Guitar Chords Run Away to Mars

The guitar can be an instrument that elicits emotion and creates an aura of mystery, from Pharrell Williams’ jazz virtuoso soundscapes to Keiji Haino’s unpredictable noise; guitarists can express themselves creatively using this instrument in many different ways.

Mars announced in October 2022 that due to his debilitating back condition – Ankylosing Spondylitis – he would no longer tour with the band.

Key of C Major

C major is a popular chord progression in songs. You will often find folk, pop and country tunes using its chord progression; many folk songs use G and C major chords alongside diminished ones such as Bdim; these dissonant chords are known as Diminished chords which should sound discordant with the melody of your song if played incorrectly and using proper finger positions. To play properly in C major, here’s how you do it:

Brown Eyed Girl is an easy, feel-good song perfect for beginners to start playing chords on. This version uses Cadd9 chord, an alternate version of C major chord which sounds fancier. Cadd9 can also be seen used in other songs such as Paperback Writer by Mavericks and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside as well as Creedence Clearwater Revival’s solemn Rain Will Not Stop by featuring this chord as well.


The bridge is an abrupt change in progression, typically featuring major chords. Tempo may drop during this section to create tension as tension builds as the song nears its climax. Many songs use an AABA structure with verses being part of A and bridge being part of B for maximum tension-building effect.

Metallica (since the Black Album), Cannibal Corpse mid-career, Periphery on songs such as Soldier’s Daughter and Frak the Gods with Forces using a capo on the second fret; Dismember; Suffocation, Amaranthe Immolation Hatebreed Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth Wormed All That Remains Wormed Wormed John Prine performing Fish and Whistle performances from 1998-20.

Open tuning featuring the 6th string tuned from E to A, providing power chords rooted on A while enabling easy fingering on G string – popularly used by artists such as Stephen Malkmus, M Ward and Day Wave.