Electronic Music Venues Near Me

Techno music enthusiasts can experience an unforgettable nightlife scene at these clubs, which boast the latest techno beats to satisfy every musical taste imaginable. With such an extensive variety of sonic flavors available for everyone’s pleasure, techno lovers are guaranteed an unforgettable nightlife experience here.

Good Room stands tall as a Greenpoint institution and consistently features top EDM DJ talent each night of the week. In summer months they also offer outdoor space at Brooklyn Mirage as well as King’s Hall for small events.

Black Box

Black Box, Denver’s iconic spot for head-nodding electronic beats, is an unmissable destination if you want an unforgettable musical experience. Once a jazz club, today it attracts jam, electronic and hip-hop music enthusiasts, while its space changes according to the vibe. Awe-inducing performances give rise to unforgettable nights; its acoustics enhance every note while visual stimuli become part of its narrative arc.

Black Box Bar and Venue offers an exciting experience, fuelled by an amazing roster of local DJs that keep the crowd pumped throughout its duration. Artists like CharlestheFirst take full advantage of its vibrancy to deliver shows that not only sound amazing but are felt too! Additionally, it hosts artists from across both oceans – adding more strength to its magnetic draw!

Running a business in Denver can be daunting, but Nicole Cacciavillano was determined to make her vision of an underground drum and bass club come to fruition. Her hard work paid off, and the club flourished until COVID-19 appeared and shut it all down.

Your Mom’s House

Your Mom’s House is one of Denver’s premier electronic music venues. Situated at the center of town, this establishment is well-known for its diverse programming and welcoming environment, as well as for supporting local talent while supporting their community. Any music enthusiast visiting Denver must stop here!

The Gothic Theatre in Denver, Colorado, is another acclaimed EDM venue. First opened as a movie theater during the 1920s and one of the first theaters to show “talkies”, since 1998 it has become a premier music venue with its large dance floor and stage that can accommodate thousands of concertgoers at any one time. You will also find plenty of other entertainment at this venue aside from musical acts.

Brooklyn’s House of Yes is another prominent electronic music venue in New York, known for its mission of immersing its patrons into an surreal dream world. This club offers entertainment such as burlesque dancers, circus acrobats, and even tarot card readers to keep the guests entranced while they listen to live electronic music performances. Prohibition Disco and House of Love theme nights also draw crowds.

Black Box Theatre and Beyond showcase true dedication to electronic music with their decor inspired by churches with stained glass windows and alters, a top-of-the-line sound system, rotating lineup of electronic music as well as an X Bar during daytime hours serving drinks and food, bag policy available online (subject to change), as well as regular opening times (check before going).


Hi-Dive has quickly established itself as an indispensable part of Seattle’s music scene over the past 10 years. Its intimate venue space, modest stage and dive bar aesthetic has fostered tight fan connections which have helped launch acts into mainstream recognition – from Nathaniel Rateliff to MGMT. Hi-Dive’s Baker neighborhood location creates a supportive network for local musicians and their fans.

At this intimate 280-seat space in Highland Park, Aimee Mann, the Watkins Family, cult singer-songwriters and buzz bands share the stage alongside emerging artists at Local 303 Meetup each month – giving emerging talent an opportunity to showcase their skills before an encouraging crowd. Over time it has also hosted Jon Brion and Andrew Bird who were on their way to major success at this point in time.

Capitol Hill in Denver is well-known for its quality coffee shops, tasty restaurants, and amazing music venues like Ogden Theatre – hosting anywhere between two to five shows per week with its spacious dance floor and balcony seating offering ample room to dance!

Denver music scene is diverse, offering something for every genre and taste imaginable, from hip-hop and electronic dance music, folk, indie rock and alternative rock genres to something new like Landr. If you’re seeking to pursue music as a career path there are numerous production schools available as resources in Denver; or for those wanting a change of direction Landr provides studio time, mastering, distribution services all under one roof.


The dance music scene has seen dramatic expansion since its humble roots, yet some clubs remain true to its origins. These places provide an atmosphere that fosters dancing to electronic music in a unique setting; some even offer outdoor seating areas with drinks and snacks available; they even host live streaming events featuring popular trance and progressive house artists!

Rave concerts were among the earliest forms of electronic music performances, typically held in abandoned warehouses and parks and drawing hundreds of thousands of fans each time – many young, loud music was loud and energetic, giving rise to Electronic Dance Music (EDM), a broad genre covering percussive electronic music styles that has since blossomed into massive festivals like Ultra Miami and Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

New York City boasts an eclectic and thriving underground club culture that attracts DJs from around the globe. While other cities may draw larger crowds and profits, New York offers lower living costs that allow artists to more easily afford its high rents.

Williamsburg is home to an exciting dance music scene in Brooklyn. Output and Schimanski are two venues which regularly host local and international acts alike; additionally they host DJs from Hospital Records record label.

Los Angeles offers an abundance of electronic music venues. While some are more laid back, others serve as upscale nightclubs or celebrity hangouts. You could attend Moma PS1 for an upscale techno party; visit Avalon for progressive house and trance nights; or drop by Academy LA for light shows and international trance stars.


Marquee Nightclub in Phoenix is renowned for hosting top artists. Equipped with a Funktion One sound system and featuring DJs such as Tiesto, Martin Solveig, Gareth Emery and EC Twins among many others; this venue hosts smaller touring bands as well. This world-class nightclub can easily be reached from Mill Avenue or ASU campus via light rail; parking spots should be easily found and security staff friendly; leave plenty of time for finding parking and take advantage of light rail as often as possible to avoid becoming stuck in traffic jams that prevent you from reaching this world-class venue!

This space offers a modern take on classic theatre with leather and polished metal accents, seating original theatre boxes or lounge areas with views of the entire venue. At 20,000-square foot capacity, this venue is an ideal space for electronic dance music events as well as other special events held there throughout the year.

This venue epitomizes luxury and elegance. Boasting a glass-enclosed VIP room that overlooks the main dance floor, this venue makes an excellent spot for parties or private events of up to 700 people, featuring an expansive dance floor, two DJ booths, and an excellent D3Audio sound system.

New to New York City’s nightlife scene is this chic new club offering bottle service, VIP areas and state-of-the-art sound system. Popular among celebrities and partygoers alike – especially younger partygoers; often featuring LED lights and custom made furniture in its interior design elements. It is sure to become the new go-to spot.