How Will Guitar Center Install Pickups?

If you’re visiting a store to upgrade the pickups on your guitar, make sure they provide you with a quote first. With so many types and wirings of guitars to consider, getting an estimate before starting is critical.

Before disassembling an electric guitar, always take photos of your work before disconnecting anything. Without pictures to guide us later on, it could be hard to remember where all those wires belong!


There are various kinds of guitar pickups on the market, each offering their own sound and feel. If you’re searching for an ideal tone, take your time finding one to suit both your guitar and musical style. Guitar Center provides upgrades and customization services that include installing new pickups as well as repairing existing ones; additionally they have output jacks available to further personalize your instrument’s sound.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as selecting the ideal pickups to give your guitar its distinctive sound and set it apart from others. From warm and dark humbuckers to bright single coil pickups and even exclusive models designed by well-known guitarists themselves, Guitar Center stocks top brands like Seymour Duncan, EMG and Bill Lawrence to fulfill any budget or taste.

No matter whether you’re playing live in front of an audience or practicing solo at home, an undersaddle or transducer pickup can add vibrato-free tones to your acoustic guitar sound. Furthermore, mounting multiple pickups gives you the versatility of switching between them for different performances or styles.

Installing new pickups requires understanding how much the job will cost. While exact costs can depend on factors like guitar model and choice of pickups, some general guidelines can give an estimate. First remove old pickups and disconnect their wiring. You may also have to clean fretboard, redress frets and oil neck – always seek professional advice if unsure about doing these tasks yourself.

Installing a pickingguard typically costs anywhere between $50-100. Before beginning this repair, it’s recommended to have your guitar refretted so it is ready for pickup – this includes fingerboard planing, fret slot clean and seal, leveling crowning setup. In order to remember which way the screws go back in later on it can become easy to become disoriented so taking photos may help avoid screwing in something accidentally!


Switching guitar pickups requires basic skills. Before upgrading, take pictures and familiarize yourself with each wire so you can install new pickups without feeling confused or concerned that one belongs where. Also make sure that all wires don’t crimp or get jammed underneath the body by using zip ties, alligator clips or hemostats to secure them while soldering; clean off any excess solder on jack or pot sides prior to installing new pickups.

Guitar Center was established in 1959 when former accordion and car salesman Wayne Mitchell purchased a home-organ store in Hollywood and started stocking electric guitars as rock ‘n’ roll emerged as an increasingly popular music genre. Over time, its growth expanded quickly until it eventually reached over 500 locations nationwide; and by the 1990s had also added mail order retailer Musician’s Friend as well as cataloger American Music Group to its subsidiaries’ list.

Recent years have been tough ones for this struggling company, with analysts forecasting its possible collapse. Yet recently it reported positive same-store sales numbers for two consecutive quarters, signalling potential success.

Stores operated by this company offer a broad selection of musical instruments, such as guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards and recording equipment, in addition to lessons and repair services. Furthermore, they provide lessons and repair services and stock an extensive variety of supplies and accessories, such as strings, earbuds and headphones – it is a leading retailer of professional audio equipment, competing against Sweetwater Fender Musical Instruments and EMD Music among others.


GC is known for its extensive selection of upgrades and customizations, but this may be intimidating to beginner guitarists. Customization might not be at the forefront of their minds initially; as they gain more knowledge about their instrument, upgrades or personalization may become important considerations. Customizing may involve various tools or techniques but be mindful of potential dangers from improper usage.

Misplacement or use of improper wire sizes could also result in problems, including short circuiting. As a result, it’s wise to leave such tasks to professionals so you know that everything will be completed successfully.

A guitarist must be adept at working with various components, such as capacitors and resistors, which are essential in ensuring optimal performance of their instrument. Therefore, understanding these parts is paramount for optimal results; read through any relevant manufacturer manuals or seek assistance if required.

The store provides customers with a selection of accessories, such as strings and amplifiers, music education materials (tuners, metronomes and carrying bags) as well as classes and clinics to enhance musician skills.

Guitar Center offers an expansive selection of new and vintage instruments. At its flagship store in Hollywood, California, customers can walk on a “Rock Walk,” where rock stars have left hand prints in the pavement. Guitar Center also has recording equipment available as well as an extensive catalog of online videos available to viewers.

Though not profitable, the company has managed to stay afloat over recent years with same-store sales rising for two quarters – an improvement compared to recent years where retailers such as Toys R Us, Vitamin World, Payless ShoeSource and RadioShack all collapsed due to competition or financial woes.

This company also offers bundles, which can be found both online and in stores. These bundles make ideal presents or personal purchases. Furthermore, there is a loyalty program and free shipping on most purchases; however, the company cannot accept liability beyond what its Terms of Service outline as remedies.


An acoustic guitar is one of the world’s most versatile instruments, from performing before an audience to plugging it into sound systems or effects units. An easy way to enhance its sound and add even more punch is installing new pickups – these simple devices make your instrument sound stronger than before!

Guitar Center is an esteemed retailer of musical equipment, such as guitars and pickups. Their setup services vary depending on your local store and technician, so before hiring someone for work on your instrument it is wise to ask for their credentials such as resume or credentials as well as price estimates before making your decision.

There is an impressive variety of acoustic guitar pickups to choose from, enabling you to fully personalize the tone of your instrument. Choose between dark and chunky humbuckers, bright single-coils or the unique blend offered by DiMarzio John Petrucci Pickup Sets – there will surely be one to suit your musical taste.

Pickups designed specifically to play through an amp are also available, including undersaddle pickups and transducer pickups, which enhance the natural tonal characteristics of an acoustic guitar’s natural tones. Guitar Center can install such pickups as well as modify preexisting connections in order to accommodate them.

GC Guitar can perform more than just pickup installations for guitars; they also specialize in other guitar-related repairs such as replacing switching potentiometers or output jacks – including unhooking old switches, installing new ones, wiring them correctly into place and wiring any additional functionality to switches/potentiometers/jacks as needed. They can even repair solder joints for greater functionality or rewire switches/potentiometers for optimum functionality.

Note that GC does not cover structural repairs, so only trust your acoustic guitar to highly experienced technicians. However, even without access to an official Taylor warranty service center nearby there are plenty of highly capable guitar repair shops across the country who offer setups and repairs; research reviews or ask fellow musicians before choosing their service provider.