Guitar Chords App

No matter your level, this guitar chords app will help you master all the songs you wish to play. With its vast library of guitar, bass & ukulele chords & scales that can be displayed on various neck locations simultaneously.

Songbooks can also be created, printed for practice and shared among friends. This app uses musical computations instead of premade lists to generate fingerings tailored specifically for any instrument or tuning.


Chords are essential components of song, and being able to identify them by ear is a highly sought-after skill for guitarists. Thankfully, there are apps designed specifically to help guitarists develop this ability.

These guitar chord apps typically offer an extensive library of easy-to-read chord diagrams and provide numerous formatting options that fit with your songwriting style, such as serif or sans serif font options and handwritten or jazz chart-style looks.

GtrLib Chords goes a step further by providing an expansive and exhaustive collection of guitar chords with finger position recommendations and audio demonstrations for every chord – plus it makes key changes easy! The app lets you easily switch chord keys.


Chords from the same scale blend well, as do scales that correspond with them – for instance, minor scale fits perfectly with C minor, E minor and D minor chords.

Your selection will reveal a list of scales that can be used with that chord shape, then tap one to access its fretboard diagram with fingering diagram. Alternatively, limit how many frets display so as to improve accessibility for users with limited finger span or small hands.

Handplant Studios’ guitar chords app is impressively comprehensive, boasting an extensive chord library and scale engine. Additionally, this app provides an interactive fretboard along the bottom edge of its screen for iOS and Android devices alike.


Most chord progressions feature several chords that repeat, which makes it beneficial to practice soloing with arpeggios over these chords.

This app computes all possible fingerings for any chord and stores them in its database. As a result, it will know when certain strings can be left off a ninth chord or that drop 2-4 voicing avoids 1st fret for players using hybrid picking (combining upstrokes with downstrokes).

This app’s key strength lies in displaying all scale patterns that go well with your chord selection, making learning the notes for improvising easier since they’re divided into easy-to-memorize positions.


These apps use your phone’s microphone to identify which note you play and tell whether your guitar is flat, sharp or bang on. They’re much quicker than clip-on or pedal tuners and also have the added advantage of showing you step-by-step how to play each string.

Choose your finger span of chord shapes – some players cannot stretch their fingers across 5 fret range, so this feature helps them find chord shapes they can play. In addition, some chord voicings involve skipping strings so this app displays only those shapes which do not skip strings.

This app is an outstanding chords and scales tuner with news notifications at the bottom, though this may prove annoying to some users.


This app can transcribe and display guitar chords, lyrics, and tablature for use by songwriters, composers, musicians and practicing guitarists. Furthermore, it serves as a songbook and practice tracker; users can quickly record ideas they want to save for later reference in an easy-to-read format.

Chord progressions can be altered to fit any mood or tempo, making this app especially helpful for songwriters without much musical theory knowledge. Furthermore, this app features backing tracks in various styles like New Orleans double-time swing, folk or reggae for use as backing tracks.

This app includes a search feature to quickly and conveniently find any chord on the fretboard, along with auto scroll and transpose tools for convenient display. While optimized to work best on tablets, iPhone users can still make use of it.