance could easily have stood their ground against Franz Ferdinand, Art Brut and Arctic Monkeys back then; Their latest album Overload provides both emotional depth and sonic diversity for fans to enjoy!

Liz Stokes and Jonathan Pearce enjoy an impressive musical chemistry. As university trained musicians with an eye for detail, they recorded their debut album Jump Rope Gazers at their own Auckland studio. Since then they’ve released 2016 EP Warm Blood featuring locomotive drumming and dreamy singsong that channels old-fashioned operatic qualities; plus the deluxe edition of Expert in a Dying Field which contains full album plus acoustic versions and demos.

“Lost In Space” is an impressive record; a breakup album that beautifully details all the little things that can dissolve when relationships end: inside jokes, shared Netflix queues and mutual acquaintances that may never speak again. Lyrically it’s a power pop gem with poignant metaphors that elevate it beyond simply being another cliched lamentation song.

But most importantly, this band makes music enjoyable! Their performances are infectious; and their musical talent even more so; playing with confidence that makes their large venue shows feel intimate. They don’t experience hecklers, and the dead air between songs is often filled with them describing local trivia–at one show in Maine they noted that its coastline was longer than California’s! And The Beths don’t take themselves too seriously–their music doesn’t aim to criticise or shame anyone, but rather celebrate joy that they have found in life. Their goal isn’t so much lamenting the loss of relationships as celebrating life itself – something all of us could use more of, which The Beths bring in abundance.


With livehouses reopening across Japan, local bands have once again been able to share their sound directly with audiences – leading to an amazing year of releases from talented artists who have reached unheard-of artistic heights.

Naima Bock stands out as an outstanding musical artist with her captivating, mesmerizing vocals that draw listeners in. Her debut album encompasses diverse influences from around the globe – Brazilian percussion to Greek folk melodies; her music is captivating!

Sea Girls have already gained popularity through their engaging live shows, and have taken another big step with this uplifting indie rock sophomore album. Comprised of both new material and fan favourites, the band have perfected their signature sound while expanding with this release.

In 1989, The Go-Betweens split up, yet Grant McLennan and Robert Forster continued working together as songwriters. Their second collaborative album combined relatable tales with shimmery synths and country to produce something timeless yet current – an album which feels completely applicable for our busy tech-dependent lives today.

At 10 years on from their debut album release, The Fall remain one of Britain’s most innovative and forward-thinking bands. On XTRMNTR they continue to incorporate current trends into their own vision of alternative rock.

Horsegirl has quickly established themselves in an intensely competitive musical landscape. Their groundbreaking debut, Versions of Modern Performance, received much acclaim as evidence that this band deserved wider consideration; and their follow-up shows just how far they’ve come since then.

Psychedelic soul is making waves right now and this upbeat tune from Brooklyn’s Monophonics could be one of the standout tracks of 2015. Their powerful vocals are balanced out by an upbeat electronic beat driven by synths and drums; making this song particularly moving. Additionally, its dedication to those affected by ongoing conflict in Gaza adds even greater impact.

The X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors have earned themselves an avid following through their candid lyricism and relatable themes, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and pursue their dreams. Each performance showcases their talent; making for an unforgettable experience; their diverse blend of genres further sets them apart from other bands in the industry.

Since 2009, Ithaca-based rock band X Ambassadors have been captivating audiences with their blend of alternative rock, indie pop and electronic music to produce an exceptional musical experience. Recognized for its genuine storytelling and captivating melodies, their dedication has garnered them critical acclaim and multiple awards from critics and the general public alike.

Their most notable hit is “Renegades,” showcasing their ability to write inspirational songs with meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies that resonated with audiences nationwide. More recently, “Jungle,” featuring well-known rapper Jamie N Commons showcases their musical range.

X Ambassadors have long been recognized for their musical prowess as well as their unwavering dedication to charitable giving. Partnering with Planned Parenthood and ACLU to raise funds for various causes, as well as hosting their own charitable event called Cayuga Sound Festival in Ithaca – these efforts prove their dedication.

Beautiful Liar is a radio drama-style concept album that investigates political and social fearmongering, featuring styles ranging from 1930s Broadway songwriting to hardcore punk and gothic R&B – as well as collaborations with DJ Lost Frequencies and singer Elley Duhe.

X Ambassadors have long pushed the limits of music, and their most recent release does just that. Joined forces with various artists, they have come up with an album that both tests expectations and elevates. The result? An album both experimental and inspiring.

The band has made waves in contemporary pop music through their ever-evolving sound, inspiring artists like Imagine Dragons and Red Hot Chili Peppers to follow suit with similar sound. No matter their performance venue – from small clubs to arenas – their energetic performances move audiences of any size.