High-Quality Instrument and XBass Cables

Selecting high-quality instrument cables can help to maximize sound quality and decrease background noise. Furthermore, these cables are designed to withstand regular use and wear-and-tear, decreasing signal loss during performances.

Guitar/bass cables typically feature a 1/4″ (or 1/8″) TS connector with two conductors separated by an insulator ring, while XLR cables use 3-pin plugs (positive, negative, ground) for balanced connections.

Fender Professional Series

Built for use on the road, this 10′ Deluxe Series instrument cable delivers pure tone for live performances or studio recordings. With 95% oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors, this cable minimizes resistance for an immersive full frequency response with tight lows and shimmering highs. Spiral shielding also minimizes noise interference and radio frequency interference, and its nickel-plated connectors protect from oxidation and corrosion to provide long life performance. Flexible yet rugged tweed jacketing protects this cable from damage with heat-shrink strain relief that strengthens connections to connectors. Straight on one end and angled on the other, this cable is designed specifically to work with LP guitars and basses; perfect for professional guitarists on the road! Available in various lengths to meet any set up in USA.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation owns trademark rights for Fender’s Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass products.

BOSS Instrument Cable (BIC)

Engineered to preserve your tone, the BIC-25A instrument cable offers premium connectivity and unwavering durability. Spanning 10 feet/3 meters, this straight 1/4-inch connectors boast 24k gold-plated contacts to deliver exceptional audio reproduction.

Made with oxygen-free copper core wire and revolutionary dielectric insulation, this cable helps preserve high frequencies to enable your playing to shine without coloration. Low capacitance design minimizes absorption and dispersion of high frequencies while its heavy-duty braided shield ensures ultra-quiet operation and lasting durability.

Sweetwater offers various lengths of this BIC instrument cable to meet the needs of various applications and budgets. The cleverly designed connectors allow for you to plug your guitar or bass into an amplifier at an angled position, alleviating torsional stress on its input jack and improving sound reproduction. Plus, its recessed 1/4″ connectors prevent accidental contact and reduce tangling. A sturdy PVC jacket prevents kinks, abrasions, and dent damage for years of reliable service on stage or studio stages or studio studio environments – Sweetwater has several lengths available that will fit right in!

D’Addario PW-G Custom Series

Get the most from your bass amplifier with D’Addario’s PW-GRA-10 Custom Series right-angle instrument cable, featuring gold-plated connectors for optimal signal flow and corrosion resistance, ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductors designed with low capacitance to achieve pure tone with minimal handling noise, and double-molded strain relief to provide worry-free reliability and maximum durability. In addition, this cable features two layers of impenetrable noise rejection to provide enhanced performance and longevity.

Tribit XBass II

The Tribit XBass II portable Bluetooth speaker is an all-around experience. Featuring a convenient built-in carrying handle and IPX7 rating for easy transporting from room to room, its RGB lights add atmosphere at any party and its XBass feature boosts bass frequencies for increased punchy audio!

The Blast is equipped with a quad-core AKM7755 DSP that works in concert with two 1.6″ mid-high frequency drivers and two passive radiators to produce full 360o audio that’s loud, clear and full of energy. Furthermore, an independently powered 3-inch subwoofer delivers deep bass.

It features an omnidirectional acoustic deflector and dual passive radiators to help produce an even sound field, creating a dynamic listening experience suitable for music, podcasts and phone calls – it even works well with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant!

Bluetooth 5.3’s low latency was evident while viewing videos on my iPhone, while I found its XBass feature to enhance bass frequencies well for many of my favorite songs.

However, I did notice that using this feature muddied the high-mids and high-treble regions on some tracks – this distortion could present problems for any individuals with hearing loss who wish to use this feature.

These speakers feature an elegant contemporary design with black accents and rubberized finish, featuring buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, multifunction (play/pause and next/previous), lighting control and XBass. On top are buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, multifunction (play/pause and next/previous), lighting control and XBass; while at the back there is a captive rubber cover concealing USB-C port charging external devices and two-pronged AC cable connector.

The StormBox Pro supports both SBC and AptX Bluetooth codecs, but not AAC. In addition, there is no app that allows user-adjustable EQ and at top volumes compression from XBass mode may become noticeable and overpower certain music tracks. Overall though it provides a solid listening experience with balanced bass-treble response while lacking dynamic range or punch seen with other Bluetooth speakers.