Easy Guitar Songs by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s songs are easy to learn and play for beginners or advanced guitarists alike, offering catchy melodies with straightforward chord progressions that make his songs accessible for any guitarist at any level. His “Happier” track, however, stands out among his repertoire due to its accessibility.

This song from Sheeran’s album = is a fantastic acoustic folk-pop tune that doesn’t require a capo and is easy to play on an acoustic guitar, featuring only four chords.

Small Bump

Small Bump is a song written by Ed Sheeran to honor one of his close friends who experienced miscarriage. It is both sentimental and emotive, touching many hearts around the world while raising awareness for miscarriage and stillbirth issues as well as encouraging people to seek assistance for themselves or someone they care about.

Sheeran explores the relationship between father and child in this song, emphasizing their humanity while emphasizing preborn babies’ humanity, creating a strong pro-life sentiment within it.

Sheeran has long been renowned for his emotive songs that explore sensitive issues. Much of his music focuses on relationships and love, so it comes as no surprise that he would pen one about this theme.


Ed Sheeran is known for his endless array of talents and party tricks – everything from singing duets with Spice Girls to drunk golfing! But his latest feat truly stands out – he can play any song with four chords!

Ed recently appeared on Dutch television show RTL Late Night, boasting that he could play any song from any chart using only four chords. When challenged to prove it by show hosts, Ed immediately dazzled them all with his impressive abilities and proved them wrong!

Reaching this level of guitar playing requires both dedication and time. Practising regularly and learning different styles will help bring you there.

All Of The Stars

All Of The Stars is an emotive song with deep meaning that encourages listeners to make the most of their limited time and to build strong relationships with one another. Additionally, All Of The Stars celebrates perseverance and overcoming difficulties; written and released by Ed Sheeran and SZA and first performed live in 2014.

This tune is simple to play on an acoustic guitar, without the need for a capo and features a straightforward chord progression and strumming pattern. Add some reverb or delay effects for more authentic sounds, making this ideal for beginner guitarists.

Supermarket Flowers

Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers is an emotional song about mourning the death of someone close. The lyrics convey both sorrow and wisdom – Ed’s mom knows that one’s heart can only break so far before returning home-heaven.

This beautiful acoustic song is ideal for beginner and experienced guitarists alike. Played with a capo on the third fret and featuring simple chord progressions and strumming patterns, this tune offers something enjoyable for all levels.

Kiss Me

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran is one of his most romantic songs. This heartbreaking ballad speaks about unrequited love and is perfect for anyone wanting to woo a lover. The chord progression works wonderfully when played on an acoustic guitar.

UNI is another excellent Ed Sheeran song you can learn on an acoustic guitar, featuring only six simple chords that are easy to learn and an attractive strumming pattern for playing this tune.


One by Ed Sheeran is an ideal song for beginners without needing a capo, providing simple chord progressions and strumming patterns that anyone can learn easily. Additionally, this track serves as an effective introduction to barre chords which are crucial for playing any style of guitar music.

Tenerife Sea is a simple folk pop song to learn on guitar from Sheeran’s album x, designed for beginner players. The track uses eighth note strum chords with an easy strumming pattern beginners can follow easily. Acoustic guitar players may prefer this tune but electric guitarists can play as well.

I Will Follow

U2 released their debut single I Will Follow as a single in 1981 and quickly established their distinctive sound with it as an unforgettable concert track. Interpretations of its meaning has varied greatly but often resonates as an affirmation of commitment and love with audiences listening.

This song is an accessible acoustic guitar tune with simple chord progressions and strumming patterns, making it fun to learn. Additionally, there’s an electric guitar solo part.