Heavy Metal Music Bars Near Me

heavy metal music bars near me

Heavy metal music bars provide a gathering spot for fans of loud, aggressive music. These establishments showcase heavy metal bands while providing alcohol for sale – creating the ideal setting to meet people and mosh until your heart’s content!

Seattle was known for blending punk, metal and grunge music, with this venue acting as an incubator of up-and-coming acts before they became household names.

Scruffy Murphy’s

Scruffy Murphy’s is an Irish pub dedicated to heavy metal music that features an extensive selection of beer, whiskey and bourbon as well as delicious food – perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work!

This dark wood bar with caged Edison bulbs and a hunting lodge aesthetic features bar stools, high tops and tables that fill quickly by 7pm; their specials menu becomes quickly covered by sticky fingers by night’s end. Drinks are surprisingly affordable given its size and quality; Morbid Red, Speed Kills IPA and World Downfall Stout can all be found among others on offer here.

At this bar, Exodus, Testament, Napalm Death and numerous other metal bands such as Exodus play regularly. Additionally, they host events featuring metal music like trivia nights and charity benefit concerts with very friendly staff always willing to assist customers.

This bar will give you an authentic taste of Ireland. The owners have traveled all over, collecting an array of authentic foods. There’s something from all corners of Ireland here as well as traditional Irish favorites. Additionally, their drinks selection features Cajun cuisine (Cajun shrimp appetizer, Cajun hush puppies and catfish fingers are just a few options available), plus there’s half-price appetizer happy hour – an experience not to be missed if metal music is your passion! This bar should definitely be on your itinerary.

The Hare and Hounds

This venue features both traditional pub seating downstairs, as well as two rooms upstairs that host some of the top bands touring today. Four to six nights every week, this local gem opens its doors for music enthusiasts of all kinds; drawing an eclectic crowd. Music here never disappoints and makes this an excellent spot to meet friends for drinks on weekday evenings or attend live music nights during weekends.

Metalheads and non-metalheads alike will enjoy this bar. Its interior is filled with horror movie memorabilia, such as posters of Slayer and other metal legends, while its jukebox offers an impressive selection of metal tracks. Plus, drinks are reasonably priced while food options even include vegetarian offerings on its menu!

Birmingham was the birthplace of heavy metal music, so it only seems fitting that its capital would host an active venue dedicated to it. The Mermaid offers boundary-pushing metal from local UK artists as well as international tours. Furthermore, its fiery atmosphere helped give rise to grindcore, an aggressive combination of thrash and death metal genres.

Ruthie’s Inn welcomed with open arms when the early 1980s brought fierce new strains of punk and hardcore into San Francisco Bay area from Ruthie’s Inn’s warehouse-like club environment in San Francisco Bay area, welcoming it with open arms with open arms brash and daring acts that utilized punk’s fury and velocity to birth an entirely new genre known as thrash.

After almost 15 years of Birmingham’s molten metal, Detroit saw the birth of an even more extreme form: grunge. Gorilla Gardens played an instrumental role in Seattle’s grunge capital as its punk and metal influences combined to produce Nirvana and Soundgarden thrash-infused rock; additionally it served as a platform for up-and-coming metal stars like Iron Maiden and Samson who sold out nightly shows there.

The Hare and Hounds Pub Restaurant Hotel in Luzley near Ashton-Under-Lyne and Mossley in Tameside features fine ales, wines, and delectable food – with special attention given to a delicious Sunday Pub Quiz hosted by Ian Woolley of Quiz Britain where participants may win cash accumulators prizes!

The Flapper

If you love metal music, The Flapper Bar is the place for you. Offering an extensive selection of beer and an energetic live band, The Flapper provides an incredible venue to indulge your tastes while watching their band perform. Plus they even have half price appetizer happy hour where you can grab delicious Cajun food while watching them perform!

The Flapper is a bar and concert venue located along Birmingham’s canalside that attracts rock fans and metal heads alike. Boasting both an intimate downstairs gig space as well as an upmarket upstairs pub, The Flapper serves as a popular venue to catch local and international acts performing in addition to providing drinks before attending shows at nearby ICC or Symphony Hall venues.

Birmingham is known as the birthplace of heavy metal music, so it should come as no surprise that its bars are packed with headbangers. Home to metal-making plants for decades, Birmingham seems to have had an effectful industrial legacy which inspired musicians such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and both members of Led Zeppelin who helped pioneer heavy metal in the 70s – their groundbreaking styles stemming from its melting soul like liquid metal itself.

Though officially dedicated heavy metal venues didn’t begin until the mid ’80s, certain iconic Los Angeles establishments quickly established themselves as hubs for heavy metal music during its golden years: Mercury Lounge, Troubadour and Viper Room all played an essential part in shaping what is now considered “hair metal.”

As is common with tours, venues often sell out prior to shows. Finding one can be challenging; many venues now provide online reservations so that fans don’t spend hours looking for their desired place to watch a metal band perform live.

The Flapper is an authentic heavy metal music bar and the owners take great pride in creating an environment that would have appealed to their teenage selves. The walls are covered with posters of Motorhead and Judas Priest as well as flyers from past metal concerts; there’s even a disco ball, plus old horror flicks are stored under each TV screen!

The Arches

If you love heavy metal music, these bars will surely delight. While sipping on drinks and watching videos of your favorite bands, the bartenders at these establishments are knowledgeable on all things metal music and can answer any of your queries or suggest new bands to check out. Plus, this is a great opportunity to meet other metal fans while listening to some great tunes!

These bars are an excellent place for anyone who appreciates rock, metal, and punk music to find some fun times out with friends and enjoy great drinks such as beer and cocktails while listening to great tunes. Not to mention, many offer food to accompany the soundscape, plus dance floors for dancing along to it all!

Mermaid continued to be one of the premier venues for heavy metal for many years to come, drawing both local denim-and-leather fans as well as touring marauders (such as Napalm Death, Amebix and Extreme Noise Terror) from across the world – particularly American hardcore battalions like DRI and MDC which contributed immensely towards Seattle’s transformation from punk and metal into grunge music.

Ben and Nick D’Allesandros, co-owners of popular pizza joint Cutty’s in Charleston, had an ambitious plan when they bought 638 King Street building: to transform it into the bar of their dreams with guidance from an outside consultant to make it “more adult”. What they created instead is one of Charleston’s premier death metal bars – Arches Ministry of Sound.

Sugey Griffith, owner and bartender at Metal Monarch Bar in Portland, has created an environment fit for her teenage self: posters for bands like Motorhead and Judas Priest line the walls; VHS horror films line shelves; she also boasts an extensive knowledge of both metal bands and horror flicks and has amassed an encyclopedic collection of memorabilia from both genres.

If you enjoy heavy metal music, check out one of these NYC bars that specialize in hard rock. Each provides an enjoyable atmosphere and delicious food while hosting plenty of live rock and metal music performances.

This dive offers headbangers an experience like no other with its red vinyl booths and checkerboard linoleum flooring, its red vinyl booths, punk, alternative and metal tunes on its juke box as well as cheap beer on tap – not forgetting its pool table!

Duff’s Bar & Grill

This bar dedicated to heavy metal music is an ideal place for drinks, with an extensive selection of beer and bourbon available; menu offerings such as chicken wings and an andouille burger make this bar even more ideal. Furthermore, you can even enjoy live concerts here as there is always plenty of live bands playing while dining on their delicious food during performances!

Jimmy Duff is one of the most recognized faces in metal music. Distinguished by a tall stature and wearing band patches proudly on his camo jacket, Jimmy is often seen wearing rings or necklaces and offers to help when possible – as well as enjoy spending time with his family and friends.

Duff’s attracts rock and metal celebrities from all around the globe. Every year, Duff’s hosts an annual Dean Dimebag guitar raffle that benefits VH1 Save the Music Foundation in memory of this late guitarist, as well as hosting recording sessions for numerous popular bands.

Duff’s is a family-friendly bar, yet still attracts young metalheads. The venue hosts metal events and parties as well as offering cheap pints of beer with classic Black Sabbath and Slayer songs on its jukebox.

Jimmy Duff, owner and manager of Duff’s in New York City, has worked diligently to build his reputation as a heavy metal bar. He understands the needs of metal fans well and strives constantly to improve their experience at Duff’s.

Experienced in local music scene and has worked on multiple projects. He understands what makes for a successful musical project, working alongside top talent like The Sword and Black Label Society artists to reach top charts.

Duff’s is known for hosting local and international acts alike. Additionally, CD and DVD release parties are held regularly here as well. He has photographed some of the biggest names in heavy metal such as Rob Zombie of Rob Zombie Iron Maiden Kerry King from Slayer Celtic Frost as well as owning NYC Metal Scene which provides film production services that can film anywhere indoors or outdoors – this company can shoot full bands as well.

Aces High Saloon

Salt Lake City’s Western/Heavy Metal bar is a haven for fans of heavy metal music and fans. Offering a warm and inviting environment with black tuffed booths, pool table, delicious vegan food (half the menu is vegan!), live music performances and great atmosphere; it attracts both travelers from abroad as well as locals looking for an awesome metal experience! The crowd here includes both visitors from faraway lands looking for good times with great metal music!

This dive bar serves not only beer and cocktails, but also offers an assortment of tantalizing appetizers including fried oysters, Cajun hush puppies, catfish fries and chicken wings at affordable prices – complete with an icy cold happy hour beer selection!

Aces High Saloon hosts various concerts throughout the year. With its stage suited to bands performing, it holds up to 200 guests for special events or booking. Their staff are friendly, drinks are affordable, and Aces High Saloon is relatively new on Salt Lake City’s musical scene.

Once upon a time, there were bars that catered specifically to heavy metal music and hard rock; these places provided a sense of community while not shying away from standing out from the crowd. Unfortunately, most of these establishments have since closed as club culture in NYC has declined drastically since Giuliani cleaned up Times Square; since his arrival, we have not witnessed many bars of this nature around town.

Here are some of the best places in NYC where you can experience heavy metal:

Toronado in Haight is a classic metal bar featuring an awesome selection of heavy metal music and featuring a bar serving both bourbon and beer. Hemlock Tavern shares many characteristics with Toronado including full kitchen service as well as a jukebox that plays hard rock/punk rock tunes.

New York offers numerous restaurants and bars catering specifically to heavy metal music fans. These establishments offer a selection of whiskey and bourbon as well as rock music; some even provide dedicated jukeboxes!

Cajun Kitchen & Bar

This New Orleans-inspired eatery serves roasted oysters and praline beignets in the Creole tradition, while Cane River Gumbo and Fried Boudin Balls can satisfy Cajun tastes. Indulge in classic cocktails from Abita beers as well as dishes such as Cranfish Mac and Cheese or Lamb Meatball Po’ Boy along with classic cocktails for Mardi Gras celebrations or any time you want a taste of Louisiana.

This family-run restaurant was established by Richard Jimenez in 1984, starting as a simple prep cook with no prior management experience, before expanding across multiple locations throughout Los Angeles.

The Ottobar Lounge

The Ottobar is one of Baltimore’s premiere music and performance venues. Boasting two performance spaces – plus an on-site bar – two performance spaces as well as roof deck and an upstairs lounge, The Ottobar offers something for everyone with live metal bands, burlesque shows and up and coming local artists to be found there – making this venue an excellent place for discovering talent in an intimate environment.

Since 1992, this gritty music club has been an indispensable fixture in its neighborhood. Offering concerts, literary readings, art exhibitions and flea markets – as well as acting as a community hub that encourages all kinds of expression through music – the venue also supports local social justice organizations with their fundraising initiatives.

Craig Boatman and Michael Bowen established The Cat House Club in 1997, taking its name after Michael Bowen’s cat. Originally situated in an alley near City Hall, later it moved to a larger venue nearby and now hosts over 1,000 acts annually from rock, folk, and alternative genres.

At this bar, it’s the perfect spot for watching sports, offering an excellent beer selection as well as specials at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, their staff is incredibly welcoming, always making sure their customers have an enjoyable time at this bar! Not to mention delicious cocktails served up alongside cold draft beer poured ice cold.

Heavy metal music enthusiasts in New York will find The Heavy in New York the ideal spot. Not only will you enjoy loud music with enthusiastic crowds, but they can also find great food here; including plenty of beers and whiskeys available, an extensive list of mixed beverages as well as tasty appetizers and sandwiches from their bar menu; you can also buy beer and whiskey bottles to take home with them!