Electronic Music Like Sandstorm

electronic music like sandstorm

Sandstorm is an electronic dance song with a catchy and lively beat, perfect for parties or clubs where dancing is encouraged or simply listening while exercising.

Sandstorm has permeated culture like no other meme can, becoming part of everyday conversation for over two decades now and even being used to fill webcasts including fan convention and esports coverage.

1. Insomnia – The Prodigy

The Prodigy took an innovative, melodic approach to techno with this pulsing melodic pile-driver by breaking away from hard, boshing techno sounds. The song’s warping juxtaposition between breathy female vocals, synthetic Flamenco guitar parts, gated synth bass basslines and interlaced melodies would become the blueprint for accessible trance music that would dominate clubland and charts for years.

This psychedelic proto-trance epic from The Moss showcased their extraordinary skill at seamlessly fusing surf-pop, grunge, and 60’s blues into high-spirited soundscapes. This EP was one of their best works; displaying their refreshing presence within the alternative scene with strength that wasn’t felt as deeply with prior releases. Also featuring guest artist Nick Muir as guest songwriter it remains a classic album today.

2. Sandstorm – Darude

Ville Virtanen, also known by his DJ name Darude, released Sandstorm as a techno-trance track in 1999. While initially only moderately successful, Sandstorm went on to achieve global fame when YouTuber GameStream posted a Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare gameplay video featuring Sandstorm playing in the background.

The song’s catchy melody and pulsating synth rhythm have long mesmerized gamers, becoming associated with intense gaming moments. Even better: this track even has its own dedicated subreddit where users share their gaming accomplishments to its beat.

Sandstorm has quickly made itself at home among Twitch users, creating an innovative intersection between gaming culture and electronic music. Its longevity speaks volumes about trance’s enduring appeal and ability to transcend genre boundaries; while its global success and certifications underscore its longevity.

3. One More Time – Daft Punk

Daft Punk are one of the greatest electronic music acts ever, known for their unique funk sound that has revolutionized how we consume music. Their smash hit One More Time remains a timeless classic today; Rolling Stone even named it as one of their 500 Greatest Songs Ever (listed at 307) while their video for this track became famous for its visual effects.

Daft Punk’s song ‘Get Lucky’ is an impressive example of sampling in music, borrowing its main melody from Eddie Johns’ track More Spell On You. Since copyright laws at that time were less stringent, they could use parts from other musicians’ work and incorporate it into their composition without violating copyrights or creating plagiarism issues.

4. In The Beginning – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is one of the best-known figures in dance music, having made headlines with hit singles like ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ (feat. Trevor Guthrie), ‘Great Spirit’ and ‘Leave A Little Love’. Furthermore, he hosts his weekly two-hour radio show A State of Trance which has amassed over 44 Million viewers globally.

Van Buuren released his ‘Old Skool’ mini album in 2016, featuring classic tracks remixed with modern production techniques – such as Human Resource’s ‘Dominator’, Speedy J’s ‘Pull Over’ and many others from Human Resource to Speedy J.

Van Buuren also established Armada Music record label to represent various artists and labels within dance music – this includes acts like ARTY, Andrew Rayel Ferry Corsten NERVO Loud Luxury among many more.

5. In The Air – Tiesto

Tiesto’s seventh studio album displays his signature bass-driven anthems that will get any crowd moving, featuring exhilarating beats and eye-catching lyrics. His collaborators deliver on their promise with captivating beats and vibrant lyrics.

C’Mon is an instantly recognisable electronic music fan favorite, boasting an instantly recognisable medieval chord progression that will enthrall festival crowds. Additionally, its shimmering synth riff and powerful interjections will keep everyone enthralled for hours on end.

Next, Tiesto pays tribute to Miami dance music mecca and Ultra Music Festival attendees with “Chasing Summers,” an exuberant progressive house hit featuring Tiesto’s signature high-powered zippy synths matched with Aussie diva Vassy’s soulful purr. Other tunes such as “Pump It Louder,” reworked by The Black Eyed Peas and “Lay Low,” featuring Freya Ridings are sure to keep audiences on their toes but still pack an impactful punch.

6. In The Dark – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren, one of the world’s acclaimed DJs and five-time winner of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll, co-founded Armada Music record label based out of Amsterdam, NYC and London.

He acknowledges the impact EDM has had on trance, yet remains confident trance will make a comeback. If one believes in something they must maintain it,” says DJ Mag.

Your hack has described him as the ‘trance overlord,’ who makes for a charming and thoughtful interview subject. Despite having reached the pinnacle of his chosen field, he doesn’t come off as self-entitled or arrogant; instead he’s quite smart. Additionally, he places great faith in his fans; each week his radio show ‘Service For Dreamers’ features fan stories from around the globe who come to share why certain tracks mean something personal to them.

7. The Drop – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is one of the world’s most revered dance music figures, best-known for his internationally popular two-hour radio show A State of Trance which reaches more than 44 million listeners from 80 different countries each week.

“Love We Lost,” featuring Simon Ward on vocals, aims to give listeners strength in fighting for what they believe in. With its catchy chords, motivational lyrics, and mainstage-ready production design, ‘Love We Lost” stands as an unstoppable force!

Premiering with great fervor during his mainstage set at Tomorrowland, the upbeat melodies and infectious beat of this track revive the excitement of club culture. A masterfully crafted piece of Eurodance that captures the essence of trance music as well as providing a timeless classic, it will take you right back to that first time you stepped onto a dancefloor! An unmistakable melody brings back fond memories.

8. In The Dark – Tiesto

This song’s lyrics convey feelings of longing, passion, and vulnerability while its vocals captivate listeners’ ears and hold their interest throughout its entirety.

The song quickly became a fan-favorite among DJ Tiesto’s supporters and is an iconic dance floor anthem that will continue to do just that. It features Maxi Jazz of Faithless who often writes lyrics with political overtones in mind.

This song’s message is that we are never alone in this world and can find comfort through relationships with those around us. As an EDM classic, its influence will continue to spread to future producers as it has been remixed multiple times over the years – such as with Global Experience Remix, Fonzerelli Instrumental Remix and Quietman Remix versions being popular.

9. In The Dark – Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is a five-time winner of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll and host of A State Of Trance radio show with more than 40 Million listeners worldwide.

The song offers hope and light during dark times. It could also serve as an impetus to help those in need; its upbeat and motivating nature have ensured its popularity.

Since its release last month, Armin van Buuren and Alesso’s collaboration has become one of the hottest topics on social media. To commemorate their incredible hit single, they released an eye-catching music video which perfectly matches its lyrically driven melodic vibe – watch below to enjoy!

10. In The Dark – Tiesto

Tiesto has long been one of the most prominent figures in EDM. Starting out as an influential trance DJ, he has since expanded into producing hits that span several different genres and popular artists’ repertoires. Tiesto never ceases to deliver quality tunes – his top 40 tracks remain perennial hits!

Tiesto’s third album Elements of Life builds upon his signature sound with melodic trance mixed with cinematic bridges and melancholic introspection – creating an album which explores love, loss and the complexity of human relationship.

With its mesmerizing build-ups and exhilarating drops, In the Dark quickly became an instant classic for Tiesto and his progressive trance fans alike. It showcases his mastery while touching listeners’ emotions by mirroring an emotional journey described through lyrics – making for an engaging listening experience for audiences everywhere.