Guitar Chords – Wonderwall by Oasis

guitar chords wonderwall

Wonderwall was one of Oasis’s biggest hits and has since been covered by numerous artists. This song uses an accessible chord progression and strumming pattern which are easily taught to beginners.

To play without a capo, place the 3rd and 4th fingers of both hands on the 2nd fret of the 1st string and play at its 2nd fret – this creates a pedal point which adds depth and harmony to your sound.


Wonderwall by Oasis is an easy and straightforward guitar tune with just three chords and a strumming pattern that repeats over and over, perfect for intermediate players to practice their strumming skills. It is no mystery why Oasis became one of the top bands during the 1990s; their music is captivating, fun, and people will sing along wherever you play it!

This song’s chord progression is simple and has become immensely popular with new guitarists. If playing without using a capo, chord shapes will need to be moved up two frets.

To master this song, listen to its recording multiple times and focus on how chords are being strung. Next, figure out a way to play it on your own – practicing slowly at first then gradually speeding up will ensure you find an acceptable sound.


Oasis’ Wonderwall song has become one of the iconic rock tracks. The rocking yet contemplative, hopeful yet mournful tune is an excellent example of creating atmosphere using guitar chords and strumming. Beginners can learn it easily as its six chord shapes are easy for beginners to play along with its good rhythm that will help beginners master.

Wonderwall features chord voicings that stand out from most beginner songs, offering different shapes that add dimension and can give the song that “ostinato” effect that has become so characteristic of modern music.

Wonderwall is an accessible chord progression designed for newcomers and can easily be learned. Additionally, using a capo (a device used by musicians to raise the pitch of fretted instruments) on the second fret makes acoustic guitars sound fuller and fuller than they might otherwise.

Chord progression

Wonderwall is an easy song for beginners to pick up as it requires only basic chords and strumming pattern repetition. Additionally, capo (an instrument used by musicians to raise the pitch of their fretted instruments) makes this piece suitable. To successfully learn this song correctly, listen to a recording multiple times while paying close attention to chord changes and strumming patterns.

Notable in this song is its use of pedal points – an approach to chord progression that involves adding notes onto an existing chord to create new ones – rather than moving fingertip when changing chords. Pedal points allow musicians to keep both pinky and ring fingers still when changing chords.

To play this chord progression, it is necessary to master E, D and G chords. Start off by starting on E chord and move onto D chord before finishing up with G chord.

Strumming pattern

Wonderwall by Oasis is one of their best-known songs and an ideal choice to learn for beginning guitarists. The chord progression is relatively easy to pick up while its strumming pattern can be picked up easily – however it would be wiser to first mastering its chords before learning its strumming pattern.

The song is set in F minor, with a moderate dance groove as its foundation. To play it correctly, a capo on the second fret must be used so as to play chords correctly while maintaining harmony throughout.

Beginners may find the strumming pattern to be long and complex; however, you can begin slowly before increasing speed as you get used to its rhythm. Accentuate strums by hitting them harder on beats marked with bold words; this will make the song sound closer to its original Oasis version.