Electronic Dance Music Festivals in Texas

electronic music new years eve

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) encompasses an expansive genre of percussive electronic music created specifically for nightclubs, raves, and festivals.

Music production typically falls to DJ who produce seamless mixes by segueing from one recording to another – known as DJ mixes.

Fresh Start Music Festival

Fresh Start Music Festival is an exciting celebration of new music that unites up-and-coming artists with their fans, featuring performances by some of the top new electronic acts.

This year’s lineup combines newcomers and veteran veterans, celebrating Bay Area hip-hop’s unique history through distinct genres like mobb music, hyphy and conscious rap that have each informed each other throughout time.

An exciting and varied lineup will certainly draw crowds to any New Years party! Please see below for the complete lineup, and stay informed for updates.

On December 31st at Ilsan’s Korea International Exhibition Center will hold its global music festival ‘2022 . Fans and artists can celebrate ringing in 2019 together. Both online and offline versions of the event will take place, giving participants an opportunity to experience this global festival with all their favorite artists in one convenient spot.

SoulTree Collective gives youth an entryway into the industry through this festival by offering youth training programs that equip young performers and give them stage time. Their aim is to foster an encouraging and supportive environment for participants.

This year’s festival will not only boast an impressive headliner lineup but will also include DJ sets by some of the biggest names in the business such as Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki,  Black & White Brothers.

Ameli Paul will also perform on the main stage, drawing crowds in with her intoxicating sound to provide an unforgettable evening of dance music that won’t soon be forgotten.

At this year’s festival, viral dubstep duo YOOKiE will finally release their long-awaited “Iron Man” edit! It has already made waves at Red Rocks,  DJ across the board; making for an infectious big room anthem perfect for festival season!

Hi Jinx Festival

Hi Jinx Festival at Dallas Market Hall is one of the largest electronic music festivals in Texas. This annual event showcases both established and emerging acts – like Avicii, DJ Snake and The Strokes – performing their unique styles of music.

The festival is open to fans aged 18 or over and admission is free, with tickets available both online and at the gate. In addition, there will be various food offerings as well as a large beer tent; while performances from Avicii, The Strokes, and other major names from electronic music will take place on its main stage.

There are also a variety of other events taking place around the festival grounds, including art installations, carnival rides, and vendors selling delectable treats. Before attending, it’s also beneficial to familiarize yourself with its general rules and regulations.

As with any event, make sure you bring the necessary gear and prepare appropriately. Pack a bag with essentials like waterproof shoes, water and sunblock. Also consider checking in at a hotel nearby so you have an enjoyable and restful night’s rest.

Wear something that makes an impactful statement like a bright-colored shirt to stand out in a crowd, such as attending an event where there might be a mosh pit. Donning something unique will only enhance the experience!

The Hi Jinx Festival proved to be an impressive success last year and will return for a fourth edition this New Year’s Eve – with one of the finest lineups ever seen anywhere around Dallas or El Paso on its main stage featuring electronic dance music and hip hop! Be there in Dallas or El Paso; this festival will make sure 2019 gets off to a fantastic start!

Lights All Night

Lights All Night is Texas’ longest-running New Year’s Eve music festival and an event not to be missed. Renowned for featuring top EDM acts and cutting edge production values, Lights All Night promises an unforgettable party!

Lights All Night’s lineup for Lights All Night boasts top headliners like A$AP Ferg, Kaskade, Porter Robinson and Deadmau5 but also offers genres such as trance, deep house, drum and bass trap and techno music. Since 2012 the festival has seen increased attendance each year.

Multiple stages at the festival are set up to accommodate large crowds who attend each year, as well as an exclusive VIP section with vendors and bars, table reservations and express entry privileges for attendees.

This event is open to fans aged 18 or above. In order to enter, attendees will require both a valid ticket and photo ID; purchasing them early is highly recommended to avoid waiting in line and save on admission fees.

At any event, it’s essential to remember that large crowds can create a louder environment than intended by the venue itself. Therefore, it’s recommended to have ear plugs or headphones on you at all times so as to prevent hearing any unwanted sounds that could otherwise arise from an unfamiliar source.

Concertgoers seek visual as well as auditory stimulation when attending concerts, which makes a captivating lighting show indispensable. Lights All Night offers an innovative mix of technology and dance that offers audiences a complete entertainment experience.

One of the benefits of an excellent lighting show is making the performance seem much more exciting and dramatic, especially when performers are fully immersed in their roles and giving it their all.

At this year’s Lights All Night event, the main stage was filled with performances by various artists – not only Excision and Porter Robinson were headlining but Zeds Dead, Griz, and John Summit made appearances too!


An incredible music collection will help set the scene for your New Year’s Eve party no matter your musical tastes or styles – from oldies and rock hits, dance tunes and classics – there is sure to be something perfect to set your resolutions in motion and toast your success in 2018.

No matter if it’s an intimate gathering or an elaborate celebration, picking songs to set the mood can make or break an evening’s event. We have put together this playlist of 10 tracks which will keep everyone dancing all night long!

This year has witnessed an explosion of vocals within underground electronic music. From Coloray’s “Can’t Stop” to Eagles & Butterflies’ “Liquidity Interference,” vocalists are becoming integral parts of productions’ compositions and take an important place among producers as key creative contributors.

Vocals add an extra dimension of energy and enjoyment to any dancefloor experience, creating a memorable night for all involved. Their melodies and basslines create an intoxicating hypnotic ambiance sure to have everyone dancing into 2019.

PROPER is the place for those in search of an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party experience. They have assembled some of the world’s finest DJs and producers for an evening that promises to rock any house party!

This lineup boasts established artists known for their signature DJ sets. Carl Craig is one of Detroit’s finest and most influential producers and masters; Monty Luke hails from Manchester’s thriving club scene; Mr. Bosco, another notable DJ who has performed all over Europe; as well as others.

Defected has been an influential presence on the UK music scene for two decades and are proud to celebrate with this special NYE party featuring some of their top DJs and all that house music offers! Defected NYE will celebrate all that makes house music great.