How to Paint Bass Guitar Art

bass guitar art

Painting your bass guitar is a great way to express your artistic vision and add a unique touch to your instrument. Using a stencil and masking tape can help you achieve crisp lines, while clamping down on the edges of your paints prevents smudging.

In addition to being the rhythmic foundation of a band, a bass player can also play melodic lead parts. Walking bass lines, a jazz-style technique, use transition notes to connect the dots between different chords. These notes can be either diatonic or chromatic.

Music Man

One of the most beloved musicals in history, The Music Man, is an American theater classic. The show follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill, who cons the citizens of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band that he promises to organize. The only thing he doesn’t know is that the townspeople are suspicious of him.

The new Broadway revival of the musical hits the stage in 2022, and is chock-full of Tony winners. The production is directed by four-time Tony winner Jerry Zaks and features choreography from Tony winner Warren Carlyle. It stars four-time Tony winner Hugh Jackman, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster, Broadway legend Shuler Hensley, and Jefferson Mays, along with a staggering 17 actors making their debut in the show.

This is a true family classic that is sure to please audiences of all ages. It has an infectious score, with songs that are both funny and romantic. The musical is a tribute to the ideals of small town America. It also highlights the importance of family and community.

The original show was a hit when it premiered in 1957, and has remained a perennial favorite since. Meredith Willson took a while to complete the book and lyrics for The Music Man, but he was determined to create something that would appeal to all audiences. The result was a rousing entertainment that is still a staple of the American theatre today.

Music Man bass guitars were founded in 1971 by Forrest White and Tom Walker. Leo Fender was a silent partner in the company. The company was first named CLF Research, and later changed its name to Music Man.

Eventually, the company began to produce its own line of electric and bass guitars. In 1976, they started manufacturing bass guitars with bolt-on neck designs. The first models included the Stingray 1 and the StingRay bass.

Today, the company makes a wide variety of basses and other guitars. They are crafted in San Luis Obispo, California, and feature beautiful hand-rubbed gunstock oil and wax finishes. The company’s guitars are popular among musicians of all styles, from studio session maestros like Steve Lukather and Tony Levin to art house indie artists such as St. Vincent and Nate Query of the Decemberists.

B&G Big Sister

The Big Sister bass from B&G Guitars is a four-string electric bass that combines classic beauty and exceptional playability. Its beautiful 50’s nitro finish and vintage-inspired hardware give it a timeless look that is perfect for any musician. This bass also features a unique chambered mahogany body with a figured maple top, and a set Honduran mahogany neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The guitar is loaded with Aguilar humbucking pickups and a solid brass bridge, adding to its authentic Golden Era sound.

The Big Sister is the larger sibling of the Little Sister and is a full-size semi-hollowbody electric bass with a gorgeous transparent red finish. Its mahogany body is carved into an arched shape and features a figured maple top. The neck is also carved from mahogany and features an old growth Indian rosewood fingerboard. This bass comes with a pair of Aguilar AG 4SD-D1 humbucking pickups, giving you a variety of tonal options.

B&G splits its guitar manufacturing between Israel and Asia, where they use older techniques that produce the best possible tone. This allows them to offer their instruments at an affordable price point while maintaining the same high level of feel and tone. The Big Sister Crossroads is an excellent example of this. While it does not feature the same build quality as the brand’s Private Build instruments, it still offers an amazing deal for bassists.

Jeff Wilkie is the owner and head luthier of Make’n Music, the USA fulfillment warehouse for B&G Guitars. He has been building instruments for over 20 years. He has a passion for well-balanced, gimmick free instruments that inspire players to pursue their musical goals. The Big Sister is a fantastic example of his work, and is one of the most stunning basses available today.

The Big Sister’s unique design is inspired by traditional Spanish-style flamenco guitars. Its dual humbucking pickups deliver a deep, rich sound and a wide range of tones, making it an excellent choice for any style of music. The instrument is made from a mahogany body and neck with a figured maple top, and its pickups are hand-wound by Jeff Wilkie.


Rickenbacker is a company that has been around since 1931 and is known for being one of the first companies to make electric guitars. They were also the first to use aluminum resonators in their instruments. They have a distinctive look and sound that has made them popular among a variety of musicians.

They are a great choice for bassists who want to have a unique look and sound. They have a very distinct jangly sustain that isn’t found on many other basses or guitars. They are a great choice for jazz bassists and also work well in rock music. Several notable artists have used them over the years, including the Beatles. Some of the other famous artists who have used them include John Lennon, Pete Townshend, and Tom Petty.

Although they are not as popular as they once were, they still have a loyal following and are a great choice for any bassist. They have a classic bright tone that can cut through any mix and are very responsive to high amounts of gain. They are not the best option for blues or funk though, as their pickups are not made to handle this type of music.

In the 1960s, Rickenbacker became a major player in the world of rock and roll. The Beatles were one of their biggest fans, and John Lennon used a Rickenbacker 325 during his many live performances. Other famous Rickenbacker fans included the Byrds, Roger McGuinn, and Chris Squire from Yes.

The company was able to distinguish itself from other guitar companies at the time with its unique crescent double cutaway design and neck-thru construction. This allowed for easy access to higher frets and a smooth feel when playing. The company continued to innovate with their products, including creating the first 12-string electric guitar. They were also the first to use a unique body style that featured six extra tuners on the back of the headstock.

While the Rickenbacker is no longer as popular as it once was, it remains a great choice for anyone looking for a unique and durable bass guitar. They are not as versatile as other brands, but they have a look and sound that is hard to find anywhere else.


Bass guitars are essential to music. They provide the low end of a song, which gives it its depth and allows other instruments to be played more easily. They are also much easier to play than other types of guitars, especially for beginners. In addition, they have a range of sounds that can be used for different styles of music. If you’re considering learning to play the bass, it’s important to find a good instrument and an instructor that can help you develop your skills.

There are many different basses on the market, and each one has its own distinctive sound. Some are more versatile than others, but all of them have a unique voice that contributes to the overall composition of a song. Some of the most popular models include the Music Man Stingray and the B&G Big Sister. These bass guitars are popular among musicians who want to add a jazzy or rock and roll sound to their songs.

In addition to these instruments, there are many other brands of bass guitars on the market. Some are more expensive than others, but all of them have varying qualities that make them suitable for different styles of music. Choosing the right bass can be difficult, but with a little research, you can find the perfect one for your needs.

The bass guitar is a string instrument that has four strings and is tuned lower than a standard guitar. It is primarily used for rhythm, but it can be a melody instrument as well. Bassists usually pluck the strings with their fingers, but some use picks as well. The bass guitar has a deeper sound than a regular guitar, and it’s often used for rhythm and low harmony in musical genres such as rock, metal, punk, reggae, blues, R&B, and jazz.

Many famous bassists have developed their own style and sound. For example, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a signature sound that blends funk and slap bass with punk and psychedelic rock. Another notable bassist is Aston Barrett, who plays with Bob Marley & the Wailers and has a unique reggae rhythm.