Guitar Chords Zara Zara

guitar chords zara zara

Zara Zara from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein is an evergreen song performed by Bombay Jayashree and composed by Harris Jayaraj with lyrics written by Sameer. Our version features guitar chords on Bm scale with moderate tempo and signature 4/4 beat tempo for beginner guitarists. For additional convenience we’ve used capo on second fret to facilitate learning this tune more easily.

A Bm

The B minor chord can be one of the more challenging guitar chords to play. However, once you understand how to play various forms of it, it can actually become easier than other more difficult chords. A great way to begin learning this chord and even after mastering more complex forms is simply using your finger across all strings as it serves as an excellent stepping-stone.

Zara Zara Chords from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein movie are performed by Bombay Jayashree and composed by Harris Jayaraj, with us using capo on 2nd fret to make chord progression more understandable for beginners. Here is the chord progression:.

C Dm

D minor is an accessible chord used to evoke melancholy or anxiety, as well as add heavy rock sounds (as seen in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”). Additionally, this chord often pairs well with other minor notes for added complexity and complexity of tone.

To play the D minor chord, place your index finger on the 1st fret of the first string (high E). With your middle and ring fingers, form the D minor shape using tones D, F, and A; like major chords they are built using stacking two 3rds over a root; however this time they follow this order: minor 3rd followed by major 3rd then perfect 5th back to root (middle finger on 1st fret of 1st string).

An effective way to remember this D minor shape is to compare it with another chord you already recognize, like D major. Practice placing your fingers on strings for four beats before taking them off again until four beats pass.

E Fm

Zara Zara (Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein) is one of those classic melodies that needs no introduction. Not only is this evergreen song melodious but also serves as a lesson about true love – making it an all-time favorite among music fans everywhere.

This song’s chords are easy to learn; all that’s required for success is an understanding of the Fm scale and some practice to master it. Furthermore, its strumming pattern is straightforward and can be played both with or without a capo.

This video will demonstrate how to play E Fm guitar chords zara zara with or without a capo, so practice it often and you will soon improve! We wish you much success and encourage you to share this article if it was beneficial. Thank you for viewing it and please feel free to spread the word if it was beneficial!

G Gm

Zara Zara is one of those timeless melodies that need no introduction. From the film Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, this evergreen track teaches us the meaning of love and romance through its classic melody by Bombay Jayashree’s soulful vocals; its poetic lyrics were written by Sameer.

This song is played in G major and has a moderate tempo, while its chord progression follows a D d udu pattern, making it easier for beginners to play. You can find its video on Youtube; Vedantu offers study material tailored specifically towards helping students overcome complex concepts that might otherwise prove too challenging to comprehend.


The Am chord is an essential component of any guitarist’s arsenal. Used in many popular songs across various genres and being easy for beginners to form using just two fingers makes this chord ideal for learning guitarists.

When playing this chord, be careful to not muffle the low E string; you want its sound to echo throughout so your chords sound full and rich.

Try playing this shape using the second fret on G string instead, for an alternative sound and look. Experimentation is key here to find what best fits your preferences!