Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

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Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s is a brand of whiskey produced at the Jack Daniel Distillery located in Lynchburg, Tennessee and owned by Brown-Forman Corporation. This distillery is famous for its special cave and spring that runs throughout its property. Jack Daniel’s distillery provides constant 56 degree water that is used to create its whiskey. Filtered through limestone filters, any unfavorable iron is removed from the water further increasing quality. Jack Daniel’s rose to national recognition when they won a gold medal at the 1904 World’s Fair. After this event, Jack Daniel’s company saw an exponential surge in its popularity and would go on to win numerous awards over time. Unfortunately for Jack Daniel, however, he died of blood poisoning in 1911 without having children of his own. Due to this circumstance he left his business to Lemuel Oscar “Lem” Motlow and Jesse Butler “Jess” Daniel Motlow – two nephews whom would take charge of both company operations and production respectively.