How to Use Electric Guitar Effects in Your YouTube Videos

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YouTube’s growing popularity has enabled an avalanche of guitar videos, providing both amateurs and professionals alike with invaluable instruction.

Additionally, YouTube provides plenty of ways to stand out. One effective strategy is focusing on one genre or style of playing and producing high quality, visually appealing content.

Camera Angles

Guitar videos are an excellent way to showcase your music, but they must also be entertaining for viewers. By including some fun moves and actions while filming, you can help keep viewers engaged and make it easier for them to enjoy what you’re playing.

Camera angles are one of the most critical factors to consider when shooting a video, as they can drastically impact how polished and polished your videos appear. Neglecting to use proper camera angles can give off an amateurish vibe and cause viewers to become frustrated with watching.

If you’re uncertain which camera angles to use for your guitar videos, experiment with different takes from various directions and see which works best for your style. This will help determine the most flattering camera angle for you and guarantee that each video has a consistent look and feel.

Lighting is another crucial aspect of camera angles. Having proper illumination can significantly enhance your guitar video’s overall aesthetic.

People often opt to film their guitar videos outdoors due to its brighter lighting compared to indoor spaces. This can be beneficial since it helps eliminate shadows that may be distracting.

It’s essential to be mindful that natural lighting can be quite harsh, so be cognizant of your environment and select an area with softened lighting.

Therefore, some guitarists will take multiple takes of a song to capture the perfect performance. This technique, known as “Mime” recording, may require some finesse during editing but can yield great results if done correctly.

When filming guitar videos, audio quality is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, using an in-built microphone that picks up background noise can make this difficult; however, by using a separate microphone for your guitar, you can capture high-quality audio with minimal noise problems.

You can also use a studio lighting kit to improve the lighting in your video. These kits are very cost-effective and can be used both indoors and outdoors – making it an excellent option for people who want an aesthetically pleasing guitar video without breaking the bank.


Acoustic guitars produce sound by vibrating the wood, while electric guitars use pickups that sense and convert string vibrations into electrical signals that can be plugged into amplifiers before being sent on to loudspeakers. The resulting electrical signal can then be further processed with electronics for color and shape by means of effects devices or circuits that alter tone and characteristics.

Some of these effects include reverb, distortion and “overdrive”, with the former being a key part of an electric guitar’s tonal palette as it increases sustain for single notes and chords while increasing acoustic reverberation. On the other hand, harmonics can be added to string signals by altering their acoustic envelope. These effects can be introduced into the signal path before reaching your amplifier via pedals, rackmount units or some 2010-era amplifiers that feature digital amp modeling effects.

Modern guitars often employ piezoelectric pickups that produce a more acoustic tone and run it through an integrated EQ to improve amplitude and control tone. To prevent pickups from picking up ambient electromagnetic interference (EMI), often found on single-coil pickups, these piezos may be potted in wax or lacquer to block out ambient electromagnetic noise (EMI).

Another type of pickup, known as an “optical pickup”, utilizes infrared LED light to sense string vibrations that create electrical signals. While not as sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) as magnetic pickups are, optical pickups can still produce some cool sounds.

The most popular form of this technology is found in a stompbox or pedal, a small container containing effects hardware that modulates guitar sound through knobs and switches. This can be an ideal way to practice guitar techniques without getting too close to an amplifier or speaker.

One of the most captivating projects we’ve come across is Immerge Interactive’s project, in which they embedded colorful LED illumination into a Fender Telecaster guitar so you can see your playing while listening to music. We look forward to seeing this become reality for everyone in the future!


Electric guitars are among the world’s most beloved musical instruments. They play an integral role in genres such as rock music, blues and heavy metal music alike. Over its history, the electric guitar has revolutionized how we listen to and appreciate music.

In the early 20th century, the guitar was invented. Originally constructed from wood, it could be acoustically amplified to enable playing of various musical genres.

Today, electric guitars come in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, there are numerous amplifiers and effects units that can customize the sound for different scenarios.

Guitarists frequently employ distortion to enhance their sound. This can increase the sustain of single notes and chords, making playing guitar solos much easier. This technique is commonly employed in jazz and blues compositions as well.

Another key characteristic of electric guitars is their range of tones and volumes. Their capacity to generate a diverse sound spectrum has made them indispensable instruments in pop and rock music.

They are employed in a range of genres and styles, such as country, rock, jazz, blues, and classical music. Sometimes they function as the primary instrument; other times they’re paired with acoustic guitars to produce music with more of a traditional feel.

It is worth noting that acoustic guitars are still used in certain genres such as country and folk music, but electric guitars have become more prevalent. Acoustic guitars tend to be lighter than their electric counterparts and may make an ideal starting point for guitarists.

The electric guitar has a colorful past and an exciting future, which many experts predict will continue to be its most popular instrument in modern pop music. It can be used in numerous ways, making it such an invaluable piece of gear.


The thumbnail on your video page is an essential factor in drawing viewers. With 2 billion people expected to log on to YouTube by 2020, make sure the thumbnail catches their attention and intrigues them enough for them to keep watching. Thankfully, there are some handy tools available that can assist with this task.

The great news is you don’t need to invest in expensive video editing software to achieve the results you desire. By following a few straightforward guidelines, you can drastically improve your video production and viewer engagement without breaking your budget.

A good video camera is essential, but don’t neglect the effects – the goal is to create an unforgettable cinematic experience for your viewers. One budget-friendly trick is using multiple camera angles to capture the best shots and editing them together into an exciting montage for viewers. This high-quality video will rival that of its peers and leave you with a satisfied audience.