Jackal and the Wind – Ukulele Song

Jackal and the Wind is an independent band from Stellenbosch, South Africa making waves on the music scene. Recently they released their single Big Dogs Bark which features an interesting take on their previous release ‘Methuselah’ but still bears their signature sound and raw aesthetic.


Ukuleles are small four-stringed instruments with an upbeat, sunny tone. Easy to learn and versatile in its use, ukuleles can produce warm sounds perfect for playing everything from folk classics to popular tunes – perfect for beginners with their low cost and portability features, not forgetting its tropical sound that can bring smiles all around!

Ukuleles are ideal for any genre of music, but are particularly effective when performing simple melodies and harmony lines. Their charming tone can capture the essence of songs even in short performances; thus making the ukulele popular with both amateur and professional musicians alike.

Most people associate the ukulele with breezy tropical music, but its versatility extends far beyond this genre. For instance, it can be played using power chords to add variety within songs – unlike major or minor chords which rely on scales, these non-scale-based chords can be played using just one finger!

Cognisance of your ukulele chords is an integral first step to learning to play it. A chord chart consists of a small grid with vertical lines representing its strings; thick top lines represent where strings are held while thin horizontal ones show frets and fret dots or numbers above each frame show where you should place fingers to play each chord.

Chord diagrams offer beginners to the ukulele an effective and straightforward method for reading music on this instrument. Not only will these charts allow them to quickly learn songs but they will also familiarise themselves with fretboard layout and positioning of fingers; for instance a thick top line indicates which string should be played with thumb of right hand.

Most ukulele songs are written in 4/4 time, which means there are four quarter notes in every measure. Some songs may also use waltz time (three quarter notes per measure). If it contains an indication of cut time (two half notes in every bar) this indicates that its rhythm differs.


Jackal and the Wind have created an intriguing new chapter with their latest release at Digital Forest Studios in Constantia: an EP that explores emotional depth while remaining organic in character and musical progression, creating an intoxicating collection of songs full of playful chords and emotive cadences.

“Ukulele Song”, is an introspective ballad about fearing what lies beyond. The lyrics depict a singer standing alone in a park while whispering words into darkness while sweaty hands strumming an old guitar; his thoughts drift off towards someone he once knew who left him behind and searching for answers as to why they abandoned him.

Jackal and the Wind’s sound is heavily rooted in folk music, with their acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies, poetic lyrics, and unique instrumentation colliding seamlessly to become an immensely popular Indie rock band both locally and abroad. Critical acclaim was earned for their albums as well as engaging live performances that won critical acclaim from audiences – and Jackal and the Wind was featured at some of South Africa’s premier festival lineups.


Jackal and the Wind are an innovative South African band who have quickly made waves in music circles worldwide. Their single “Ukulele Song” has been featured in multiple television programs and garnered praise from music critics; their sound was also heavily influenced by old school bands such as Johnny Clegg and Paul Simon; lead singer Chris Kruger is an aspiring producer who hopes to break into electronic music production as well.

Big Dogs Bark, their latest release, bears many parallels to their well-received “Ukulele Song”. Recorded in a small studio using only one microphone, its raw yet unique sound allows Kruger to go back to his musical roots and discover more creative approaches for producing music.

Jackal and the Wind is currently gearing up for an exciting European tour, performing at various festivals and venues in Germany and Austria. Their music draws influences from multiple genres including rock and reggae. Jackal and the Wind is excited to take part in such an adventure and hope to spread their signature sound to new audiences throughout Europe.

Jackal has quickly emerged as one of the hottest young producers on the scene with his signature punchy beats and trap style. His hit “Chinchilla” became an instantaneous success on Soundcloud, amassing over 200k plays within just seven days of its release! Jackal’s music has received praise from some of today’s leading DJs and producers such as Skrillex, Diplo, and Zeds Dead among many others.

Jackal and the Wind, an independent afro-rock band from Stellenbosch, is best known for their hit song “Ukulele Song.” Comprised of Christopher Kruger on vocals and guitar; Cobus von Wielligh on bass; and Johan Pretorius on drums, their name refers to both yearning jackals as well as howling winds. Influences include Oliver Mtukudzi and Johnny Clegg who all helped inspire this unique band.


Songwriting is a critical element of music industry success, serving as the cornerstone for all other aspects of production. Songwriters must possess both skill and imagination when writing music; good songs must feature catchy lyrics with rhythmic beats that appeal to audiences of any kind; they also must be familiar with all forms of musical notation so they understand why different symbols appear on sheet music sheets.

Virtually every Top 40 hit can be adapted for the ukulele, and many are readily available either online or in songbooks. Some require more in-depth knowledge than others do. To play rock songs on the ukulele, chord diagrams (also referred to as frames or grips) offer an easy and effective way for all levels of musicians to learn music quickly and efficiently. These grids illustrate a ukulele’s strings from left to right: strings 4 through 1. Vertical lines represent each fret with thick top lines representing the nut and thin bottom lines showing where fingers should be placed on the fretboard; numbers above each frame provide guidance as to which fingers to use (1 = index finger, 2 = middle finger, 3 = ring finger and 4 = pinky).

“Leaving on a Jet Plane,” written by John Denver and played on ukulele is an ideal song for beginning players. With just three chords to learn quickly – D, UDU UDU for each chord and one strum per beat in its chorus – “Leaving on a Jet Plane” makes learning the ukulele easy with professional instruction from qualified instructors.

“Three Little Birds,” made famous by Bob Marley, is another popular song for ukulele players to learn and perform. This classic tune requires only four simple chords and an easy strumming pattern – perfect for beginners due to only having down strums. Plus it’s lots of fun!