How Much Does a Beginner Drum Set Cost?

If you’re on a tight budget, search for beginner drum sets that provide everything necessary. They should cost under $500 but may not last as long or sound as well as more costly sets.

If you are purchasing a kit for a child, make sure they can reach all drums and pedals easily and consider adding a drum throne for ultimate comfort.


Beginner drum sets typically cost several hundred dollars, and this cost may increase significantly if additional accessories are added on. Cymbals and hardware might be necessary, while it would also be worthwhile investing in a drum throne which offers added comfort while playing drums – these seats can be purchased either separately or as part of a bundle with other drum gear.

A comprehensive drumming kit should include a snare drum, bass drum and toms as well as two hi-hat cymbals and one ride cymbal. In addition, practice drum heads may be beneficial; these have been designed to be quieter and less damaging than standard heads for practicing without disturbing their parents or leaving any marks behind on the floor from sticks scratching or staining it. You should also invest in drum rugs so as to protect from scratches caused by sticks hitting against surfaces like floors.

When purchasing a drum kit, always investigate its manufacturer’s credentials. Beginner kits often come from smaller drum companies; more established manufacturers provide higher-quality instruments that last longer. Because a talented drummer often outgrows junior drum sets quickly, purchasing quality kits that will withstand your growth is wise.

Used beginner drum sets may also be found online for an attractive price, though shipping fees and surcharges could be high depending on where you live and shipping may not always be convenient if your address is remote. If possible, it’s better to purchase the kit directly from a store nearby to save both time and money in shipping charges, while giving yourself time to try them before making a final decision.


Aspiring drummers often start out by purchasing an inexpensive drum set, but it is essential that quality be considered. A quality beginner drum set should be easy to tune and maintain while looking nice and lasting for years. Furthermore, it should adapt as your skills develop over time. If possible purchasing quality used sets can save money since they cost significantly less.

Beginners looking for quality drum sets should invest in ones made of acoustic wood like maple and birch for improved sound and durability. Higher-end models may feature different materials like mahogany for increased sound production; however, you can still find quality sets under $600 as significant investments for beginners.

Beginner drum kits should also include cymbals and hardware, usually at a discounted rate from individual purchase. Cymbal packs tend to be less costly; however, not always come equipped with hi-hat or snare drum. Compare descriptions carefully before purchasing to ensure high-quality cymbals are purchased.

Make sure you purchase accessories such as sticks and drum bags to protect the drums from damage, as well as an adjustable drum stool for better posture. Secondhand drums may also be available online or at local music stores – these may save money since equipment depreciates quickly. Before making a decision to purchase anything new for your student it would also be helpful if someone in the store could play full sets in order to select an instrument that is easy for them to reach all components easily and suitable for their current level of skill development.


As a beginner drummer, purchasing a drum set is an investment worth making. An expensive set will help build your skills while lasting longer than its cheaper counterpart. When selecting a set, there are various considerations worth keeping in mind such as size, accessories included and cost.

Beginner drum sets typically consist of a bass drum, snare drum, 2-3 toms and ride and hi hat cymbals; they may also come equipped with high hat and ride cymbals for ride and hi-hat use. When choosing an entry-level set it is essential that it provides solid construction and quality tone; many well-known percussion brands like Pearl, DW and Gretsch offer beginner kits as such starting points.

Beginner drum sets come in many styles and sizes to meet your specific needs. Electronic drum kits may also be easier to transport than their acoustic counterparts and more durable, making them suitable for musicians on the road who travel frequently. Additionally, beginners should look into purchasing one as this provides access to music early.

If you intend on playing many gigs or recording, or need it for studio purposes, an intermediate kit is recommended. These sets feature superior craftsmanship and sound compared to beginner or starter kits and offer better opportunities for developing drumming skills. Typical costs for these sets range between $1,000 – $1200 including shells, hardware and cymbals.

As well as the drum set itself, you will require drum sticks and a stool. Most stores sell these separately while some offer complete sets bundled together; always read through product descriptions carefully to make sure you are receiving everything needed; additionally it may be beneficial to purchase extra drumsticks as they may become broken over time.


If you’re shopping for an entry-level drum set for yourself or your child, it is essential that you consider both quality of materials and craftsmanship when making your selection. Drums constructed of higher-grade wood will often sound superior and maintain their tune more reliably than lesser quality models; good craftsmanship also guarantees long lasting drums – make sure you inspect how the shells and hardware were constructed before purchasing your set!

Beginner kits typically come in shell packs which include drums, hardware, and throne; however, some brands of cymbals may not be included. If they do contain them however, always select brand-named pieces so as to avoid purchasing sub-par replacements that you will be unable to replace in future packs. Most major drum companies offer additional cymbals separately from their starter packs that you may purchase from time to time.

Cost of beginner drum sets depends on their type and quality. For instance, an acoustic set with an H-stand and Cymbal Mounts may cost more than one that only contains drums.

Purchase used beginner drum sets for less. Check online markets such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to find good deals. It may be worth investing in used sets that will retain their value and are easier to sell or upgrade later when your child or you are ready.


One can find many accessories to enhance a beginner drum set’s functionality, including drum stands, sticks and cymbal bags. In addition, drummers may wish to purchase drum pads and silencers which help reduce the noise produced by drumming; these products can benefit both beginner and experienced drummers alike. But be wary when selecting these products – prices and functionality can differ widely!

Beginner drummers should consider purchasing used drum kits as it will save them money over time. Used kits can be found locally at Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree online sites as well as local pawn shops and drum stores. When purchasing used drums it is essential that each piece be evaluated for any repairs or wear and tear before buying, as well as checking if any extra components such as stands and cymbals may come included with each set.

Purchasing the appropriate beginner drum set size is of utmost importance when shopping for one. There are various sizes available such as junior sets, 3-piece kits, 4-piece sets and 5-piece sets – typically including bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and one or more mounted/rack toms.

There are various types of drum kits, both electronic and acoustic. Acoustic kits tend to cost more than their electric counterparts but offer authentic sound, superior durability, and can easily be transported. Electric drum sets on the other hand tend to be cheaper and can easily be transported, making them great choices for drummers on the road or looking to join bands.