How to Choose Bass Guitar Cables Best for Stage Use

Your cables have an impactful influence on your tone, so selecting one with enough durability for stage use is paramount. This model features Neutrik Geo Tip connectors to ensure a solid connection, with HelioFused soldering adding to its long-term strength and resilience.

This bass guitar cable can hardly go wrong! Endorsed by some of the world’s leading bassists, its flexible construction ensures high-end dynamics and incredible detail.

High-Quality Conductors

Quality bass guitar cables are essential to producing sound. Look for cables with superior conductors and connectors; low capacitance will reduce noise interference while remaining durable and easy to manage. Ten feet should suffice, although longer cords may be available if necessary.

Mogami Gold Guitar Cable features premium components to deliver superior audio quality, including copper shielding to reduce unwanted noise, and oxygen-free copper conductors to maintain true tone. Available in various lengths for electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and pedals.

These cords have an outer PVC jacket that’s both flexible and resistant to kinks, making them easy to use while their “physical memory” prevents tangling or tripping over. Plus, you get lifetime coverage!

These cables feature 95% pure copper conductors with spiral shielding that reduces noise and interference, and low capacitance that facilitates transference of frequencies without any significant loss. Furthermore, their highly durable nature makes these an excellent option for gigging musicians.

These cables are carefully constructed from top-grade components to deliver optimal audio performance. Their copper conductors are oxygen-free to eliminate impurities that may cause distortion; and are coated in tin insulation to guard against corrosion. This cable features gold-plated connectors, which are more resilient than nickel or silver connectors due to oxidization resistance and strain relief clamps that protect them from being pulled or stretched out of their plugs. Tin coating protects solder connections and keeps them from failing, while improving signal clarity by making the cable easier for signal to travel through it. Furthermore, tin’s heat resistance means the cable doesn’t become stiff or rigid over time; while its PVC jacket provides additional protection from wire tangles.

Low Capacitance

But many guitarists treat their cable as more than an afterthought – something to simply move the signal from their guitar to their amp and not consider part of their sound. Yet cables can have an enormous influence over the tone and volume of your instrument when played loud or on stage, and can make or break your performance experience.

A quality bass guitar cable should feature low capacitance, or its ability to store electrical charge. Lower capacitance means greater responsiveness to voltage changes and higher frequency response; this is especially important with longer cables where capacitance increases over time.

Capacitance has an impact on high frequencies, making it important to select a bass guitar cable with low capacitance values in order to preserve your tone and provide the optimal signal quality. You can reduce capacitance further by opting for thinner cables which cover less surface area thereby decreasing capacitance capacities.

When searching for a cable, look for one with high-grade copper conductors tightly wound to reduce capacitance and create a smooth surface. In addition, thick and durable outer jackets should help withstand wear-and-tear over time in rehearsals or on tours.

The Klotz AIS AC110 bass cable is an exceptional performer at an economical price, featuring a thick matte black jacket to resist tangles and kinks and oxygen-free copper conductors that ensure optimal sound transfer. Plus, with only 38 picofarads capacitance this low capacitance model makes an excellent choice for bassists who play loud volumes!

This cable from a trusted manufacturer with an outstanding record in producing top-quality guitar and bass accessories features Mogami 2524 wire and Neutrik NP2RX-B 1/4 inch connectors with gold plating for maximum durability, along with its thick jacket’s “physical memory” which keeps it from getting tangled even after being coil up for extended periods. Furthermore, its low capacitance audiophile-grade construction helps deliver clear and transparent tone, and comes in various lengths to suit different player preferences.

Right-Angle Connectors

Connectors of cables experience the greatest strain, from continual plugging and unplugging, as well as potential bumping or being caught in something. Therefore, they must be sturdy enough to withstand these stresses without interfering with tone transfer. Look for cables manufactured by one of the industry’s premier companies such as Neutrik that feature top-of-the-line connectors.

Mogami’s durable cable is a top pick among bass players, often making best-of lists due to its superior build quality and sound transmission capabilities. Utilizing two conductors to reliably transmit guitar signals while being shielded to eliminate noise interference. Available in multiple lengths with right angle and straight jack options plus silent connector upgrades available as options, this durable cord offers something special.

Planet Waves by D’Addario’s high-quality guitar cable uses a braided design for greater resistance against tangling. Furthermore, its tough exterior can withstand life on the road, protecting copper core conductors with carbon impregnated PVC insulation and right angle and straight connections as well as offering upgrades with Neutrik silent connectors for optimal sound. Available in various lengths with right angle connections as well as Neutrik silent connector upgrades for improved silence performance, this offering from D’Addario comes in various lengths with right angle or straight connections as well as Neutrik silent connector options for further enhancement of sound performance.

Evidence Audio’s premium balanced guitar cable is ideal for connecting to PA systems as it eliminates the need for a DI box, which adds additional noise and distortion. Plus, this well-built cable features a Neutrik Ge-Tip connector resistant to damage due to vibrations.

Vox’s coiled guitar cable is ideal for those seeking to recreate the sounds of bygone eras. Used by Jimi Hendrix himself, this classic-looking cable provides classic aesthetic while helping tame high end, which could otherwise be too harsh on certain single coil pickups. Well made and featuring George Lewis solder-less.155 connectors which offer long term durability with low capacitance ratings, this piece from Vox will transport you back in time!


Superior bass guitar cables offer clear signal paths, minimize unwanted noise and offer durability and reliability – an investment which will improve your sound while saving you time from replacing cables frequently during gigs or rehearsals.

There is an assortment of instrument cables on the market, with some significantly more costly than others. However, any discrepancies in cost are likely related to material choice rather than any noticeable differences in sound quality; so when selecting your cable it should fit within your budget and offer good value.

Planet Waves have built their business on offering affordable, durable and high-quality cables – such as their American Stage range – at an extremely reasonable price point. These cables feature a tinned copper braid which helps reduce any unwanted frequencies from ruining your tone; in addition, their patented Geo-Tip plug is specifically designed to fit snugly into any jack without coming loose; double shielded and low capacitance ensure a crisp signal delivery.

Spectraflex Original Series cables are another outstanding offering from the brand, featuring not only durable construction but also stylish aesthetics. Their durable fabric covering comes in black, brown and tweed (for vintage enthusiasts). Furthermore, their coiling design makes them easy to handle and store away easily, plus there’s various length options so you’re sure to find one suitable for you.

Mogami guitar cables are another excellent choice if you’re shopping for premium guitar cables. While slightly more costly than some of their peers, their value more than makes up for any additional expenses; made with thick copper core and double shielding technology to minimize capacitance; straight to straight and right angle formats available and lifetime “no excuses” warranty coverage are just some of the features.

At last, one should consider the build of their bass guitar cable itself. A flimsy cable may tear under pressure from extended play or being shoved in and out of your van day after day; stronger and more rigid cables will withstand this type of abuse better, leading to longer usage without breakages or damage during use.