Guitar Chords Songs For Beginners

guitar chords songs for beginners

Beginner guitarists can easily find plenty of guitar chords songs to learn and play, many based on open chords which are easier to master.

First and foremost, when writing music with chords harmonised within a key, one needs to choose their key for playing it in. This will ultimately determine which chord progressions and harmonies will be utilized in your composition.

And It Stoned Me

Learning guitar can be daunting for beginners. While playing Van Halen solos and Cream riffs might not be an immediate goal, laying down strong foundation with familiar songs that you enjoy may help ensure that interest doesn’t wane too soon.

With only two chords to learn, this country classic is easy for beginners. Additionally, strumming along to it can help build strumming patterns and establish rhythmic grooves.

This song provides an ideal opportunity to practice switching open chords, particularly if using a capo at the first fret. The chord progression features G, C, D and F chords – more straightforward open chords to learn than Bm or Em chords!

Use of a capo on this song can help beginners navigate between chords more smoothly, developing strength. While its chord progression includes both open and power chords, beginners may find simpler open chords easier to play.

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

This song is perfect for beginners as it only uses four chords. Playing songs like this will help familiarize you with open-position chords, chord progressions and strumming patterns – an invaluable way to learn acoustic guitar!

Practice songs at a slower tempo to improve fingerings and timing. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) has a tempo of 190 beats per minute; therefore it is wiser to take your time when practicing this piece and focus on accuracy rather than speed.

This song is composed in G Major, which is an easily playable key popularly used for popular songs. Check out the G Major Cheat Sheet to gain more insight into this key.

Sweet Jane

Ed Sheeran’s slow love song uses four basic chords: C, E/G#, F and Dsus4. Although these chords might appear difficult at first glance, they’re actually easier than you might expect because of how they are played: power chording style means picking chord shapes rather than simply strumming them.

Another excellent beginner acoustic guitar song for novice players is Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, with its open chords making it easier for novice guitarists to play.

Check out my post of beginner-friendly acoustic guitar songs here for more great songs for beginner guitarists! These tunes will help build confidence while teaching chord progression. Keep practicing and stick with it – soon, you will become a better acoustic guitarist! Thank you for reading; any queries please reach out as I would be glad to assist you further!

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is an easy tune to learn on guitar, with its simple G, C, and D chord progression lasting four beats each measure. Once you master this strumming pattern you can add in verse and chorus parts; once these are complete practice the lead guitar part which features a quick 4-measure riff playing over the chord progression to give this tune its bluesy vibe.

This tune is an iconic classic, making it perfect for parties and camping trips alike. The easy chords and strumming patterns make this song accessible to beginner guitarists; but nothing beats drinking around a campfire while listening to this timeless masterpiece on stereo! Any music enthusiast must experience its magic! 🙂