Free Bass Guitar Amp Plugin Review

An effective bass guitar amp plugin can make a noticeable difference to your recordings. These free VST plugins can add thick, crunchy tones as well as heavy metal distortion for a truly professional finish.

GK Amplification 2 LE is the light version of GK Amplification Pro and includes a British-style tube amp, cab emulation, and effects. Available for both Windows and Mac OS.

BIAS AMP by Positive Grid

Positive Grid’s BIAS AMP has long been one of the most comprehensive virtual guitar amp and effects suites on the market, originally as a standalone product but now part of a larger plug-in bundle. Now with an overhauled DSP engine and guitar-matching system as well as brand new amps pedals and rack units to experiment with BIAS FX 2 is truly revolutionary!

The new Guitar Match feature provides users with a way to replicate any guitar track using an existing amplifier model, using sample tracks as input to build an amp model that matches its frequency response, distortion and volume properties. Users can then take control of custom amp settings to recreate an exact copy of original track in their DAW.

BIAS FX 2 features enhanced cab and speaker modeling, an easier user interface and the capability to build your own amp from scratch. All this can be found within its main window which has four horizontal areas – with access to preset systems at the top-most region, while signal routing options through various effects at the bottom half.

The Pro version of BIAS FX 2 features more amplifier models, including signature amps from featured artists. It also includes three new amp expansion packs and connectivity to Positive Grid’s ToneCloud service for accessing thousands of amp and effects presets from other guitarists.

All BIAS Amp models have been modified for improved touch response and sound authenticity, including new tube types in both preamp (12BH7 and 12AY7) and power amp (6550 and KT88) sections, and an entirely redesigned speaker cabinet module which offers multi-mic and open/closed-back options.

BIAS FX 2 provides some truly incredible guitar tone, surpassing most others when it comes to its unique Amp Match system. Unfortunately, though, this plugin does not exist as a standalone option that would add even greater versatility for guitarists.

Amp Room by Softube

Softube offers a free VST bass amp plugin with excellent features designed to be quick and straightforward for bass guitarists looking for quick solutions. It includes various amplifier models, cab emulation features, EQ controls and bass boost controls that make finding that ideal bass tone simple – as well as options between solid-state or tube amplifiers, which may alter its overall sound of your instrument.

Unlike other free bass amps, this plug-in offers a comprehensive suite of tools for customizing bass tone and amp configuration. Additionally, its distortion effects add depth and punch to bass sounds; making this an excellent choice for beginners as well as professionals.

This bass amp VST plugin was designed to replicate the classic tube amplifier sound. With various presets tailored specifically for different styles and genres, and being available both as an AU and VST format – plus being compatible with major DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools.

It is an exceptionally flexible bass amp plug-in, offering users the ability to create anything from punchy and clean sounds, through distorted, dirty tones. It features a comprehensive EQ section with multiple frequency bands and high pass filter to help shape your sound; additionally it is fully MIDI compliant so you can use it seamlessly within any DAW.

Softube’s bass amp simulator offers outstanding authenticity with few fancy features. Operation is straightforward – simply drag the mouse across its simple graphic interface to switch between amps in the room. Furthermore, virtual mic on a wheeled boom stand can also be moved for subtlety of tonal changes and ambience nuances by moving further or closer towards speaker.

Your own IRs can even be loaded into this plugin to explore a wide range of bass amps. Plus, there’s a built-in mixer featuring master volume, EQ, and reverb controls – and of course it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems!

SHB-1 Extreme Bass Head by Subhuman

This plugin features an extensive range of bass guitar amp and speaker cabinet emulation options to help you achieve the ideal tone for your project. Choose between using predefined presets or create your own with its user-friendly interface; additionally, this plugin comes equipped with several effects to provide further customization of bass tone creation.

This free bass amplifier VST is an accurate digital recreation of a custom dual channel guitar tube amp, featuring both clean and lead channels designed to replicate their real life counterparts. The clean channel offers everything from subtle overdrive to bone-crushing distortion; lead channel is optimized for massive effects. Can be used as virtual bass guitar amplifier in hosts supporting VST/AU plug-ins.

No matter if you are just beginning or an experienced pro, having access to quality bass amp plugins can make all the difference for your sound. Free VST plugins often offer multiple amp models, cab emulation and more for creating that perfect tone in any project. They’re compatible with multiple DAWs as well as various bass guitar models.

TS-999 SubScreamer, another free bass amp VST plugin, features an intuitive user interface designed for bass guitarists of any experience level and includes various overdrive pedal styles for overdrive effects. Compatible with hosts that support VST or AU plug-ins.

This free guitar amp plugin is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and uses impulse response (IR) modeling to recreate the sound of an amp with microphones and speakers – great alternative to expensive software such as BIAS AMP by Positive Grid, Amp Room by Softube and IK Multimedia Guitar Rig! Use it as the initial plugin in your bass amplifier signal chain; later you can add other recording processing plugins like an equalizer or compressor; it could even serve as a preamp/power amp for more subtle results!

BIAS AMP 2 by Positive Grid

BIAS AMP 2 is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor, featuring more powerful and responsive amp tones as well as a simplified user interface (UI) that’s easier for anyone to get started with the amp. For those who like tweaking their amps further, the BIAS AMP 2 provides extensive editing options for tubes, transformers, preamp settings, power amp settings as well as cabinets speakers and microphones – perfect for creating your perfect amp!

BIAS AMP 2’s newly improved touch response makes it more responsive to your playing style and feels more authentic than ever, while improving its already high-fidelity amplifier circuits with additional tubes (12AY7 and 12BH7 for preamp, 6550 and KT88 for power), dynamic tone controls in transformer modules to address upper mid-range sag, redesigned speaker cabinet models including MD421 and R121, multi mic support capabilities and much more.

BIAS AMP 2 offers an incredible variety of classic amp models, from Fender cleans to 5150-inspired high gain monsters and hybrid amps that combine two models into something truly original.

BIAS Amp 2 provides not only amps but also bass guitar tones and effects to choose from – you can use its built-in effects for creating custom tones or run it through plug-ins for further depth and creativity.

One of the great features in BIAS AMP 2 is ToneCloud, which allows you to share custom amps created by yourself and upload them for sharing by other users. This can help you discover new tones you might not otherwise be able to create alone; plus download ToneCloud creations made by artists, recording studios or fellow guitarists within the community that could come in handy during productions of your own!

BIAS AMP 2 stands apart from its competition by only offering amp modeling options, giving you all of the power and freedom you need to craft the virtual guitar rig of your dreams without clutter and distractions.