Electric Guitar Gig Bag

electric guitar gig bag

A quality electric guitar gig bag will protect your instrument. These usually less bulky cases can be used for travel, storage, and other purposes.

For instance, if you’re just starting out, a gig bag can be an effective way to protect your guitar while traveling between lessons. On the other hand, if you’re more of an expert player, a case offers superior protection and durability.


When it comes to protecting your guitar, there are a variety of options. Cases, soft gig bags and hybrids all work depending on the level of protection required and budget.

If you’re searching for an economical alternative to a hardcase, soft cases make great options. These cases are lightweight and provide adequate protection when used daily – provided you take good care of them.

People on a budget who want to save money on their gig bag but still need protection for their guitar can find soft cases under $100, so there’s no need to spend half a grand just to keep your electric guitar safe.

The best soft guitar cases are constructed from strong materials that will withstand daily knocks and scrapes. Padded for extra comfort when carrying, these cases allow you to transport your instrument with ease.

Many of the better gig bags feature storage pockets to store accessories and sheet music – an essential feature. You can fit everything from sheet music, a pick, strings and tuners inside these pockets without fear of them falling out while you’re on-the-go.

Many of these bags feature backpack-style shoulder straps to allow for comfortable wearing while walking down a busy city street or on an airplane. This can save you valuable time if you have to be on the road constantly.

A quality gig bag should also have an internal storage pouch to store other accessories like cables, picks and straps. These features should always be prioritized when shopping for a gig bag.

Reunion Blues guitar cases are a popular and affordable choice for guitar enthusiasts. Their product selection covers everything from acoustic to electric guitars and basses, all well-designed with quality in mind – making them suitable for most players.


An electric guitar gig bag can be a handy way to transport your instrument. These soft, padded cases feature zippered closures so they’re easy to store when not in use, plus carrying straps you can sling over your shoulders for transporting the guitar during rehearsals or performances.

Some bags even include features you’d otherwise need to purchase separately, like a black marker for writing set lists or marking up the soundboard or duct tape for fixing effects pedals. Having these things on hand at all times can save you a great deal of frustration and stress in the long run.

There are a wide range of gig bags available, so you’re sure to find one that meets your requirements. Some offer plenty of space for all your guitar accessories while others are designed with portability in mind and can fit into a backpack.

Another advantage of gig bags is that they tend to be larger than hard cases, giving you more room to pack your gear inside. This is especially helpful if you’re taking your guitar on vacation or other long journeys.

Therefore, make sure the gig bag you purchase has enough padding to protect your guitar during transit. Furthermore, select a high-quality bag made of quality material so it doesn’t break after repeated usage.

Finally, some of the better gig bags on this list have ergonomic back-straps that evenly distribute weight so you can carry your guitar with ease. This is especially useful if you have an oddly-shaped body style like a baritone guitar or V/Explorer model.

For light travel and reliable storage, Tosnail’s Padded Electric Gig Bag is an excellent option. It’s reasonably priced and features a comfortable, lightweight design suitable for most electric guitar shapes.


An electric guitar gig bag is a cost-effective and stylish way to protect your instrument when it’s on the go. These lightweight cases are flexible, making them perfect for transporting to rehearsals, concerts or jam sessions.

An electric guitar gig bag offers the convenience of carrying your instrument like a backpack, freeing up hands for pedalboards and other gear. Plus, these bags come with padded handles for comfort as well as strong zippers and storage compartments to keep your guitar secure inside.

The Fender FE1224 is an ideal investment for electric guitar players who require a quality gig bag that can stand up to the rigors of gigging and travel. With virtually no flaws, this case will serve your needs well for years to come.

These gig bags are constructed with a tough 600D nylon exterior and thick 10mm padding to protect your instrument from elements and bumps. Crafted with quality materials and workmanship, each bag features built-in backpack straps, three storage pockets, soft nylex lining with reinforced headstock, bridge, and end pin areas for extra durability.

For students and intermediate guitarists seeking a lightweight gig bag at an affordable price point, the Cahaya Gig-Bag is an excellent option. Crafted with 600D ‘oxford’ material for excellent abrasion resistance, its non-symmetrical shape fits most electric guitar shapes perfectly.

For students and beginners on a budget, the Flexzion Gig-Bag is an ideal budget option. At just under $30, it provides various carrying options and multiple storage pockets at an unbeatable price point – perfect for anyone who demands high quality without breaking the bank.

RB Continental Voyager is one of our top choices for quality, protection and comfort. It boasts advanced high-tensile fabrics and a braced interior to truly bridge the gap between gig bag and hard case storage.

This sturdy and reliable case is the ideal fit for most full-scale necks, including Telecasters. It has a removable neck rest designed specifically to fit the asymmetrical shape of Telecaster necks, plus rubberized exterior bumpers on the bottom that guarantee your guitar stays upright during transit.


If you need to protect your instrument, gig bags are the way to go. They’re more cost-effective than hard cases and easier to transport. The best electric guitar gig bags are durable, well-padded, and stylish all at once.

When it comes to gig bags, there is no shortage of options – from brand name models to budget models. Our top pick is the Gator Cases Gig Bag which is ideal for lightweight travel and reliable storage. It features 10mm padding inside of its durable black nylon exterior.

No matter your level of proficiency as a guitarist or an experienced pro, there’s sure to be a gig bag that meets your needs and budget. Our selection has something for everyone – from simple options to extravagant models – so find one below that meets both.

A quality electric guitar gig bag should also include features you might not expect, like neck support and padded interior for protection. These details can make all the difference in terms of comfort and security while traveling.

The ideal gig bag should offer various options for carrying your guitar, such as backpack straps and hangers. Furthermore, they have ample space for accessories.

If you plan to travel by bus or plane, a hard case may be beneficial. These are more weatherproof than gigbags but more pricey at the same time.

When purchasing a guitar case, it’s essential to take into account the size of your instrument. The larger it is, the more room will need in the container.

For instance, a dreadnought acoustic requires a larger gig bag than an upright or Tele. You might also want the bag with extra pockets for spare strings and tools.

Selecting the ideal gig bag is essential for keeping your guitar safe when out and about. You don’t want to end up stuck in the woods with nothing but your instrument!

When transporting your guitar, you should consider investing in either a padded neck block or velcro-style neck strap. These options will keep the headstock of your instrument stable during transport and make playing it at home much simpler.