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bass guitar shops near me

Great mom & pop vibes and packed to the brim with only high quality instruments. They also have a good selection of guitar effect pedals.

Slappers should love the EB-0’s passive pickup configuration; rockers will appreciate its humbucker in the neck position. Mahogany-bodied basses typically sound warmer and a little more mellow than alder or basswood basses.


When selecting an electric bass, consider whether you’ll want an active or passive pickup. Active basses have an onboard preamp that uses a 9V battery to boost the bass’s signal and give it a range of tones. Passive basses do not use a battery, but instead allow their body to transmit sound through the strings and through your amplifier.

You’ll also need to decide what type of bass you prefer, such as a long or medium scale. Long-scale basses are the industry standard, with a 34″ string length that gives them the deep tone and power required for bass instruments. Medium-scale basses have a 32″ string length and are more manageable for beginners or those with smaller hands.

Once you’ve settled on a bass, consider what type of wood it will be made from. Bass guitars are often made from mahogany, alder, or basswood, which each offer different tones and characteristics. Mahogany is typically warm and smooth, with a full, well-rounded tone; alder basses have a crisper high-end, while basswood has a balanced, midrangey sound with a solid low-end.

If you’re in the market for a budget bass, check out Yamaha’s TRBX series. They’re a great entry-level bass for beginners, with a mahogany body and a passive EQ that lets your fingers do the work of shaping its tones. Another affordable option is Epiphone’s EB-0 bass, which offers a big plank of mahogany and a simple, passive pickup that leaves all the tonal magic up to you. If you’re looking to branch out into more exotic tonewoods, try Yamaha’s GB20 model. Its mango veneer on a solid mahogany body gives it a pseudo-boutique vibe that’s sure to spark some jazz-fusion inspiration in your playing.


Basses are the lower-frequency counterparts to guitars, providing that deep bass tone that provides rhythm and harmony. Whether you are looking for a thunderous five-string to slap around, or an understated classic, there are basses to suit any style of music. From a simple BB bass to an expensive fretless model, there are lots of options at your local guitar shop.

You may be able to find basses in many different price ranges, but the most expensive models come with a lot of extras. For example, the fingerboard on this Ritter R-Bass is inlaid with flowers made of 24-karat gold. The tuning pegs, bridge, and knobs are also made of gold. To top it off, the nut is made from ivory from a 10,000-year-old Siberian Mammoth.

The most common type of bass is a fretted bass. This has a neck with steel frets dividing each half step of the chromatic scale into notes, making it easier to find the right notes for any chord. Some players prefer a fretless bass, which has no frets and is similar to an upright bass or violin. While it may be harder to play, it can give you a smoother sound and more natural feel.

Another popular type of bass is a short-scale guitar, which has a smaller neck and body and can be more comfortable to hold for younger players. One great option is the Yamaha BB435 Bass, which features a slimmer neck and 34-inch scale that make it easy to play for beginners or improvers. It also has two M3 humbucking pickups, giving you the ability to dial in both low end rumble and warm and mellow bass tones.

There are also a number of affordable basses to choose from. For example, the Ibanez SR420 is an excellent choice for beginners because of its affordability and high-quality construction. It also has a good-quality body and a maple and mahogany bolt-on neck. This bass also has an EQ that gives you a variety of tones.

Ibanez is another bass company that is known for its quality instruments and diverse range of styles. They are a great choice for beginner bassists or improvers who want to get into the more advanced styles of bass. Their RockBass series is a great choice for those who want an affordable bass guitar with excellent quality, and the Ibanez Artist line is for those who need a professional-level bass at an even more reasonable price.


Basses produce their sound through their pickups, which convert vibrations from the string to electrical signals. There are two types of basses: passive, which rely on the strings themselves to create their tone, and active, which have onboard preamps that boost the signal with one or more 9V batteries for extra range of tone. Passive basses are cheaper and easier to maintain, but they can lack some of the high-end clarity that professional players require.

Choosing the right pickups is important for your style of music, and there are many options to consider. A bassist can choose between humbucking and single-coil pickups, as well as whether or not the instrument should have a tone control. Most bass guitar shops carry both active and passive basses, so you can experiment to find your perfect instrument.

The most iconic bass is arguably the Music Man StingRay, which has been the bass of choice for bassists since its introduction in 1976. The StingRay is a Leo Fender design, and it is the epitome of precision, quality, and durability. Its hardware is solid, with a Saddle-Lock bridge and open-backed tuners. The pickups are the real standout feature – a pair of custom-designed humbuckers with a 3-band EQ allow you to dial in just about any bass tone you can imagine, from thick and warm low-end to elastic bounce in the upper mids to baritone twang with the treble turned up.

The RBX series of basses is the latest from Music Man, and it takes the company’s experience in building lightweight acoustic instruments to the next level. These basses are designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing the acoustic resonance that makes them a popular choice for working musicians. Each bass is made from a blend of lightweight woods, including maple and birch. The RBX basses also have an active 18V pickup and EQ, which allows you to control the frequency response of the bass.


Many guitarists need accessories to help with practice, performance and storage. Some examples include comfortable straps to sling a bass over your shoulder or guitar stands to keep the instrument secure when it’s not being played. Guitar effect pedals are a popular accessory that can dramatically alter the sound of any guitar. Many of these are made by small manufacturers in the USA.

Collings Guitars (Austin, TX): acoustic and electric guitars and basses, made in Austin. (Factory tours Fridays.) Available at local music retailers. Dean Markley Strings (Santa Clara, CA): acoustic and electric strings, made in Kalamazoo, MI. (Use dealer locator.)