Easy Guitar Chords For Christmas Songs

As Christmas nears, you’re unlikely to escape hearing those timeless carols everywhere you turn – don’t let that put you down though; many of these songs can actually be played easily on guitar!

Deck the Halls is an oldie but goodie with its melody dating back to 16th-century Italy and English lyrics written in 1862 – making this timeless tune an excellent fit for acoustic guitar playing! Anyone who has experienced heartache during Christmas season will likely recognize its lyrics.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Gene Autry originally co-wrote this Christmas classic with Oakley Haldeman; since then it has been covered by many artists – among the most well-known are Doyle O’Dell from his A Blue Christmas album as well as Pentatonix who provide an upbeat version.

This festive song describes Santa Claus coming down the chimney on his sleigh and giving out gifts. Santa knows whether or not we have been good, so it is vital that we remain on His good list!

This song is among the easiest on this list to learn as it requires only basic chords. Even absolute beginners should quickly master this track! For this version we use a capo; however you could also play it without one; just note that its key will drop by one full step.

The Christmas Song

As far as Christmas songs on acoustic guitar are concerned, this one couldn’t be any simpler! With only 3 beginner-friendly chords to learn for this track, this makes an excellent sing along track to add to your repertoire.

Jose Feliciano wrote this classic Spanish tune and its simple rhythm and melody have ensured its popularity time after time – perfect for carolers to perform at this festive time of year!

White Christmas was written in 1942 by Irving Berlin and has a more morbid background than many of the tunes on this list. At that time in WWII many young American soldiers were serving overseas, making this song an important reminder of home. Although some find its lyrics depressing, its success stems from its resonance among so many listeners.

Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

A classic winter holiday song comes to life through vibrant and colorful illustrations.

This Christmas song is an easy one to learn on guitar, with an infectious rhythm that makes for fun singing with friends and family! Plus it makes for great karaoke fun!

Written originally in 1934 by Felix Bernard and Richard Bernhard Smith, “Winter Wonderland” has since become an iconic holiday song that has been covered by several artists like Andrews Sisters and Perry Como.

Hopgood’s gorgeous rendition of the beloved Christmas carol includes his vibrant crayon and pastel illustrations to lend an air of innocence and harmony to each verse, creating a delightful book sure to please both children and adults alike.

Joy to the World

As Christmas approaches, festive classics become ubiquitous across shopping malls and television commercials. If you are a guitarist it can be immensely satisfying playing along to them as part of your repertoire – they make playing Christmas tunes much more enjoyable!

Written in the 1930s, this song has become an absolute Christmas classic. With its fantastic chord progression with numerous 7ths, its lively music will impress your audience and delight your ears!

Isaac Watts didn’t write this song for Christmas specifically, but rather as an allegory to Jesus coming as Savior – so its relevance goes far beyond December 25th! However, its simplicity makes it an easy carol for new guitarists with only three chords required for learning this timeless melody.