How to Find the Best Audio Equipment Auction Deals

audio equipment auction

The right microphone can make or break an auctioneer’s ability to enage the crowd. Fox recommends headset mics from brands like Shure and Sennheiser.

While Bonhams sold Lennon’s EMT 140 and Mercury’s home studio gear, the Abbey Road console didn’t meet its estimated seven-figure guide price at Analogr. Guernsey’s Dylan tape lot didn’t sell either.

Consignment/Used Gear

If you’re looking to sell some of your used gear, consignment is the way to go. Consignment usually takes a little longer than selling for cash on the spot at a pawn shop, but you’ll usually get more money for your gear by selling on consignment.

Danbury Global Auctions is currently accepting consignments of new and used professional audio equipment for their upcoming online auction on Tuesday, November 23 at 10 am EST. Featured brands include a wide range of mixers, microphones, speakers, amplifiers and other gear from manufacturers like Astera, Behringer, Christie, Chroma-Q, Crest Audio Crown, Dr. Z, Electro-Voice, Fender, Martin, Midas, Pearl, QSC and Roland.

In addition to the professional audio equipment, there will also be an array of other outdoor gear including new and used apparel, shoes and accessories for summer (biking, hiking, camping, running, surfing) and winter sports (snowboarding, snowboarding, kayaking).

Consigned items remain the property of the consignor until they sell or 150 days have passed. After that time they become the property of Second Gear USA and may be donated to a local nonprofit organization. If an item has not sold, the consignor will be notified and have the opportunity to retrieve it from 2nd Gear USA. Alternatively, the item can be re-consigned on 2nd Gear USA’s website for sale again. If a returned item is re-consigned, the original selling price will be adjusted to reflect the discount. Returns are only allowed on unused equipment for 48 hours after purchase. If the return window expires, the re-consigned item will be priced at full retail.

Demo Gear

Demo gear is typically equipment that has been opened, unpacked or used for demonstration purposes. It may show minor signs of use but will be in like-new condition overall and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

For example, a guitar store may produce video demos of its pedals to help potential customers get a feel for what the product sounds like. The trick is to make the demos as realistic as possible, without overdoing it. If a store is trying to demonstrate a high-gain distortion pedal, using a Schecter Hellraiser 7-string amp might not be the ideal rig for the job.

The same is true for other types of gear, such as audio monitors or audio interfaces. Demos can also be helpful in determining what size of a particular type of speaker or microphone will work best for a room.

In addition to demo gear, auctions often feature a wide selection of new and pre-owned equipment. This is an excellent way to save money on a new system or upgrade components. It’s also a great opportunity to try out some high-performance gear that might be outside of your price range otherwise. For example, some high-end ski equipment can be priced out of the reach of most consumers but can be found at auctions for much less. Also, there are many great deals to be found on refurbished preamps and power amplifiers.

Online Auctions

Several online auction sites allow you to bid on equipment in the comfort of your home. BidSpotter, for example, has 2,300 auction houses using its system and listed 6 million lots in fiscal year 2021. Its service is free, and you pay only for the items you win.

A Storage Wars-featured auctioneer uses Anchor Audio portable PA systems to announce his sales and help the crowd hear him, even in large venues where he’s selling multiple lots. These lightweight, battery powered units also provide assistive listening for clerks and hard-of-hearing audience members.

A Tiger Group online auction on Aug. 29 features pro-grade audio-visual gear from Keslow Camera, a top production rental company in North America. The 500-plus lots include digital cameras, lenses, heads, matte boxes and other accessories from such leading manufacturers as ARRI, Angenieux, Fujinon, Sony and TV Logic. In addition, the auction includes a wide range of lighting and sound equipment, such as Avid SC48 mixers, speakers, truss, monitors and other pieces. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your auction purchases, please fill out our Authorization Form so we can release the item to them.