Guitar Chords App

There are countless guitar-related apps on the market, yet not all are created equal. Some offer features which make them suitable for guitarists of any skill level and ability.

Discover chords from various songs. Additionally, practice tempo adjustment and looping techniques to sharpen your skills.

Easy to use

This app is user-friendly, boasting an expansive song selection and numerous extra features. Furthermore, it works with the same tab files used by Power Tab and Guitar Pro which makes for seamless use. Furthermore, fretboard displays show finger placements while chord transposition is possible. Ultimately this tool makes an excellent way for improving lead playing skills by showing if fingers are in correct positions while providing immediate feedback if any aren’t.

This app is essential for guitar players. With access to over 18,000 songs with chord sheets, hundreds of lessons, scales and scale exercises as well as a dark mode for performing, song finder functionality and playlist compiling capabilities; not to mention compatibility with Apple iCloud for easy synchronization between devices! It is free for download with upgrades available to increase auto scrolling features as well. Additionally, users can upgrade for auto scrolling features, dark mode for performing or song finder capabilities and playlist compilation available as premium upgrades.

Easy to learn

When it comes to guitar learning apps, there is an array of choices out there – some free and some paid subscription. When selecting one to suit your learning style and practice schedule best, take into consideration its design for beginners or more experienced players – some apps may offer advanced features and tools while some provide beginner-specific tools.

Yousician is one of the leading guitar lessons apps, providing step-by-step video lessons created by music teachers that cover a range of musical topics. Additionally, Yousician provides an easy tuner and library of songs.

Uberchord is an appealing guitar app with an innovative learning approach: musical computations are used instead of premade chord charts to produce custom fingerings for any chord or scale, including complex jazz voicings beyond the CAGED shapes. Furthermore, this syncing between iOS devices allows it to provide real-time feedback.


Chordify is an app dedicated to music learning. With an expansive song library that caters to every skill level and genre preference, and an advanced chord selection engine that helps narrow search results based on finger shape – perfect for beginners who can’t stretch out over 5-fret range, Chordify provides all that’s necessary for song learning success.

Apples has created an excellent canonical reference chord library and accompanying fingering diagrams, as well as optional music theory lessons with optional Genius button for finding musically sound and comfortable chord progressions that you can play easily – all available on iOS through a subscription-based model to unlock more advanced lesson content.

This app helps teach you songs through video clips, with additional features available by upgrading to Premium such as changing playback speed and downloading MIDI chords. In addition, the app comes equipped with 22 fret fretboard, studio quality audio playback, and adjustable guitar fret size adjustment for improved learning experiences.

Easy to share

The guitar is one of the most flexible musical instruments, and many musicians use it to craft beautiful harmonic progressions. No matter your level of experience or learning ability, there are numerous apps designed to assist guitarists in coming up with amazing chord progressions; many are free and user-friendly while some provide more advanced tools with price tags attached.

Chord Suggester is an OS and iOS app that makes chord progression creation simple, with plenty of suggestions based on classic progressions to help get you started. Perfect for writers of any skill level at an attractive price point!

You can now carry around the world’s biggest songbook in your pocket! UG Tab’s database offers everything from New Orleans double-time swing to folk and raggae music – with its user-friendly app interface looking good across devices making song writing easy! Additionally, sharing PDF versions of your creations is possible!