Hey Jude Guitar Chords

guitar chords hey jude

Hey Jude by The Beatles has inspired millions worldwide and here are some guitar chords to get you singing along to this timeless tune.

Chords are essential building blocks of musical composition and their versatility is unmatched. Singer-songwriters may only know one or two chords at first glance; learning as many chords as possible will expand your options significantly.

Key of F Major

F major is one of the most beloved keys in music and is used extensively throughout many songs. Additionally, its easier nature makes it an excellent starting point if you’re learning guitar in this key.

The F chord can often be played using its first position, which involves barring two strings with your first finger and barring your second string with it as well. Though initially difficult, this exercise will strengthen your first finger as well as prepare it for more complex chords later.

There are various methods to play this chord, from using its traditional F shape or other shapes that create different sounds to using shapes that help explain how to correctly play this chord. All are valuable when learning how to do so correctly.


“Hey Jude” is one of the best-known Beatles songs and an acoustic guitar classic. Playable using only simple chords, “Hey Jude” makes for an ideal song for beginners as its easy structure and short solo section make for easy learning.

This song offers comfort and hope in difficult times, encouraging us to turn negative situations into something positive. A timeless classic!

Paul McCartney composed the lyrics on the journey with Julian Lennon to Cynthia Lennon’s home in Weybridge, Surrey in 1968, when they went over there to see how she was handling their divorce and provide comfort. Paul was concerned for Julian as well and wanted to create something which could assist him by writing a song to assist with this situation.

When this song was first released, it quickly rose to the top of the charts and became the inaugural release on Apple Records, owned by the Beatles themselves.


Hey Jude by The Beatles offers many attractive guitar chords to select, with an inventive strumming pattern that will have you smiling with delight at every note hit. Just remember the correct fingerings; using a capo on the 3rd fret may help.

This song includes three verses, two bridges and one final chorus that makes it ideal for using guitar chords and lyrics apps. To help make the most out of all that this has to offer, here’s a handy quick guide with 10 essential tips you need to know before beginning to jam! With these easy to understand tips in your back pocket you should soon be ready for rocking your next jam session with ease – hopefully making this guitar tutorial the most fun yet! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome tricks like these!


The Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude” remains an evergreen tune that conveys hope, love, and support to listeners everywhere. Its sing-along chorus has become a cultural touchstone; its lyrics offer advice on turning sadness into something positive.

Paul McCartney penned this song during The Beatles’ initial period of fame to console Julian Lennon during difficult times. Interestingly enough, Paul changed its initial title from “Hey Jules” to more romantic sounding “Hey Jude.”

Are You A Guitar Player Looking To Learn “Hey Jude” by the Beatles? “Hey Jude” provides the ideal song to test and improve your guitar playing! Featuring rhythmic chording in the verse, creative bluesy motions in the chorus, and piano jamming jamming outro, “Hey Jude” makes an outstanding addition to any guitarist’s repertoire and will help broaden their overall playing capabilities!

guitar chords hey jude

Hey Jude is an iconic tale that has touched millions. Its message of hope and support transcends generations and remains relevant today.

Chords are essential elements of song. No matter if you play an acoustic or electric guitar, learning chords is essential for beginners.

Key of F

Hey Jude is one of the Beatles’ best-known songs and provides an ideal opportunity to hone your rhythm guitar skills while learning progression concepts.

As this song relies heavily on bar chords, its chord progression may prove challenging for beginners. Bar chords require you to hold down multiple strings with one finger at the same time – something which may prove challenging for even experienced musicians.


Guitar chords are an effective way to quickly learn songs. Playing them requires no advanced guitar playing skills; simply place your fingers close to the frets and strum each chord – avoid hitting adjacent strings; if a string has an “X”, do not strum it!

Chord progressions consist of three different chords that can be moved up or down the neck for new chord formation.

Verse 1

Hey Jude was written as an emotional balm during John Lennon and Cynthia McCartney’s divorce and Paul McCartney delivered a masterful vocal performance for its final flourish. It became one of John Lennon and Cynthia McCartney’s signature songs credited solely to them, featuring Paul McCartney singing it live during its release.

The verse chords are presented in root position and feature an easy harmonic rhythm with one chord change per measure; additionally, a Bach-esque walking bassline provides accompaniment.

Verse 2

A verse is the part of a song with lyrics that change each time the song is played; this differs from its chorus counterpart which repeats similar lyrics repeatedly.

Macca uses a melodic flourish that carries into the jam section in this verse, moving between E below middle C and high F (real soprano territory) with ease despite his minimal use of guitar chords. This feat alone is quite an achievement!

Verse 3

A verse is the main narrative component of any song, and can either consist of simple lines repeated many times over or something more complex. Verse can often serve to uplift and broaden a chorus’s message as well as introduce new melodic or lyrical ideas not previously expressed within previous sections of a track.

Hey Judy is an example of guitar chords playing an engaging pulsing rhythm while its right hand provides an octave accompaniment, creating an air of sophistication to its sound.

Verse 4

Hey Jude is one of the Beatles’ iconic songs and an enjoyable guitar piece to learn and play. Its simple strumming pattern can be easily picked up and is also useful for practicing barre chords.

This verse features an attractive mixolydian melodic shape, with Macca’s vocal ornamentation on “Hey Jude” creating parallel thirds throughout the bridge.

Verse 5

Hey Jude is an iconic Beatles song you can learn to play on an acoustic guitar, making for an excellent barre chord workout and easy strumming pattern.

Improve Your Rhythm

Verse 6

Hey Jude is a timeless classic by The Beatles and here I will demonstrate how to play it on guitar with no capo or with one on the 3rd fret.

The bridge section features a Bach-esque walking bassline which contrasts with the more staccato chord changes found in verse sections. Maccas finishes his vocal performance off with an appoggiaturad arpeggio from E below middle C to high F (typical soprano territory).

Verse 7

Hey Jude is one of the most iconic Beatles songs ever composed and features an easy chord progression and strumming pattern for beginners to learn.

Much has been made of this song’s unusual length for a single, though the methods with which it achieves this length is perhaps even more intriguing. Both its verse tune and bridge tune offer subtle ways to break up its unrelieved squareness and counter any potential dullness of repetition.

Verse 8

Hey Jude is an ideal way for pianists to add more Beatles songs to their repertoire. From rhythmic chords to creative bluesy movements, this piece offers piano players something of interest in all areas.

Carefully observe Macca’s melodic embellishments of the initial “Hey Jude” phrase as well as his final vocal flourish. It almost sounds as if he is singing it three times!