Guitar Repair Near Me

No matter your skill level as a guitarist or just starting out, it’s always beneficial to maintain your instrument. Fortunately, there are numerous qualified techs and luthiers in the area who can assist with keeping your musical gear in top condition.

Repairs for guitars can range from re-fretting, crowning and polishing the frets to structural issues such as cracks or braces. Here is a list of some of the top acoustic guitar repair shops near me that can take care of all your instrument’s requirements.

Guitar Center Repairs

Guitar Center is your go-to shop for everything guitar related, from new and used guitars to lessons and repair/maintenance services. With locations all over America, there’s sure to be a nearby store that can meet all of your musical needs.

As a guitar player, it’s essential to maintain your instrument in top condition to maximize its lifespan and ensure maximum performance. While some repairs can be done at home – like polishing and restringing – some issues require professional expertise.

The GC Repairs team is comprised of certified musicians who understand the significance of keeping your equipment in top condition. They offer a range of services to keep your guitar tuned up, from routine inspections and consultations to cleaning and polishing as well as adjusting parts or installing upgrades or modifications.

For instance, if you’re after a more aggressive sound, an guitar pick-up upgrade could be just what the doctor ordered. From humbuckers to single coils or P90s, new pickups give your instrument an entirely new voice.

GC Repairs offers various guitar setup packages to choose from, each priced according to the job that needs doing. These may include a full 22-point checklist inspection as well as cleaning, polishing and restringing services.

Other options are more comprehensive, such as a full guitar setup that includes an adjustment of your truss rod and other aspects of the action. This is ideal for those who play frequently and want to guarantee their instrument is in top condition.

Consider investing in a factory service package from Taylor. These packages are available at their Factory Service Centers located in El Cajon, California and Amsterdam, Netherlands and will help extend the life of your guitar so it plays like new.

Steve Morrill

Steve Morrill is a highly skilled Luthier and Craftsman in guitar repair, maintenance and custom building. His experience encompasses both acoustic and electric guitars – from major fretwork to minor fixes like replacing the neck and bridge on an acoustic.

He is also a Fender Certified Electronics Technician and has restored, repaired and modified many of his own and friends’ acoustic and electric guitars. What’s best about working with him is his reasonable turnaround times and rates; plus his friendly demeanor when discussing shop topics is unmatchedable!

I’ve personally visited Steve several times to have him refinish and rewire a vintage Fender Telecaster, and his work is of the highest quality. Additionally, I brought other instruments for minor repairs and upgrades such as installing a new tremolo arm, custom volume knob, replacing an acoustic guitar’s bridge, and adding some sparkle to its fretboard. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking quality guitar restoration or repair services.

Steve’s work is affordable and professionally completed in a clean environment. Plus, his completed pieces come complete with an attractive display case! With his vast collection of parts and extensive experience under his belt, Steve makes for an ideal choice for any musical instrument enthusiast.

Steve Morrill is one of the many excellent acoustic guitar repair companies in the area, and I highly recommend his services for your next restoration project. Whether it’s just tuning keys or an entire restoration, you won’t regret it!

Finale Guitars

Roger Bucknall is one of the world’s foremost guitar makers, boasting an impressive client list that includes some of music’s greatest names. His expertise and experience have allowed him to craft iconic guitar designs that have shaped playing styles across Britain and beyond.

Roger is an accomplished guitar repair luthier as well as a builder of instruments. With decades of experience with acoustic, electric, basses, and ukuleles under his belt, Roger offers repairs, setups, and restoration services for all types of acoustic guitars.

He specializes in the repair and restoration of vintage and classic guitars, boasting an impressive portfolio of clients. As both a guitarist and bassist, he’s performed with renowned acts such as Led Zeppelina, Hungarian Lanterns, The Bloody Marys and many others.

His acoustic and electric guitar repair service is widely renowned for its quality and value. Furthermore, he’s renowned for his custom paint work which adds a unique touch to each instrument.

At your appointment, a comprehensive inspection will be conducted of your instrument. This includes inspecting the condition of its body, neck, pickups and bridge. Furthermore, you’ll get a tuneup to optimize its tone.

The tuneup will involve adjusting the action, truss rod, bridge saddle, nut height, and other settings. Furthermore, you have the chance to play all open strings to check for buzzing or fretting noises.

For optimal playability and durability, adjust the nut, bridge saddle, and truss rod to manufacturer recommended (or customer requested) specifications. These adjustments will enhance your guitar’s performance and maintain its integrity.

Roger recommends that in addition to regular maintenance, you take your acoustic guitar in for an annual tuning and inspection. Doing this will help keep the instrument in top condition for years to come.

Though not a particularly complex process, it can still seem intimidating if you try it alone. That is why we offer an advanced Guitar Repair Luthier education to prepare you for what comes next and how to handle any issues that may arise.

Clive Wayland

Clive Wayland is an accomplished guitar player with a knack for the captivating and unfussy. Born and raised in rural Ontario with rock music running through his veins, he’s had many hits since. Currently the bassist for five-piece blues/rock band The Roof Thieves, Clive has extensive collections of vintage and modern day relics which can be found at his shop – many are original creations! You’ll know him by looking at his website; as longtime musicians know, Clive is here to stay! For any tuning needs you might need, give him a call!