Find Essential Audio Equipment at Audio Equipment Stores

No matter if you’re recording in the studio or performing to an audience, we have audio equipment tailored to suit your needs. From microphones and headphones from top brands such as Rode, Sennheiser and Shure.

Any audiophile will recognize MartinLogan when you mention their name – they know there are unavoidable tradeoffs when it comes to high end hi-fi systems like this one.


Professional audio equipment stores have quality microphones and speakers tailored specifically to your musical or DJing needs, including essential accessories like stands and mounts for professional recording – in fact, they even sell headphones designed specifically to detect any ambiance noise, echo issues or other potential pitfalls before completing your final product.

Pro-grade equipment tends to be more robust than consumer grade items, featuring connectors designed to withstand multiple mating/unmating cycles and heavier duty chassis designs. Many also come equipped with an EQ control knob that lets users tune the sound output, plus built-in amplifiers for additional amplifier boost. They may offer various cases to protect gear over longer storage periods as well as cables/adapters so users can connect their equipment with other devices.

Professional audio equipment stores specialize in selling and renting PA system gear used at concerts, dance parties and speaking events – such as loudspeaker enclosure cabinets, monitor speakers, power amplifiers and audio consoles (mixers). Some stores even rent “backline” equipment which rock bands use when performing at venues.

Pro-audio stores also sell various forms of AV equipment such as projector screens and high-quality speakers for use in business presentations, which helps teachers, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals present information efficiently to audiences. This equipment is particularly helpful to teachers delivering lectures to their classes or audiences efficiently.

Some pro-audio stores also sell lighting equipment designed for nightclubs and concerts, as well as rental fog machines that create mist to create an eerie ambience at stage shows, dance parties and rave events. Some stores may also carry strobe lights that flash in time with music at these venues – perfect for stage shows!

Live Sound

Professional audio stores sell and rent out PA system equipment to be used at music concerts, live shows, dance parties, theatre performances and speaking events. PA system components may include microphones, power amplifiers, electronic effects units (for reverb and compression effects) speaker enclosures as well as mixers to blend sounds picked up via microphones with prerecorded material played from CD players and prerecorded material played through other means such as mixers. Some pro-audio stores even offer lighting equipment and video equipment used during concerts nightclub events or speaking events such as projector screens.

Professional audio stores also offer installation, consultation, and delivery services. These companies can come directly to the venue a customer has in mind such as a concert hall, auditorium or conference center to assess what equipment would be necessary to create an excellent sound system and recommend suitable speakers, power amplifiers and mixing consoles for that space and type of event.

Pro-audio stores sell equipment that is both expensive and technically complex, which requires both patience and knowledge in order to operate effectively. Malfunction of professional-grade equipment can often prove stressful; thus it is necessary for sound engineers to think on their feet to quickly resolve problems under pressure.

Professional audio stores may offer more than PA systems; in addition to offering guitars and keyboards for recording studio use and DJ sets, they may have audio interfaces, headphones and recorders as well. Furthermore, guitars, keyboards and drum kits may even be in stock! For mobile applications wireless systems that allow microphones and electric instruments can be used without wires can also be provided by these stores.

These stores may also offer audio cables and connectors for recording purposes, as well as cases to protect the equipment for improved durability and portability. Furthermore, they may offer different kinds of microphones ranging from standard models to those specifically tailored to drumming applications.


Headphones are an audio accessory used for listening to music, podcasts, or movie audio. Available both wired and wireless options, headphones can be worn both in the home or mobile environments – often included with devices like laptops and cell phones – as well as at an array of price points tailored towards casual users as well as audiophiles.

Headphones consist of two primary parts: ear cups that sit over your ears and a headband to secure them in place. Ear cups may be open or closed and come padded to provide long-term use comfort; similarly, headbands may be flexible or rigid depending on wearer preference; additionally they may adjust according to wearer size as needed. Headphones may either be passive – simply reproducing sound from their connected device – or active, offering microphone capabilities and noise cancelling features.

Professional audio applications commonly utilize headphones, with DJ mixers used for this purpose, being utilized by disc jockeys to monitor the sound of songs or mixes they are working on; and by singers and musicians as an aid for monitoring their own performances. Furthermore, headphones are frequently employed during studio recordings in order to simultaneously monitor multiple sources; additionally they may even be employed by military and law enforcement professionals for military/law enforcement use.

Although headphones come in all styles and prices, many users prioritise certain specifications when making their purchasing decision. Frequency response is one such feature; it measures how well headphones reproduce sound up to certain frequency ranges. A higher frequency response indicates better audio reproduction – more accurate audio reproduction as a result!

Apart from traditional cabled headphones, some headphones will offer Bluetooth connectivity allowing them to receive audio signals wirelessly from compatible devices without physically connecting to them. Some models also include a separate microphone for hands-free communication between users – perfect for video games as well as professional applications like phone calls or meetings.

Signal Processing

Signal processing is the practice of transforming raw data signals, such as sound waves or electrical current, into something more useful for consumption by humans, such as filtering out unwanted frequencies or adjusting certain frequencies’ intensities to decrease noise. Signal processing also often involves analyzing or altering signals to achieve specific results such as increasing bass in songs or adding echo effects for voice recordings. Signal processing forms an integral component of many electronic devices including biosensors that detect oxygen levels in blood or telephone systems that reduce background noise while making calls.

Professional audio stores sell or rent sound reinforcement equipment and PA system components used for concerts, live shows, dance parties and speaking events – such as microphones, power amplifiers and electronic effects units with reverb and compression effects – used at music concerts, live shows, dance parties and speaking events. They may also stock speaker enclosures, monitor speakers and subwoofers used by musicians during performances – as well as “backline” equipment like guitar amps and electric keyboards used by musicians during performances.

Some stores provide paid consulting services to assist their customers with selecting the appropriate professional audio equipment for their venues or events. Their consultants may visit an establishment such as a nightclub or conference center to assess its professional audio needs and suggest loudspeaker enclosures, mixers and microphones that would best serve it.

Some pro audio equipment stores also sell or rent DJ equipment, including turntables equipped with disc cartridges and styli, CD players and mixers for playback of recorded music, as well as colored lights or strobe lights that flash, change colour or move in time to the beat of songs, typically used at nightclubs and rave dance events.