Heavy Metal Music Festivals 2023

Hellfest 2023 will feature an epic lineup, including Killswitch Engage, Meshuggah and many others.

Aftershock Festival is one of the nation’s premier rock music festivals, boasting an extensive lineup of metal artists like Rain City Drive and Dance Gavin Dance from Sacramento – two acts who are quickly emerging on the metal scene.


Clisson, France becomes an oasis of heavy metal every June for one weekend during Hellfest Festival, drawing over 150,000 attendees from around the globe. Attractions range from pagan metal bands to black metal ones at this festival which provides attendees with an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals while listening to some incredible tunes.

This event spans four days and features over 200 artists and groups from extreme music. KISS, Def Leppard and Slipknot will all make appearances, giving fans the opportunity to witness these legendary bands perform live.

Not only does Hellfest feature an amazing lineup, it also boasts an unrivalled atmosphere. A true metalhead’s paradise, this festival was meticulously planned from top to bottom by organizers who put so much work into crafting its experience, from staff to pyrotechnics and even pausing bands’ performances to launch fireworks displays for one hour after midnight! Truly jaw dropping!

Make sure to get your tickets early as this festival sells out quickly. Tickets can be bought both online or at the festival box office; prices vary, with 4-day passes costing $80; VIP packages offering reserved areas with services and comfort available at $140 each; there’s even a Metal Corner which offers drinks, food, and other amenities! Even if you can’t make it out live this year, some performances from previous years such as Arch Enemy, BlackRain, Metal Church and Within Temptation available online as video clips on YouTube if unable to make it in person!

Resurrection Fest

Resurrection Fest is an annual festival dedicated to rock and metal music held each summer in Viveiro, Spain, drawing in more than 55,000 hardcore and punk rock fans from across Spain and Portugal. This spectacular setting makes Resurrection Fest one of the most anticipated music events.

Resu Fest offers an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie between attendees and bands alike, and is dedicated to musical diversity, featuring both legendary acts as well as new talent. Beyond its musical lineup, Resurrection Fest provides workshops and social initiatives which promote healthy lifestyles – making this festival must-see event for rock and metal music fans globally.

Resurrection Fest attracts some of the biggest acts in heavy metal and punk rock music today, including Ghost, Slipknot, Pantera and Papa Roach this year. Additionally, local bands perform at this festival along with food stalls offering grilled meat, artisan pizza and vegetarian offerings – making Resurrection Fest one of Europe’s premier music events.

Resurrection Fest is home to numerous world-renowned bands on its main stage, but Resurrection Market features lesser-known acts who may not have as much name recognition. Ritual and Chaos stages focus on hardcore and punk rock music while Desert stage showcases psychedelic rock, post metal, doom music. Resurrection Market also hosts exclusive offerings from international specialist brands as well as record releases.

Resurrection Fest’s 2017 event brought with it an impressive green ferris wheel, providing guests with an amazing perspective of all of the bands performing from above and creating an interactive and memorable experience for metalheads alike. You can ride this wheel while your favorite artists perform live onstage – truly immersing you in this experience!


Since 2005, this British festival has been held annually since 2005 and features more than 125 international artists performing across four stages and an incredible range of exhibitors at RAM Gallery. Full weekend camping is also offered alongside fairground rides, Lemmy’s Bar serving real ale, signing tents for your favourite bands, fairground rides and much more – making this event an absolute must for heavy metal music fans!

Bloodstock stands out among major festivals by having a stage specifically for unsigned bands to perform at. This platform allows unsigned metal acts the chance to gain exposure in front of fans who share similar tastes in music, and with the MTTM competition providing bands the chance to perform even without management or connections to gain the opportunity of performing at Bloodstock itself.

This year’s mainstage lineup consisted of Testament (Thursday), Lacuna Coil (Friday), and In Flames (Saturday). On the Sophie Lancaster Stage was an eclectic lineup including Swedish doom metal pioneer Candlemass; spiritually inspired neo-soul band Zeal & Ardor; Church of the Cosmic Skull from Nottingham; as well as Viking metal act Brothers of Metal.

As a special tribute to Black Sabbath’s late and legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio, the mainstage was officially named in his honor – now known as the Ronnie James Dio Stage. Other highlights of the day included Sweden’s progressive metal pioneers Opeth playing an impressive set and performing one song from their classic days with Rainbow.

Midday sun-kissed punters enjoyed delicious fare from various stalls while being entertained by circus acts and sideshow games. A Viking Battle Arena, an ESP Guitars booth and the legendary Merch Amnesty offered thousands of classic old-school metal t-shirts to new homes; Lemmy’s Bar also provided an extensive menu of real ale beverages.

Knotfest Australia

Knotfest Australia is one of the few Australian heavy metal festivals still running, featuring three days of music festivals at Melbourne Flemington Racecourse (16+), Sydney Centennial Park (18+) and Brisbane Showgrounds (15+). Knotfest will host Pantera (who haven’t performed here since 1996) and Chicago hard rockers Disturbed; influential bands like Lamb of God, Halestorm, Asking Alexandria and Wage War will join these thrash metal veterans; local favorites King Parrot Thy Art Is Murder and Escape the Fate will also attend.

Knotfest Australia was an overwhelming success last year and looks set to grow even bigger this time around. With an exciting lineup and numerous activities ranging from an impressive museum collection of items, food stalls and merchandise shops; to no-clash festivals that lasted all day – organisers pledged that every band played for enough time; they delivered on this promise!

Knotfest took a bold step by organizing its debut heavy metal festival post-COVID Australia and managed to achieve near perfect execution of their inaugural festival at Centennial Park, with enthusiastic support from attendees throughout.

Slipknot lived up to expectations as the festival’s headliner. Hailing from Iowa, they brought their iconic set alive despite an incident when an adolescent fan scaled a speaker tower and forced organizers to halt their show for safety concerns. Parkway Drive, Megadeth, Amon Amarth and Northlane were other highlights along with punk-influenced Story of the Year and Void of Vision that completed a memorable evening performance.

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival

After five years away, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is back at Worcester’s Palladium Outdoors after five-year hiatus. Led by Scott Lee of Mass Concerts, this two-day event offers local food, beer, vendors, three stages, over 30 bands (Parkway Drive, Amity Affliction, Black Dahlia Murder etc), food vendors, local food and beverages from vendors; local cuisine such as Parkway Drive; live performances such as Amity Affliction; as well as local vendors. This year’s lineup features Parkway Drive; Parkway Drive; Amity Affliction; The Amity Affliction; Black Dahlia Murder among many others!

Festival organizers have done an exceptional job of curating this year’s lineup of artists for this event, adding many incredible acts that are new to the area. Additionally, this year’s fest will also include a brand-new stage in the back parking lot that will amplify every chord and drum beat – creating an unforgettable open-air experience that amplifies each powerful chord or beat!

This year’s lineup offers something for everyone, ranging from metalcore veterans to extreme death metal acts and gothic bands like The Red Chord with its engaging frontwoman Floor Jansen accepting cheers and applause with grace from her audience.

New England Metal Fest is unique among metal festivals; unlike its southern counterparts, its smaller size enables fans to meet and greet each other quickly, providing an excellent opportunity to network within the scene and form lasting friendships in metal music! New England should not be missed by anyone interested in heavy metal music!

Reviving the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival has been met with enthusiastic support by music community. Boasting headliners like Lamb of God and Parkway Drive, this festival promises to be among the finest of its kind in recent memory – evidence of its revitalization so quickly after its hiatus is proof of their dedication.