Heavy Metal Music Jokes and Puns

Oscar Wilde once claimed that sarcasm was the lowest form of humor; however, I believe puns may take the cake. Puns typically belong to tabloid newspaper headlines and embarrassing dads alike – so pairing them with metal music might seem an unusual choice.

Steel Panther and similar bands have demonstrated that puns can be both entertaining and amusing, proving they can create both laugh-out-loud moments while remaining highly amusing.


Metals are shiny, strong and durable materials that are malleable and excellent electrical conductors, naturally found in the earth and must be mined and processed before being put to any use. Common examples of metals include iron, copper, aluminum and gold; most commonly found used to make objects such as cars, weapons and buildings as well as medicine, dentistry and manufacturing processes. Metals should only be consumed sparingly as their use can be toxic if eaten directly; therefore use should be done sparingly to avoid accidental consumption of these toxic metals.

Metal music has always had a close association between puns and wordplay and metal music, possibly due to many metal bands’ propensity to poke fun at themselves or their fans through jokes; or because metal musicians enjoy using words to create silliness through humor. Whatever their reason may be, metal puns are usually quite amusing and there’s never any shortage of them out there!

One of the best places to find metal puns is in song lyrics. A great example of such is “Metal Health” by Steel Panther – featuring lots of clever metal jokes in its lyrics! This track will make you smile.

There are also some humorous jokes pertaining to metals available online, including one about their potential health hazards, including one regarding large doses being inhaled or being combined together into one mass when melting together. These comedic comments address both aspects of their metal’s harmfulness: ingestion as well as melting together – two forms of poisonous action which should be considered together when it comes to health concerns and potential poisonous consequences for both scenarios.

Another popular way to make metal jokes is using references in band or album names; for instance, Steel Panther is an amusing parody of glam metal bands and can also serve as an effective promotional strategy for them. This strategy serves both purposes by drawing attention to metal music while simultaneously helping promote your band!

One of the best-known metal puns is the joke about how many emo kids it takes to change a light bulb; according to Periphery fans, that number would be 10. This pun effectively pokes fun at stereotypes associated with heavy metal subculture, showing that metalheads can also be just as ridiculous and entertaining as anyone else.

Laughable Metal Puns

Metal music is an eclectic genre that embraces an unusual mix of characters. On one hand, its themes center around death, madness, fury and rebellion; yet on the other, puns and wordplay often play an integral part of its musical expression. Oscar Wilde once famously noted that sarcasm was considered to be the lowest form of humor while puns may just edging out as another form.

Puns aren’t limited to heavy metal music alone – puns can also be found across other genres of rock. Nirvana was known for their clever use of puns when creating their 1992 demo/B-side compilation under the humorously named Incesticide. Frank Zappa also took great joy in using puns on his albums such as Sheik Yerbouti.

Other metal artists have also adopted humor into their song titles and performances; vegetarian metal band Cattle Decapitation may be leading this charge with their humorously punny songs such as “Malice Through the Looking Glass” and “Constipation Camp”.

Steel Panther is another heavy metal band known for their humor-laced songs and puns. Though clearly parodying the excess and pomposity common to 1980s glam and hair metal bands, they do it with style and humor – creating an entertaining show and top-tier musicians!

As much as some puns may seem cheesy or overdone, others can be absolutely hilarious and leave you in stitches of laughter. What makes puns so charming is their ability to turn something as serious and heavy-hearted as metal into something lighthearted and silly; that is what makes puns so endearing!

If you’re in the mood for some playful wordplay, try one of these hilarious metal puns on your friends and family! Even hardcore metalheads will appreciate these jokes – who knows, perhaps these puns will spark their own pun mania! Remember to gauge your audience before cracking jokes like this as not everyone will appreciate this type of clever wit!

Laughable Metal Quotes

There’s something special about bands who take themselves less seriously and can make people laugh, particularly metal bands which tend to have a strong sense of humor that sets them apart from other genres of music. From making fun of themselves or other bands in the genre to engaging fans through clever wordplay and humorous jokes, metal acts have a unique ability to connect with fans while drawing them in with laughter-inducing tunes and lyrics.

Metal puns can be an entertaining way to lighten the mood and bring smiles. Many of these jokes reference specific genres of music and often touch upon topics such as sexual violence, drugs abuse or other subjects that could potentially be considered controversial. Sometimes puns laced with irony serve to bring attention to some of metal’s darker aspects while simultaneously lightening moods.

Some metal musicians use their music as an expressive means, while others have used it to glorify aggression and machismo, leading to subgenres like glam metal, thrash metal and death metal to emerge as forms of heavy music. Some genres associated with misogyny have even been criticized for portraying women as objects of sexual desire – creating new subgenres of heavy metal such as these subgenres of heavy metal music such as these genres have even been associated with misogyny!

Metals are an elemental class known for their strength, shininess, and ability to conduct electricity. There are various kinds of metals including copper, gold, aluminum and iron; most can be found naturally within Earth’s crust but must be mined and processed before being put to use in manufacturing goods and constructing structures. Metals offer versatile uses that are sure to keep us busy for many years!

Steel Panther are a heavy metal band known for their signature brand of humor and satire. Not just a joke band though – their musicianship is outstanding too. Their humor serves as an outlet to highlight excesses associated with hair band-era heavy metal music that hits home with many.

Laughable Metal Songs

Heavy metal music often revolves around dark themes such as war, hatred, gang violence, murder, devil worship and Satan (in all his various manifestations), yet can contain moments of pure humor – typically through lyrics and musical styles which make fun of their genre. Not to say heavy metal musicians don’t write and perform songs with depth and meaning – quite the contrary; given enough talent and motivation it can become quite enjoyable genre to watch perform live!

One of the best examples of this phenomenon is Gwar’s legendary claymation video for Three Little Pigs – a delightful, gory retelling of a classic horror story featuring Maynard James Keenan from Tool and Sylvester Stallone as cameos! Furthermore, this song boasts a stellar metal riff with plenty of humorous cameos including Maynard James Keenan from Tool. Furthermore, its lyrics speak directly to any victim of bullying or mistreatment who has ever experienced injustice first-hand.

Brojob are another band who have perfected the art of humorous metal, turning its inherent toxicity into something extremely comic. Employing racist slurs, obscenity and sexual references into songs with clever lyrics. Their songs stand out among an oversaturated market because they dare not play it safe when creating music – making an impactful statement about life today that should inspire everyone listening to take notice!

Metal cover bands often create hilarious and ridiculous versions of classic songs, like Japanese noise act Gerogerigegegege. While their rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” may not compare with its original, Gerogerigegegege still provides something memorable and entertaining.

Of course, there are other humorous metal songs out there! Check out this list for some of the best ones that will bring laughter – and feel free to share any favorites in the comments!