Free Bass Guitar Amp Plugin

free bass guitar amp vst plugin

A free VST designed as a bass guitar amp plugin, this VST comes equipped with an elegant user interface and various controls and effects to provide bass-rich tones in your tracks and mixes.

It also features cabinet impulse responses – digital recordings of speaker cabinets that help give an amplifier model more realistic sounds – for even more realism in its sound simulation.

Ampeg V-4B by Native Instruments

The Ampeg V-4B is an accurate digital representation of one of the world’s most revered tube bass heads ever created; since 1971, its sound has graced numerous classic records. As an excellent bass amp simulation plugin, it boasts numerous effects and controls to help make recordings sound incredible; three preamp options are provided – Valve for traditional tube tone; FET for colored tones; and Drive for ultra-distorted tones.

This free plugin comes in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats and boasts an easy interface and a comprehensive set of presets to get you started quickly. Furthermore, there is also a built-in tuner and support for using MIDI with it – making this an excellent choice for producing professional sounding bass tracks without spending too much on expensive plugins.

Ignite Amps offers another excellent free bass guitar amp vst plugin, the SHB-1. This powerful bass amp simulation plugin is equipped with a 32-note polyphonic synthesizer featuring subtractive synthesis, two oscillators, noise gate effects, reverb, noise gate effect, noise gate and noise gate presets to help find just the sound for your music.

Brainworx’s bx_bassdude plugin is an outstanding bass amp emulator designed to simulate the Ampeg B-15N bass amp. Perfect for creating classic clean vintage sound, its two filter settings (tight for bottom end filtering and smooth for scooping top end around 50Hz) add even more versatility and choice when selecting an amp plugin.

This free bass guitar amp vst plugin offers an intuitive user experience with its simple interface and pre-built tones that are ready for use on any Windows computer. As it uses minimal CPU resources, this plugin makes for the ideal solution for those with older computers or limited processing power.

SHB-1 by Amplitube

Amplitube’s SHB-1 amp plugin can handle both bass and electric guitar amplification needs, with 41 amp models, cabinets, effects and features for both electric and bass guitars as well as various EQ settings and track player with speed controls for practice purposes.

Audified’s Bias AMP 2 bass amp emulator provides high-fidelity sound and versatile customization features. This plugin offers several presets to get you started quickly, while its interface is user-friendly and features a modulation matrix to manipulate preset sounds.

Metal musicians need this freeware bass amp plugin as a must-have tool. It mimics the circuitry of Ampeg B-15N heritage bass amplifier and includes two preamp models as well as an impressive cabinet impulse model (digital recording of bass speaker cabinet noise) to add realism and warmth to sound, along with noise gate and filter features for extra effect control.

SK BassZ is one of the most comprehensive bass amp vst plugins available, providing 24 customizable bass patches that can be customized using its clear patch window. The EQ section lets you shape your tone to blend in seamlessly into a mix, while its compressor prevents peaky sounds. Furthermore, its user-friendly EQ section features settings for each frequency band for easy control – ideal for any bassist seeking an array of tones from classic to contemporary!

Doctor Bass by Positive Grid

This plugin features an extensive library of bass amp models and cabinet impulses that will enable you to craft a truly distinctive sound. Furthermore, its deep selector and shaper controls help add dynamic elements to your bass tone, as well as its effect switch for customizing distortion types. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface supports most hosts while supporting AAX VST and AU formats.

Though not the best free bass guitar amp VST plugin available, this one offers great tone and features. It is extremely user-friendly with presets created by well-known artists. Compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems and any host that supports VST formats.

This free bass guitar amp vst was created to emulate the circuitry of classic American tube bass amplifiers, providing a sound ideal for heavy metal but versatile enough for jazz or blues music. It comes equipped with overdrive, distortion and compression effects – and features such as gain control so you can adjust signal level levels; gain control, reverb and tremolo controls allow users to customize sound further; while mono and stereo output options make this amplifier ideal.

Amp Room is an all-in-one bass and guitar workstation, featuring detailed component modeling, an extensive ecosystem, compatibility with Softube plug-ins, and an impressive library of patches. Ideal for producers seeking an all-in-one solution that sounds amazing yet is easy to use, Amp Room makes an excellent addition to your studio environment.

The Eden WT800 bass amplifier plugin has earned endorsement from both Mike Gordon (Phish) and Mike Rutherford (Genesis). It provides a variety of sounds, from warm and rich to biting and throaty. Furthermore, its five-band EQ comes equipped with an “Enhance” knob, two cab models (1×15 and 4×10) as well as four classic mics.

ClBass F by Native Instruments

This bass amp plugin is inspired by the highly sought-after Destructor plugin and offers an expansive palette of tones suitable for guitars and basses. In addition, there are features designed to give more control over your tone such as its Presence knob that lets you balance picking/thumping dynamics with amplifier response in order to produce your ideal song sound.

It features an extensive range of effects such as EQ, reverb, delay and more, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting a comprehensive set of tools at their disposal. Furthermore, you can create presets that you save for future use as well as utilize its beatbox player feature which helps practice timing and rhythm with live performances to improve performances overall.

The ClBass F plugin features various preamp options. There’s the Valve setting which provides third and second harmonic overtone distortions reminiscent of vintage tube amplifiers; FET adds color to timbre; while Drive offers robust third harmonic distortion for an organic fuzzy-sound timbre. All these settings make this plugin great for all musical styles from classic rock to metal!

Guitar Rig 6 is another highly-respected free bass amp plugin, offering an assortment of presets and sounds to help create music quickly and effortlessly. This plugin features an intuitive user interface for easily creating or editing sounds; additionally it includes a powerful preset browser as well as advanced filtering options that make finding just the right tone easy.

bx_BassDude is an easy to use bass amplifier plugin modeled after the legendary amps used by both guitar and bass players alike. Featuring an extensive set of controls and features to shape your sound and add character to tracks, AU, VST, and AAX formats are supported; making bx_Bassdude suitable for most major host applications while supporting both guitars and basses alike.