Does Pop Music Make You Dumber?

does pop music make you dumber

Pop music is a genre of music that’s widely popular and appeals to an expansive audience. It’s easy to listen to, typically having catchy melodies.

Sub-genres within contemporary music exist, each with their own distinct sound. Some styles range from alternative and rock to jazz or classical music; it all has a place within popular culture.

They’re cheap

Parent’s, you likely understand how pop music can shape your children’s behaviors. It sets the atmosphere, encourages them to be funky and entertains while they learn or play games. Not only that, but it helps them grow up feeling confident in themselves.

Studies have even demonstrated that drinking bad pop can have a negative effect on your child’s brain, leading to them being less creative than their peers. While this might seem like an unnecessary worry, research has demonstrated that this can occur.

A Californian mathematician conducted a survey of half a million songs to detect any trends in tempo, key or mood. She discovered that bridges – musical sections where verse and chorus change place – have become rarer than ever before.

Historically, the bridge was an essential element of a song. It could either increase tension or add to the enjoyment, but nowadays it’s rare.

Unfortunately, not enough songs feature great bridges. Take for instance the thunderous guitar riff that opens Alicia Keys’ One Sweet Day.

However, to create an effective bridge, you may need to go a bit slower or use more nuanced language.

In 2017, researchers from the University of California Irvine examined half a million songs released in the UK over two decades and discovered that some had experienced an abrupt tempo decrease of more than 30%.

Although it may not seem like much, a difference of just two words can make all the difference in a song. Instead of having three verses and an ending chorus, you might only have two options available.

Could it even be just a verse and chorus, with the bridge remaining in the background?

However, there are still plenty of great songs out there with strong harmonies, captivating melodies and insightful lyrics. So if you’re searching for something to add to your collection, don’t settle for a song with only a few verses and an epic bridge; you might be missing out on something that could truly brighten up your day – and ultimately your life!

They’re disposable

Pop music is more than just an inconvenience; it’s a major problem. It represents everything that’s wrong with contemporary music culture, from lack of artistic vision to formulaic production and repetitive songs. Pop music must be stopped before it becomes completely obsolete!

My opinion? This music is, without a doubt, the worst type ever created. And that’s saying something!

Recent survey findings reveal that a majority of those polled believe the 2010s produced the worst pop music since 1970s, especially 18-29 year olds who often search for 15-30 year old songs on YouTube or other streaming services.

The survey revealed that people no longer enjoy listening to quality content. This may be because they believe it isn’t worth their time to invest a great deal of effort into it.

But they still want to be entertained, so they’ll listen to disposable music. That’s where the big money comes from, so it only makes sense that mainstream companies would make things disposable in order to maximize their profit margins.

One way they do this is by making it effortless for people to locate music. Thanks to streaming services, it’s now more accessible than ever to find and listen to any song imaginable – almost like an online juke box!

Unfortunately, more and more music is being created that’s disposable and quickly forgotten. These songs come off a production line, feature familiar chords, and have been pre-researched to appeal to a broad audience.

Musical McDonalds can be likened to fast and efficient fast food, where the ingredients are simple yet inexpensive and service is swift and efficient. Unfortunately, the food isn’t particularly great or nutritious and neither is the music very good either – similar to 80s/90s pop but less creative or captivating. On the plus side, some musicians still put their heart into their craft without fear of judgment or criticism.

They’re shallow

Pop music has been around for decades and remains a beloved genre. Though often criticized as shallow and unoriginal, fans continue to love it and purchase albums of their favorite artists as well as tickets to concerts.

Though it may be hard to accept, research has demonstrated that listening to certain types of music can actually make you dumber. Studies have revealed that people who listen more frequently to pop music tend to have greater cognitive deficits than those who consume other kinds of music.

Pop music can be particularly destructive for some individuals due to its tendency to dull the senses, particularly younger individuals who aren’t used to listening to such music.

Another reason pop music may make you dumber is its focus on appealing to a specific audience. The industry knows that the more people listen to a song, the greater their profit; thus it’s essential for creators of pop songs to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some annoying and repetitive songs. Furthermore, some of these lyrics tend to be incredibly shallow and meaningless – which may be discouraging for listeners unfamiliar with pop music, potentially leading them to lose interest in the song altogether.

Thankfully, some musicians are beginning to recognize that they can parody these trends and sounds within their own music. Canadian band Marianas Trench recently released a song called ‘Pop 101’ which parodies modern pop music’s current style.

The song is an effective attempt to poke fun at modern pop music and its tropes. Unfortunately, this type of music has become steadily worse over the years, which explains why so many people are complaining about it.

Pop music often follows formulas and conventions, making it difficult to tell whether a song is good or not. Fortunately, some musicians are breaking away from this mold to create new styles of music that people will find more pleasing.

They’re dumb

Pop music has grown increasingly popular over time due to its catchy melodies, short songs and straightforward lyrics that are usually written by renowned songwriters.

The issue with this type of music is its shallowness and lack of originality. While some people may find it entertaining, most don’t. If you listen to this kind of music regularly, chances are good that your interest will wane quickly.

Music has also been known to erode your brain and limit creativity. Most intelligent individuals prefer music that challenges them mentally or requires them to reflect upon what they’re listening to.

According to data analyst Andrew Powell-Morse’s study, modern pop music has become increasingly dumber over time. In fact, it has become so simplistic that an average 8 year old could understand the lyrics of songs like “Moves Like Jagger” by Three Days Grace.

This is a truly tragic development for an industry that was once so celebrated for its creative spirit. It serves as evidence that music has succumbed to becoming just another lifestyle accessory.

Another drawback with this type of music is its repetitive nature and lack of originality. While it’s great fun to dance along to, if you want something that stimulates your mind more effectively, other types of music might do the job better.

Some of these genres include jazz, classical and metal. Although most people find these types of music dull, they stimulate the mind and offer more entertainment than most pop music does.

Unfortunately, modern music has devolved into an awful mess that no one should listen to. That is why artists like Justin Bieber have been overshadowed by acts like Sum 41 or Green Day.

While not everyone may appreciate pop music, it is essential to move away from its dull and monotonous tunes of today. Instead, try listening to rock music or other types of music.