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Smith avoided the all-inclusive nature that the Anthology name implies by working within very specific parameters. He included only commercially available recordings created within real studios.

Their captivating shows effortlessly fuse folk, gospel, country and Mexican idioms together with striking stylistic flair. Their harmonies draw upon years of studying polyphonic music all around the world.

The Decemberists

The Decemberists have become one of the most beloved folk bands of their generation due to their captivating storytelling and genre-defying sound, making them beloved among indie folk fans and captivating live performances.

Colin Meloy founded The Decemberists after moving from Montana-based band Tarkio and moving to Oregon. There he met Nate Query and Jenny Conlee who joined him in forming The Decemberists; their first album Castaways and Cutouts was self-produced, followed by Her Majesty the Decemberists, Picaresque, and finally Crane Wife, all highly acclaimed by critics.

Some were fearful when Capitol Records signed them; however, their first album with them, The Crane Wife, allayed these fears by mixing elegant ballads and progressive rock jams to great success and ranking highly on many year-end lists.

Since their debut album was released to critical acclaim in 2005, The Decemberists have gone on to release six additional albums with increasing critical success. Their sixth, The King Is Dead was released in January 2011 and features guest musicians James Mercer and Rachel Blumberg as well as fundraising shirts bearing “Team Jenny” to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Burial Ground, recorded with co-producer Tucker Martine and featuring James Mercer of The Shins, has already received critical acclaim as one of its standout tracks. “The Last House on the Left” in particular has received much acclaim.

The Decemberists are currently touring in both the US and Canada, recently performing at Pittsburgh’s Benedum Center with an enthusiastic crowd despite rainy conditions. Fans were pleased to see them again while band members are excited for more shows to come – not to mention plans to release new music later this year and new exciting developments planned!

Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy is the writer, singer and frontman for indie rock band The Decemberists, which combines 60s pop and folk influences with modern orchestration techniques and storytelling techniques. Additionally, he’s written several books such as The Whiz Mob and Grenadine Kid and Wildwood Chronicles; currently living in Oregon with Carson Ellis and their three sons.

Meloy was raised in Lewis and Clark County, Montana where his imagination ran wild. His parents encouraged his passion for music by buying him a drum set; his older brother helped teach him its basics; soon enough he was writing songs and performing them at local open mics – much to their displeasure as their father wanted him to pursue an electrician or something “practical,” while Meloy preferred theater and music over anything “practical.”

High school drama student Nate Query spent many hours at Helena’s Grandstreet Theatre. Following graduation, he moved to Eugene where he worked at a pizza parlor while also playing in local bands Happy Cactus and Tarkio; through these bands, he met The Decemberists’ drummer Nate Query and bassist Louis Stein – later joining up when their popularity increased and moving with them to Portland.

Meloy quickly made friends upon his move, writing and recording original music that eventually led to The Decemberists albums. Additionally, he performed solo tours; an EP called Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey was issued in 2005, followed by a live album in 2006 featuring covers by British folk artist Shirley Collins.

He contributed a song to The Hunger Games soundtrack and released an album of original Christmas tunes in 2012. Meloy recently completed another project – recording traditional folk songs with a full orchestra in Lewis and Clark County where his roots lie; these recordings pay homage to those and places Meloy knows and loves, in hopes that it inspires people to create connections in their own communities.

John Gorka

John Gorka is an international singer-songwriter known for his emotive music that resonates on an emotional level with listeners across the world. Known for his rich baritone voice and intricate guitar playing skills, Gorka has amassed an enthusiastic following and garnered critical acclaim throughout his career.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Gorka first made his name performing at Godfrey Daniels Coffeehouse – an iconic folk revival venue in eastern Pennsylvania – where Maria Muldaur backed him on her catchy blues tune “Lightning’s Blues.” They even collaborated to jam together in her hip Greenwich Village apartment!

Gorka’s songs are steeped in the rich traditions of American folk, country, and acoustic rock music. He has performed extensively, appearing at Austin City Limits and Mountain Stage among many other events, recording 11 critically-acclaimed albums as well as one recently entitled So Dark You See that explores themes of loss and redemption through an acoustic lens.

Gorka has garnered much praise for his ability to transform any space he performs in. His performances create an intimate experience for his audiences by immersing them in music full of warmth and charm; his lyrics also resonate with humanity’s experience deeply – an admirable feat indeed!

Gorka has collaborated with some of the finest musicians, such as Mary Chapin Carpenter and Nanci Griffith, and has made appearances on numerous notable television programs like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Gorka’s music draws heavily upon rediscovered freedom songs from the 19th-century movement to end slavery, which are still relevant today and offer a direct link back to that period in history. Jazz and blues music also form influences. He has performed at intimate coffeehouses as well as large music festivals; his documentary about its legacy titled The Last Folk Music Cafe features interviews with former patrons – such as legendary folk artist John Denver himself!

Jeremiah Prophett

Philadelphia Folksong Society will host an event to commemorate and raise money for local causes, with award presentations, performances, pre-receptions and silent auction slated for this event. Tickets can now be found through StubHub.

Folk music has deep ties to local cultures or national identities, often being performed as customary singing and played on traditional instruments. Subgenres such as contemporary folk music and folk rock exist. While its origins remain unclear, oral traditions appear to have contributed heavily to its creation; its revival during the mid 20th century saw continued popularity today.

Jeremiah is an accomplished songwriter, vocalist and guitarist based out of Washington. He has performed at venues like The Cellar Door and Jammin’ Java while opening for artists such as Odetta, Grover Margaret and Tim Eyerman. His musical influences include American folk and country.

He possesses an evocative voice with rich tones and depth. Accompanied by harmonica and guitar accompaniments that create the impression of an ensemble ensemble, his unique style has charmed audiences everywhere he performs. Since 2012 he has released several albums and tours regularly with his band.

He has also taken an active role in activism and social justice projects outside his musical career, such as anti-racism campaigns and working with homeless and incarcerated individuals – projects inspired by both faith and personal experience.

Jeremiah (also spelled Jeremias; circa 650-570 BCE) was an influential figure in Judah during the late 7th and early 6th centuries BCE, serving as both reformer and author of the biblical Book of Jeremiah. Despite ministry difficulties such as siege of Jerusalem and exile to Babylonia, his messages to his audience remained consistent despite these hurdles; condemning idolatry, social injustices and calling for repentance were among them; Jeremiah warned them about an impending threat from northern sources using one vision depicting boiling pot imagery as well.