Hip Hop Music in Hindi Songs

hip hop music hindi songs

Hip hop music has gained worldwide popularity over time and boasts an eclectic blend of styles that offer something for every listener.

Indian rap is fast expanding, and new artists are emerging. Each rapper brings their own style and flare to this form of music.

Mundian to Bach Ke

Panjabi MC’s groundbreaking 2003 single “Mundian to Bach Ke” became the first Punjabi rap song to achieve mainstream popularity across Europe. The original single charted top ten on UK charts, and later remixed with American rapper Jay-Z for mainstream success.

This collaboration is an example of how hip-hop music has adopted Indian folk songs, with the rapper incorporating bhangra instrumentation and vocals into his rap style for maximum impact – creating an instantly iconic sound worldwide.

German version of “Knight Rider” song sold over 100K copies within just two days and can be heard in multiple dance videos – Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson used this track in their bhangra dance on Dancing With The Stars semi-finals to perform it!

Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo

The 80s and 90s were extraordinary decades for India’s film industry. Bollywood songs and dance routines became staples during this era; additionally, new genres with larger budgets began making appearances in Hindi cinema during these times.

There have been a great many hip hop artists that have perfected the art of sampling Bollywood and Bhangra music, creating hits in music’s world scene.

This song is an outstanding example of the way hip hop and Bollywood music can work well together, featuring San Francisco-via-Berlin producer Avalon Emerson and Toronto producer Bwana.

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai is one of the most beloved item songs ever. It first made its debut in 1993’s Khal Nayak film starring Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Jackie Shroff.

This song was composed by Anand Bakshi and performed by Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun, with music provided by Laxmikant-Pyarelal.

Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai became one of the standout songs of Khal Nayak and remains beloved worldwide. This hit movie earned several accolades.

Actress Neena Gupta, who starred in the song, recently revealed some revealing details in her autobiography Sach Kahoon Toh: Meri Aatmkatha. For example, she recalls feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable due to being asked to wear a padded blouse during dance sequences which made them uncomfortable and embarrassing.

The Bounce

Bounce music originated in New Orleans during the 1980s. This form of hip hop combines traditional hip-hop beats and rhythms with local musical traditions; heavily influenced by Mardi Gras Indian chants as well as featuring call-and-response vocal delivery.

Following Hurricane Katrina’s devastation to New Orleans culture, hip hop saw an explosive growth. Support from local record labels allowed it to flourish into an in demand dance style.

Early artists associated with bounce music included DJ Jubilee, DJ Jimi, Partners-N-Crime, Hot Boy Ronald, Juvenile, U.N.L.V and Magnolia Shorty; each artist used dance elements in his/her recordings as well as drawing inspiration from outside musical genres and African diasporic retentions in their recordings.

Let the Music Play

Desi hip hop has experienced explosive growth throughout India in recent months, as independent rappers and Bollywood artists gain widespread appeal. It has quickly become one of the genre’s most beloved genres among people of all age groups.

One rap song that has captured everyone’s imagination is Let the Music Play by Shannon, which has reached high on charts worldwide.

Chris Barbosa and Mark Liggett produced this love song to the new sounds of beat machines such as 808 and 303, drawing from different rhythms for its production.

It is an energetic dance track with an easy rhythm and BPM/tempo of 115, in the key of A#min. This track has a duration of 3 minutes, 34 seconds and has become highly favored on Spotify.

Unakkum Enakkum

Unakkum Enakkum was not only one of the greatest films ever filmed on a big screen, but it was also a magnificent feat of engineering. From its impressive cast to production design and soundtrack – Unakkum Enakkum had it all! An early indication of Jayam Ravi’s comedic abilities was provided here and also gave birth to one of many collaborations between him and director Shankar (itself an impressive feat in its own right!). Additionally it spawned one of his longest title credits ever (Mr Ravi himself has gone on to become one of industry’s sought-after stars) so make sure to catch it before it leaves theaters! Unfortunately this franchise will end soon so make sure not miss it on big screens before then!

Kala Chasma

Kala Chasma, released as part of 2016 film Baar Baar Dekho and performed by Neha Kakkar, Amar Arshi and Badshah is one of Bollywood’s most memorable hits ever. It remains a chart-topper today!

Quick Style from Norway made an impromptu video featuring them dancing to this tune at a wedding party and it quickly went viral – currently amassing over 33.9 million views on Instagram alone!

Recently, Amul jumped on the trending Kala Chashma meme with a creative post that has gone viral online and earned much praise from netizens. It features Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra sporting black sunglasses as they flaunt them together in front of millions.

Seedhe Maut

Seedhe Maut, comprised of Siddhant Sharma (Calm) and Abhijay Negi (Encore ABJ), are an award-winning hip-hop duo based out of Delhi that have become famous for their distinctive hip-hop sound.

Sattamattoz have gained fame across India by using music to address sociopolitical issues and urban angst among India’s youth. Their songs and mixtapes have quickly become fan favorites among hip-hop lovers nationwide.

Bayaan, their debut album produced by Sez On The Beat was a smash success across India. Packed with fiery flows and stirring political verses that explored issues faced by Indian millennials today.

Badri Ki Dulhania

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt star in Badri Ki Dulhania, Shashank Khaitan’s sequel to 2014’s Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. With its lively plot that delivers an important message, this entertaining romantic comedy film from Khaitan will keep audiences laughing all the way through.

Story begins when Badri (Varun Dhawan) encounters Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia Bhatt) at a wedding and instantly falling in love with her charismatic demeanor. Enlisting Somdev’s (Sahil Vaid) help, Badri stalks both Vaidehi and her sister around town in an effort to win both hearts.

Gender roles in the film are an engaging subtext; its portrayal subtly highlights how women can have an effectful presence and attitude that influences men.

Bheda V

Desi hip hop scene is experiencing significant growth these days with more and more indie rappers making waves within this genre. Bollywood has played an instrumental role in popularizing it further.

Bheda V is an incredible young rapper from Kanchipuram who has quickly made waves in the rap world with his exceptional lyrical talents. His song, “Aigiri Nandini”, will encourage listeners to take life head on – be sure to give this track a listen if you enjoy Hindi rap music!

Brodha V is an eclectic musical performer combining rapping with Indian classical music. A talented singer himself, his music has found a great response among Indian audiences. Boasting a strong style and clear purposeful intent, he has quickly become one of India’s most in-demand performers – helping reignite interest among older generations in Hindi rap music!